Jul 12, 2009

Extreme Drilling

Hi Everyone
I've not posted in a while, I've been really busy trying to get an agent with no luck yet! so any pointers would be great! and I've been busy on projects.
So here's an update, Just had my work featured on Expose Online, http://www.exposeonline.co.uk/ It's an online Art's Mag and they are always open for new submissions.
I have work showing at the Art Works Gallery Newcastle till the end of the month. There great please take a look http://www.theartworksgalleries.co.uk/

I'm working on a CD Cover for a solo artist.
I've just made a Blurb Book for self promotion and I can highly recommend them. The finished product was great. http://www.blurb.com/books/695667
I have contributed to work to the Lucid Dream Book project and by Tom Wild and that should go out very soon, links on my site.
And to finish here's a self initiated project called Extreme Drilling It was inspired by itching with ideas and freeing your creativity.
Hope you like it all the best Mels I'm now off for a Tea break.

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