Jul 28, 2012

Jul 27, 2012

The late Sherman Hemsley...

I did this for tv guide back in the day... all airbrushed. The recently deceased Sherman Hemsley had another show after The Jeffersons called "Amen" and this was for that show.


Jul 24, 2012

Crane Wife at Modern Eden Gallery

Hello all! I wanted to let you know about my latest work hanging at the very wonderful Moden Eden gallery in San Francisco, CA! I was lucky enough to be part of their latest group show, "Myth," and returned to a subject I find myself coming back to time and time again; the Japanese folktale The Crane Wife.
More info "behind the work" and purchase info here!
I didn't get to post about the opening reception back on July 14th, but luckily, there is a closing reception in conjunction with North Beach First Fridays on Friday, August 3, 2012.   The closing reception will be held at 403 Francisco Street from 6-9pm.

Facebook event invite here!

Thanks everyone! : D <3

Jul 23, 2012

Interview with illustrator Pete Ellis

Interview with illustrator Pete Ellis

Sneak preview of my children picture book!

My children picture book is getting very close to completion. I am very excited!!  Here is a sneak preview of the book illustration in color!!

More concept artwork from the book is available at my blog, please come and check it out!

Cobra Commander

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Jul 22, 2012


Voxhol by sevensheavendotcom
Voxhol, a photo by sevensheavendotcom on Flickr.

A wink to Andy Warhol's multi-colored pop art, executed in a modern retro 3D pixel (voxel) style.

Also available as an art print @ Imagekind

KXLU 88.9 FM

The last truly great terrestrial radio in Los Angeles.
KXLU 88.9 FM
Simon Sotelo

Jul 21, 2012

New Abstract... "Heart of the country"

I actually did this two months ago... but I do 3 - 4 abstracts a month. I start out making the shapes in Illustrator and then move to Photoshop. I'll post more soon.

Jul 15, 2012

Jul 10, 2012

The Danish Union of Teachers

This is one of the great commissions to get.
It's about how the government spends the money on everything but the schools, which are in desperate need.
In this case on a harbour tunnel in Aarhus.

Badgers fairytale

A couple of badgers patroling their forest.

Water colors and acrylics on HP watercolor paper

Jul 8, 2012

Rest in Peace, Mermaid Man

Zdepski's sketch of Ernest Borgnine as Mermaid Man

Mermaid Man in PT-73 - Ernest Borgnine 1917-2012