Oct 31, 2008


Scary Doll Heads!!!

But they just want to be nice! Nice and SCARY!!!! BOO!
Happy Halloween everyone!

I'm having a contest!

Reposted from my blog over at MicheleMelcher.com:

Happy Happy! I'm pleased to announce that Michele Melcher Illustration is holding it's first ever Contest! This contest is free and open to everyone plus there will be a cool illustration prize for the three winners! Check back REAL soon for details!

Happy Halloween

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31 October 08 ....The Night of the Witches!!!!

Oct 30, 2008


It's been along time since I last posted... please forgive me.

This is a drawing I did for a local ad agency. Every year they host a fund-raising fun-run during the Halloween season called the Scream Scram. The catch: the run is at night and they encourage everyone to dress in costumes and bring their dogs to participate!

They like to have a mascot drawing to go on entry forms, outdoor advertising (he was on a billboard!) and souvenir t-shirts.

Anyway, his name is Rufus and the team at Scream Agency let me pretty much have free reign on what I wanted to do.


Sleaze Factor

I'm shocked at the amount of phone calls I received from ambulance chasers after my car accident. The world is full of sleazy people trying to con the system and make a few extra bucks. It sucks knowing the large amount of people who must go along with this crap. They smell a little free money and say, Ok I'll go have my neck and back checked out even though I'm fine. Gives me the creeps.

SFG: Nice

Hey everybody! I'm new here. The name's Katie McDee and I'm glad to meet ya :)

I love all your posts and look forward to posting more of my own! If you'd like to see more of my stuff, feel free to check out my website katiemcdee.com or my blog Catch ya later!

SFG: Nice

I was in a wedding last weekend,
and it was - nice.

SFG: Nice

Here's my interpretation of "nice":

That's probably really hard to see, so here's a link to a larger version.
And here's a detail:

Because what's nicer than chicks giving & receiving presents?

Oct 29, 2008

lizard tat

Fantasy Illustration.
(*sorry this was posted a few times, an accident.)


hi guys! there's an interview with me over at LCS today. you can read it here.

also, here's another cleo sketch just because:


we built the city


I just love it when people who are wrapped up in their life’s calling don’t think twice about how they look or whether they are following norms and conventions. They seem oblivious to the effect they have on others as they go about their own business. You can always tell a true eccentric from a poser.

Just a matter of time

Oct 28, 2008

BB King

The Subject of the NCN's monthly "Let's Draw" thread...just thought I'd share.

Halloween Poster

A show poster for my band, Tangier 57.
There's a lot going on in Duluth on Halloween.

Happy Halloween to everyone at SFG!

My annual mailer is out and about, so I thought I'd wish you all a Happy Halloween and repost it here:

Brian Von Frankenstein
Miss-Hell Melcher with Simon "Scaredy" Cat

This year we decided to do something a little different than a regular card and came up with the idea to do cut out decorations. We got them printed and they turned out fantastic! Because of time constraints we ended up cutting them out by hand. (over 150 of them!) Thankfully, no finger tips were lost in the process. =)


Wartina the "Nice" Witch

Sometimes you think you know someone well, until you see them hanging their frillies out on the clothes line and of course sometimes it’s a bit of a shock.

Usually, I draw directly in Illustrator via Wacom but lately I have been experimenting with Photoshop. This time, I used a Faber-Castell PITT artist pen on smooth paper (a truly awesome Indian Ink marker I bought last June, to try out) I photographed the drawing, cleaned it up in Photoshop, then added the colour and text. There is a distinct hand drawn quality in this image that the drawings made in Illustrator lack.

