Sep 23, 2007

Pink Panther

Pink Panther cartoon illustration
The Pink Panther

The first thing I thought of when I read the "Saturday Morning Cartoons" theme was the Pink Panther. I'm not even sure now if it was actually a Saturday morning cartoon, but I am pretty sure it was…

There were a couple of things that always made the Pink Panther unique to me as a kid: the fact that he never spoke, and the awesome art style. It was so unlike any other cartoon going on at the time. The whole retro look was just super cool to me, so non-Warner Bros., non-Disney, non-Hanna Barbera. It was like it's own little universe.

Sketched this one up, scanned him in and reworked the line art & color in Photoshop. Experimented with the non-black outline, something I always intend to work with but never seem to have the guts to do when it comes down to it.

Went for the old-school Panther from the films (I think he was just in the title sequences?), complete with the kid-friendly cigarette holder and martini glass.

George Coghill •


jim bradshaw said...

I love the look George. And the line looks great in color.

George Coghill said...

Thanks for the kudos & input Jim!