Oct 23, 2013

12 Days Of Halloween Illustration Series!

© Holly DeWolf- Live it up this Halloween.

I've started a 12 Days of Halloween. Each day I will add a new illustration for this most wonderful time of the year. They'll be more! http://sweethappyjoyjoy.blogspot.ca/ 

© Holly DeWolf- Werewolf? Here a wolf! There a wolf! 

© Holly DeWolf- Scream & Sugar! 

Oct 20, 2013

A newer digital painting...

It's called "King Bird" and yea,  I does have me a story that goes with it.

Pickle - The Little Bird Who Doesn't Tweet @ Tr!ckster

The original art of Pickle - The Little Bird Who Doesn't Tweet is showing at Tr!ckster now!! 
2631 Ashby Ave., Suite A, Berkeley, CA

179. Trapeze Artist

Oct 18, 2013

Selection opens at Fabbrica Saccardo

18.10.13 | Selection 2014 | Fabbrica Saccardo, Schio, Italy
curated by Maria Yvonne Pugliese / Yvonne Arte Contemporanea

Selected Artists:
Walter Davanzo
Massimo Kaufmann
Iler Melioli
Oki Izumi
Veronica Organo
Arianna Piazza
Lucio Scortegagna
Mario Sughi aka nerosunero
Dany Vescovi
Dania Zanotto


Oct 16, 2013

Midnight Drawing

Just another midnight drawing from my sketchbook - Playing around with pen & ink and some grey washes

168. Three Degrees

Oct 15, 2013

Hearse icon designs

Hearse icon designs for a funeral service comparison site.


Oct 13, 2013

Illustrators Ireland: The Art of Superstition

The Art of Superstition
an Exhibition of Illustrations at
The Copper House Gallery
(Dublin 11 - 31 October 2013)

Click here for pictures from the opening night

Oct 7, 2013

Oct 2, 2013

Up-coming Pickle's convention, gallery shows and parties!!

Dear all, 

I would love to invite you to two very exciting and fun art and book signing event!! 
I will team up with Immedium and exhibiting at:

Oct 12 -13 
Concourse Exhibition Center
635 8th St., San Francisco, CA 94103
Booth 539 -540

I will do signing for my new book - Pickle - The Little Bird Who Doesn't Tweet!!  There will be limited edition prints and goodies to celebrate the book launch!!  

The weekend after APE is the Official Book Launch Party of Pickle!!
This will be a book signing, plus Pickle's solo gallery show!! 
We will exhibit the original watercolor paintings from the book, and there will be limited edition prints and goodies at the party!!

Oct 19, 2013 
Reception party start at 5pm
2631 Ashby Ave., Suite A, Berkeley, CA

For those of you in Southern California, Pickle has a special surprise for you too!!
A special edition original painting of Pickle will be in exhibition at:

The StoryTime Group Show
Oct 19 - 17
Opening reception, Oct 19
5pm - 8pm
MonkeyHouse Toy 
2874 Rowena Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90039

Pickle's Official Web-site is UP!!

YAY!! Pickle's Official is on-line, with production concept arts and documentary videos!!

 In celebrating Pickle's B-Day!! Here is an outtake from the "Making of" documentary, about why Pickle turns out to be a little owl!!
Below is another outtake about the Photoshop Composite process of Pickle.
Hope you will enjoy the videos!!

Oct 1, 2013

You can read Pickle TODAY!!!

Today is Pickle's Big DAY!!  BECAUSE ... Well today we're thrilled to announce that you can now read the digital kids book Pickle: The Little Bird Who Doesn't Tweet on your iPad. 
The story is about a little bird who can't tweet or chirp like the rest of the birds in Tweeter Land. On her journey she discovers her very own source of sound and creativity.