Urban Sketchers

There is a great new blog I am a part of called Urban Sketchers. They asked me to write a little blurb about my urban sketching experience. So I'm also publishing it here. Also I posted a photo of Me Butch Belair and Danny Gregory sketching at Coney Island.
When it comes to sketching, New York city is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing comes from the fact that the second you step onto the street, there are a thousand things to sketch. Famous landmarks abound. I can draw China, Japan, India or Korea by merely walking a few square blocks. Plus there are very few republicans. The curse is the weather. It is always too hot or way too cold or windy or raining or snowing. On top of that, everything is in constant motion. Nothing will stand still long enough for me to draw. I start to draw a bike and someone runs out and gets on it and leaves. Oh look, a firehouse, let me draw it. I'm half way through sketching the doors when they suddenly open and the trucks race out ruining my view. A vendor selling umbrellas would make a cool drawing. I begin and suddenly they pack up and move to a new location. I find a cool building to draw and set up my stool and begin. A truck instantly parallel parks right in front of my view. No one is aware of me or trying to be rude. That is just how Manhattan operates. Deep down it is what I love about New York. How hard it is. Not so much the easy stuff. Hopefully that is what comes across in my work. The pain and agony of trying to draw every detail I possibly can no matter how much the forces of nature and environment work against me.

deer girl


Oct 27, 2008

SFG - Nice

Nice to be pelted with eggs on Halloween.  Just a fond memory.

NICE fish die

A blank sketchbook I started the cover for ~ not sure of it's title ~ either "Nice Fish Die" or "Good Fish Die". This is just the cover, **COMING SOON** will be posts of the progress of it's contents.

take THAT, giant alien tentacled uh... thing!

drew this for last week's "giant monster" topic on drawergeeks. and because i miss having time to draw cleo and khensu.


Who you gonna call?

There's a bar in Durban, South Africa, that seems to have it's own resident spooky regular...

My blog

the stray Scud

A fun project

One of many illustrations I worked on last 2 weeks. More on Flickr.

SFG: Nice

It's nice to play with good friends.

Anette Heiberg

Oct 26, 2008


nice literate girl?


nice shoes?

Nice to have friends...

Yeah I know it was a corny and the last 4-5 years mostly terrible show but hey, friends are important. So enjoy your friends.
This is a really old illustration I did for a magazine (the name slips from my memory) a long long time ago.


Style experiment.

More at Sevensheaven.nl

Oct 25, 2008

SFG: nice

The challenge word on sugarfrostedgoodness.com is "nice".
the madcap laughed at the man on the border
Syd Barrett was a founding member of Pink Floyd. He provided the musical direction and psychedelic influence in the band's early work. He recorded two albums with Pink Floyd and two solo releases before mental illness and heavy drug use put him into a self-imposed seclusion lasting more than thirty years.
Due to his abundant use of LSD, Barrett's behavior on stage was unpredictable. He would strum on one chord through the entire concert. Sometimes he would not play at all. At a show at The Fillmore West in San Francisco, during a performance of "Interstellar Overdrive", Barrett slowly detuned his guitar. The audience seemed to enjoy such antics, unaware of the rest of the band's consternation. Before a performance in late 1967, Barrett apparently crushed Mandrax and an entire tube of Brylcreem into his hair, which subsequently melted down his face under the heat of the stage lighting, making him look like "a guttered candle".
Following a disastrous abridged tour of the United States, David Gilmour, a school friend of Barrett's, was asked to join the band as a second guitarist to cover for Barrett as Barrett's erratic behaviour prevented him from performing. For a handful of shows David played and sang while Barrett wandered around on stage, occasionally playing. The other band members soon tired of Barrett's antics and, in January 1968, on the way to a show at Southampton University, the band elected not to pick Barrett up: One person in the car said, "Shall we pick Syd up?" and another person said, "Let's not bother".
Years later, in 1975 during the recording sessions for the "Wish You Were Here" album, Barrett showed up at the session unannounced, and watched the band record "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" — a song, coincidentally, about Barrett. By that time, Barrett had become quite overweight, had shaved off all of his hair, including his eyebrows, and his ex-bandmates did not at first recognize him. Eventually, they realized who he was and Roger Waters was so distressed that he was reduced to tears.
Barrett died in July 2006 of pancreatic cancer. The occupation on his death certificate was given as "retired musician."
In 2006, his home in Cambridge, England, was placed on the market and attracted considerable interest. After over 100 viewings, many by fans, his house was sold to a French couple who bought the house simply because they liked it—reportedly they knew nothing about Barrett.
Syd Barrett once said, "Fairy tales are nice." In his mind, he likely experienced a bunch of fairy tales.

jvs |||| homes de pluja

homes de pluja
Originally uploaded by elffzart.

