Sep 30, 2006


Another made up word. Sorry about the jump on the impending post-Canadian Thanksgiving-Halloween-US Thanksgiving season. I'm more of a last minute shopper even, maybe this drawing is more telling than I realized when I was working on it.

A Night at the Circus

-- Meghan

Seamour Sheep - comic strip 12

Twelfth comic from the Seamour Sheep comic strip series.


This here is a rejected cartoon for a local paper.
It's meant to convey the similarities between the Hamlet story and Jacob Zuma. The editors decided against it at the 11th hour.... bugger!

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Design Inspiration Interviews

For additional creative inspiration, check out one of SFG's sister-sites Design Inspiration. Recent interviews include SFG members, Gabrielle Nowicki, James Elston, Irisz Agocs, Meg Hunt, Heriberto Sanchez, Stuart Immonen and more.

They are some awesome interviews with some awesome people. Be sure to check them out.

Look for future interviews with SFG'ers Tommy Kane, Ben Lane and Meghan Murphy. And be sure to check out the Design Inspiration archives for many more enlightening and inspiring interviews with some of the industries "hottest talent."

Also, if you'd be interested in participating yourself, contact me via the e-mail link on the Design Inspiration sidebar.




In this Illustration, I tried to recreate a sense of peace and tranquility with the kid playing with a kite.

The vector drawing was made with Corel Draw. Then I used Photoshop to create the mood and color with different layers (screen and overlay).

Sure, the house is not in a normal place... I believe it's a abandoned-ancient-alien-robot. But now it is just the kid's favorite place to play.


Sep 29, 2006

Peace and quiet with a good book

For Illustration Friday: Quiet

Postcard, acrylic and ink


Illustration for an article about an argument between companies regarding the realisation of digital counters.

All the best,


Sep 28, 2006

Little Village

I would have never thought of going to a place like Salzburg. It was never on my radar. Yun dreamed that one up. But i'm glad I went. It was such a nice compact little place. Not a care in the world. Surrounded by such beauty. There is a giant castle high on a hill overlooking the village. The palce is all lit up at night. Lots of schnapps. I was constantly exhausted from travelling and walking all day. But I did manage to squeeze in a few drawings like this one.

There is a great interview of me by the writer, Susan Henderson on her website. She is one of the best people i've met online. Check it out here. here


autumn leaves :: digital

love ya

one of a greeting card series


Here are some of about '135' embroidered patches I've been designing for 'Upper Deck' for use on a baseball card product line. Each patch will be embroidered and applied to a jersey swatch baseball card specific to the player or event. The size on these are just a little bigger then what you see on-screen so the level of detail had to be very simplified which can be tricky. All of them are due by the end of this month so I've been trying to crank out '20' a day among other on going projects so it's been tricky pulling it off.

I really love the sport of baseball so it's always fun working on this type of project.

Sep 27, 2006

work is fun...

Sometimes i just love my work, i like a lot what i do because it gives me the chance to prove my self tha t i can be better...
Last week i just finish a set of illustrations for SuKarne a meat product company and here they are hope you like them....
Best, Choper Nawers.


mechanical pencil and crayon in sketchbook


When Yun and I were in Prague we went to the Museum of Communisim. We learned all about how the Czechs finally organized to drive out the russians in 1989. A lot of what happened was the act of a single individual. A student named Jan Palach. He was so disillusioned by lack of freedom and opportunity in his country that in an act of defiance set him set on fire on Wenceslas Square. He died three days later. 800,000 people streamed into the streets to attend his funeral. No one really knew it at the tme but it was the beginning of the end for communism in eastern europe. It would take twenty more years, but his death would again be a catalist for the end of the russian occupation. A handful of college students wanted to mark the anniversary of his death with a vigil. The communists came and beat the students terribly. This time the Czech people took to the streets by the millions and they did not stop until they toppled the government and drove the russians out for good. My friend told me his mother was friends with Jan Palach. I asked her about him but she got too emotional to really talk about him. She said he always spoke about doing something dramatic to protest what was happeneing but she said at the time she just dismissed what he was saying. She was schocked like everyone else when he did it. You can read more about him at

There is a great interview of me by the writer, Susan Henderson on her website. She is one of the best people i've met online. Check it out here. here

Dig this pattern...

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Sep 26, 2006

minature, phobia, change,

for more about theses:

Work Sketches

Sketches on the ride to work.


A character I created for a soon to be commencing daily cartoon series for the Dutch news site




its been a will since my last post...i have been with a lot a work lately and i didnt wanted to post just stuff i was waiting for inspiration to it is from the series of monsters.....ugly the to all you guys.

with a dog



Just doodlin'

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Stuart Immonen

Just sketching today...

Illustration Friday: Phobia


Sep 25, 2006


We went for a walk along a wooded trail yesterday afternoon; that experience, combined with finding a nest this past summer that has a short length of shiny pink gift ribbon woven into it, became the foundation of this drawing which escalated into a crow and a chandelier.


Hello: this is our work from Argentina for the item "phobia" of IllustrationFriday.
Do you like it?
Best wishes,
Illustration Group - Children illustration

Sep 24, 2006

Sketch Crawl XI: Sausalito, CA

Hotel Sausalito
Sausalito, CA

Click here for the results of San Francisco Sketch Crawl XI

Grey Scale

I saw my friend Butch Belair drawing one day and he used a light grey magic marker. I love how it looked so I gave it a try myself. I like the result. Ordinarily I would crosshatch the shadow. It appears more real this way. It's a nice little tool to add the repertoire. I just got back from a trip to Asia with my wife. I went to South Korea, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Beijing. So as a result there will be a lot of new interesting sketches and stories on the way.

The Bloodshot Eyes of the Brokenhearted

The Bloodshot Eyes of the Brokenhearted
Originally uploaded by Trophiogrande.

Another new watercolor piece. I start by drawing out the black outline with a Staedler 3.0 pigment liner, I skip the pencil stage. Once I am satisfied that the ink is cured and water proof I startin with the water colors. I go back and add more black after the color has dried. I am still experimenting with these, because I am much more comfortable with acrylic paint, or just plain black and white ink work. It's 4"X6".

Sep 23, 2006

The Character That Got Rejected

This is done as my first school assignment for character design class. Actually this was part of my development work for my boss but this design was rejected, but I felt the character was really fun to draw, and had alot of potential. I wanted to play around with him, so here was my chance with my school work.

Andrew "Druie" Chan

Seamour Sheep comic 11

More meadow soap at Seamoursheep dot com

Sep 22, 2006

Drive Past the Sun!

Drive Past the Sun!
Originally uploaded by Trophiogrande.

Yay! I'm still recovering from sinus surgery but was able to crank out some half decent images today. I was really happy with this one.

Love Birds



I just vomited out a huge deadline in 2 days. This is how it felt. i took a long break and drew this. BLAGH!

I haven't posted an image in awhile...

because I have been layed up after having sinus surgery!
Illustration Friday-Phobia


Have a great weekends everyone!!



Proof once again ... that you don't have to be "bright", to be passionate about something!

Life With Kreg

Sep 21, 2006

Zombie Kids Rule!

In prep for October - 31 days of monster illustrations coming! Shivery! Spooky! Yow!

Young Avengers Commission

Pinup of the Young Avengers I drew recently for the writer of the series.


Cover to the new Wondeman mini series I'm doing at Marvel.




Morning all, was hanging around minding my own business when this guy popped out of my sketchbook.
Have an awesome day!

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