Jan 28, 2013

Want To Be Interviewed Here at SFG? Let us know!

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5. Free advertising for you! You get to be put in the spotlight and become worth talking about. Goodness knows we need to expose more talent plus as they say these days, good exposure is everything!
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Jan 27, 2013

Illustrators Ireland @ The United Arts Club, Dublin 31 Jan 2013

Illustrators Ireland, an exhibition of contemporary Illustration
at the United Arts Club, Dublin

To be opened by Bren Byrne, Offset
Thursday 31st January @ 8pm
Exhibition continues until February 18th 2013

Viewing Mon to Friday 11am to 11pm

www.illustratorsireland.com + www.scamp.ie + dublinarts.com

The United Arts Club
3 Upper Fitzwilliam St
Dublin 2

Exhibitors include-

Martin Beckett
Eva Byrne
Jesse Campbell Brown
Nicola Colton
Aidan Cooney
Eoin Coveney
Cathy Dineen
Jennifer Farley
Brian Fitzgerald
Brian Gallagher
Adrienne Geoghegan
Una Gildea
Chris Judge
Joven Kerekes
PJ Lynch
Niall Mc Cormack
Kevin Mc Sherry
Padhraig Nolan
Steve Simpson
Margaret Anne Suggs
Mario Sughi aka nerosunero

Early Bird Special

Jan 19, 2013

Lance Armstrong cartoon

News satire for Nu.nl, about the doping use confession of racing cyclist Lance Armstrong.


Jan 17, 2013

The Border

The Border by nerosunero
The Border, a photo by nerosunero on Flickr.

Milan Kundera, The Book of Laughter and Forgetting, 1978
(Illustration & Collage by nerosunero)

One of my PIN at PINTEREST part of my
Artist of the Week at UGallery that comes with the ability
to guest pin on UGallery "Artist of the Week" Pinterest board



Jan 15, 2013

nerosunero is UGallery's Artist of the Week (17 - 21 Jan 2013)

nerosunero as UGallery's Artist of the Week
UGallery (San Francisco, New York, USA, 17 - 21 Jan. 2013)
in occasion of the release of UGallery first limited edition print of the year: Blue and Cream
by nerosunero

See all the nerosunero's limit. eds. prints on sale exclusively at UGallery

Jan 12, 2013

every major war

Hire Simon.com
Weekly life drawing at The Natural History Museum L.A.

Just a friendly game of poker

I don't know much about poker, I don't even think it's a very interesting game. So I had to do a bit of research for this illustration. I asked one of my good friends, who actually likes poker, about the rules. The idea was that the fight had to be between the dog and the bear, fighting abouth the highest straight flush, and who was cheating - Well, then another friend of mine came by and saw the work in progress. He immediately pointed out, that it still was an open game and at this point the turtle had the best hand, and the dealer still needed to deal two more cards - Hi! that's not what I was told. Well the illustration still contains a lot of drama, with potentiel violence to come - and I have to be a bit more thorough with the research.

Jan 11, 2013

Troels Lund Poulsen

Troels Lund Poulsen, the former danish minister of Taxation, who is right on trial accused of abuse of power, is getting himself deeper and deeper into trouble.
Apperently, or most likelt (who knows) he has been dicking a bit too deep into the new danish prime ministers personal taxpapers

Jan 10, 2013

It was a sunny day in hell



Check out the new video I made of Yun and my trip to Vietnam. We go to Hanoi and Halong Bay. You should dig the groovy Pink Floyd music from the album, Meddle. You will if you are a freak like me. Clearly you will see how crazy this place can be. Weddings must be a big deal in Vietnam. In front of our hotel, we would see brides and grooms dressed up, getting their picture taken all day long. We were staying at the Hotel Metropole. That's where Graham Greene wrote, "The Quiet American." It was an over the top, opulent place. Loved it, by the way. It made a great backdrop for the wedding photographers to shoot their muses. There was also a lot of Christmas decorations around the outside of the hotel. I guess they were killing 2 birds, by not only getting wedding photos but also getting Christmas photos too. There was a little park next door where all the brides and bridesmaids were getting their hair and make-up done outside. The people are poor, so everything had a sort of make shift quality that was very sweet. The groom's tuxedos never quite fit. They would be wearing sneakers or some strange clogs. It was obvious it was all they had. It all would break my heart. All of them were so beautiful, happy and proud. Korea was such a poor country not too long ago. Now it is a super hip metropolis. The fashions are ahead of the curve. In Vietnam, there is no fashion yet. Capitalism is just taking hold. People dress for practicality, plus they have no extra money yet. After hanging out in Seoul, I can see what is coming down the road. I guess there is no stopping the fashion train from eventually getting there. If you read what I wrote in my drawing, I'm sure you'll want an explanation, so here it is. Yun loves food, so she seeks out places where the best chefs in the world have eaten. There is a tiny hole in the wall that Eric Ripert went to to eat fish. In fact, they only serve one dish. It is very small and rundown in a quaint way. The vines and trees from outside are growing into the place. Hanoi is located in the middle of the wilderness. Seeing a bug in there is like seeing a bug in the amazon. Anyway a small mouse ran near Yun and you know the rest.

Jan 9, 2013

Built To Protect

I always forget to post my finished projects up here on the SFG website, proper. LOL. Anyway, this is a personal project I've had floating around my sketchbook for a while. Just playing with the art deco style and robots.

Jan 7, 2013

New website and blog for Gemma Robinson

I'm starting 2013 with a new website featuring some of my favourite illustration projects I've worked on over the years and a new blog for chit chat and occasional updates. After 8 years in the business my online portfolio was becoming somewhat unwieldy, so I decided it was down to trim things down and showcase a more consolidated portfolio of work. My new portfolio features projects on a variety of weird and wonderful subjects including cockney rhyming slang, Marmite, flirting and farmers. I hope you enjoy taking a peek!

Gemma Robinson's New Website

Jan 1, 2013

Playing with Prismacolor lately...

A new Prismacolor drawing for 2013 of one of my characters, Mrs. Apple.
Happy New Year everyone!