SFG: Nice

This is for a children's magazine, but I thought it fit the topic "nicely".

Oct 22, 2008

I Don't Play ... "Nice."

I'm pretty sure the title of this post is the ONLY way I could fit this picture in with this weeks' SFG theme but I'm cool with that if you are. Hooray for more fan art!

More here: http://slatermark.blogspot.com
Hope y'all likes!
- Mark


...cup of Coffee.

Naturally Horsing Around

Here is a book cover I just finished for Storey Publishing. The book offers up detailed information on how to raise and ride horses in a sustainable manner. Because a good part of the book is dedicated to setting up and properly using the natural resources surrounding the horse, I figured creating the horse out of those natural resources felt...well, it just felt natural.

Ice Cream People

I found this cool blog on DRAWN. It's called Ice Cream People and it's run by Brian Butler. He calls himself the Ice Cream Person Research Coordinator. Anyway it's a funny little site that collects art of ice cream that has peoples faces on it. I just had to do one for his site. It gave me something to do. In honor of Sarah Palin I spelled tomato with an e.

Oct 21, 2008

Christine Marie Larsen thinks you should be reading...

Although I didn't start out to make a series, I ended up with a lot of images of book reading people and animals. This collection is going to be in a small works exhibit in Seattle in December. Take a peek at the slideshow...

the sun


Fette's Vette

Self-promo fan art for an art sale I'm in this weekend at a local gallery here in North Bay. Gotta love the Fette. After all, if the song "Fette's Vette" by MC Chris has taught us anything, it's that Bobba is one gangsta Mandalorian.

More here (including Power Girl + wallpapers): http://slatermark.blogspot.com


Oct 20, 2008

Mammals, dinosaurs and one rather large pig

SFG: Nice

The SFG Challenge this time is "Nice". 

Recently a designer buddy of mine, and fellow SFG member, Melissa Ivone introduced a refreshing new site devoted to...Nice. Now Melissa is easily one of the nicest people I know so I trust her to have an informed and educated opinion on the subject.

An introduction from the website and in Melissa's own words...

The other day I was waiting for an elevator in my building with one other gentleman. As the elevator arrived, I hesitated. I usually let others enter first, as a courtesy. But this gentleman held out his hand, motioning me to the door. As I walked through, he said with a chuckle, "You didn't really think I was going to walk in here first, did you?" I responded, "Well, I don't like to take anything for granted nowadays."

That one minor gesture brightened my day! I started to think, "What a great world this would be if everyone had consideration for others." It's a shame that that's not the case currently. It's obvious that common courtesy is lacking in society today. Just drive down a major highway and you'll see that.

What we all need is a little NICE.

Operation NICE is an encouragement to spread a little NICE to others. Stop by to read some positive, upbeat news stories (yes, they exist) about nice people. Download some tools (coming soon!) to help you in your quest to communicate the concept of niceness. Share a story or two about how someone made your day.

It is not true that nice guys finish last. Nice guys are winners before the game ever starts.
- Addison Walker

It is a truly encouraging site and I urge you to visit it and peruse through every anecdote and comment. It will brighten your day. She's even gotten national attention recently because of the site...Check it out!


Be sure to label your illustrations with the appropriate labelsLabel your entries with your name and the challenge label, in this case SFG: Nice

The next challenge begins Monday, November 3rd, 2008.

The SFG Challenge was created to offer every member an opportunity to stretch their creative muscles, venture outside of their artistic boundaries and post their interpretations each week on a specific theme. This is a completely voluntary challenge! 

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Oct 19, 2008

The Thing

Here's Mrs. Grimm's favorite blue-eyed boy, Ben, a.k.a., The Thing. If anyone's interested I set this one up as a free desktop wallpaper at my website.