Dec 12, 2007


Curiosity presents Suicycle.
A look at what goes in, what goes out, and how everything we swallow gives the environment a case of indigestion. SuiCycle is a lively, multi-textured animated short with a darkly comic style at odds with the subject matter, Suicycle—intended to play as a never-ending loop—

All the illustrations were done as animated mask shapes in After Effects.


Diana said...

That video is really awesome!
So serious and so funny at the same time!
Great stuff.

mike said...

that was really cool!

jim bradshaw said...

I just wanted to scream don't do it to the cow. You are awesome Alberto.

Anonymous said...

yummy for the tummy...absolutely tasty stuff


I really like these. It's hard for me to explain the reasons why I like them...But I do like them a bunch.