Mar 4, 2007

Heroes vs Lost

This is for "Heroes vs Lost". I have to thank my wife Rose for the idea. For those that are unfamiliar with the shows I used time traveler Hiro from Heroes to face off against the strange Polar Bear from Lost. I guess Hiro really blinked himself into something this time. I did this color one really getting my feet wet with digital coloring and effects.

Also have the requisite pencil drawing I worked from.


James Elston said...

clever. I have never watched Lost, but that's a cool idea.

I love Hiro.
very nice.

Jago said...

Love the chunkiness of your charcaters, they look nice and solid somehow.

Anonymous said...

Often when I look at a colour image and a pencil version of the same, I can immediately tell you which I think was most successful. Here though, it's a real toss up, both are equally awesome which is hard to accomplish!

Meghan said...

Go Hiro! An excellent twist on the challenge.

DRM Artwork said...


I think I know what you mean. That's sort of why I posted both. I can feel a good "manic" energy with the pencil that I think I lost a little bit with the color one. At the same time there are parts of the color one I feel are better defined and successful.

In working the color image I basically redrew the whole thing using the pencils as a template. I worked up some ideas for the texture on the polar bears fur, the grass and things like that. This is my first solid attempt at digital coloring and trying out a bunch of techniques I'm unfamiliar with, but I hope I didn't have too many newbies excesses.

Thanks to everyone for your comments. This community is really a great place to share something like this.

Anonymous said...

I can really feel the energy in your composition. The bear and sword really convey strength and tension.

Nicely done.

Michelle Lana said...

Great drawing!