Mar 31, 2006

Marty Shaft Video Show

Hi y'all,

This is a logo / styling I created for my brother, a Dutch DJ / VJ.

Hope you like it.

Cheers and have a nice weekend,


Mar 30, 2006


Some little first round dudes from a job I'm workin' on! As someone noted, they've got that keen look of cereal premiums, don't they? I'd love to have a couple of these molded plastic little pals.

Hi everyone!

I am new to Sugar Frosted Goodness and looking forward to putting up work every now and again. I will start off by squeezing in my illo for Illustration Friday-"Monsters"

Send in the Monster Clowns...

Cardboard, Acrylic and Ink and some monster love.

Mar 29, 2006

as i work on my monster for illo friday....

being new, i thought i should post some other work till i finish my monster... i just keep on truckin'

Monsters Ink!

I'm not a part of the infamous Illustration Friday - but I do have love for Monsters!


This is my latest for illustration friday. To get the whole story read here.

A Literary Monster

Something gorey and sophisticated.


I haven't posted anything in a while so...

Mar 28, 2006

new desk

I bought a Disney desk off ebay and if anyone could help identify what type of desk it is (layout, bg painter, etc...), I'd really appreciate it.

Book contribution

This is my contribution to the up and coming book, Your Planet Needs You, in support of the environment. It is a collaboration of artists, designers, illustrators, poets etc. The book should be due out in May with an exhibition of the original artwork to follow. I came across this wonderful project from Linzie Hunter. There is still time to get your work in. Due date is end of march 2006. So get movin'!

"That new guy is weird."

Jerk Veggies

Mar 27, 2006

Pirate Shirts

Hey all,

So yeah heres a cople of shirts designs for a Juvy line were putting together at work, it's kinda crazy cause I'm expected to concept/draw/render an entire shirt in 8 hrs. Yeah, so this is me at my fastest, thank goodness for the mp3 player, help's keep me focused.

Noodle Monster

- Alina -

Still Thirsty?

More wine labels!~

Mar 26, 2006


I recycled this from a few months back for this weeks 'Monster' theme at 'Illustration friday.'

Outing sketches

- Alina -

My first IF - Feet... also new here

Hi there... Thank you Jeff for letting me join.. I get so inspired seeing everyone elses work!!!!

Here was my effort for illustration Friday... FEET... it's strange how this ended up... I haven't had a holiday trip in over 10 years.. could be something subliminal there!!!

Illustration Friday: Monster

An enlargement from a pen and ink drawing to an ad that I illustrated a few years back. Go to my blog to check out the finished ad in all it's glory:

Mar 25, 2006

My first post.

This is from a current project I'm working on. It a children's book titled "Good Golly, Grandma's Got Gas!" by a friend on mine Brian McLaughlin. The story hilarious, how could a story about flatulence not be...

new member here

hi all, just joined and wanted to say hi, and post some new work, just did a poster for the 80s icon tiffany, for a show here in sf coming up next week. enjoy

Drink Up!

there's two other ones on the Three Thumbs Up blog with a different take. Gotta spread the goodness. That's one thing SFG has taught me!

Happy Trees and the 'Cult of Bob Ross'

I remember when cartoons ended on Saturday I'd start turning the dial looking for something else to watch and would come across this guy with a huge afro painting landscapes and talking so softly it was like drinking a cup of warm milk before falling fast asleep. It was master oil painter Bob Ross. He'd use a huge house brush to paint with and say the word 'Happy' more times in 30 minutes then I have my entire life. His art didn't really make me want to paint it but for some reason I would watch his entire program every time. I never purposely planned on watching it, I'd always stumble upon accidently but it drew me. Bob even had a side kick on his show several times, his pet squirrel Peapod. Perched on his shoulder Bob would paint away talking to Peapod as if he could understand him. In those days PBS shows were the closest thing to reality television and it fascinated me to be honest.

Happy trees, happy clouds, and happy accidents are part of the wonderful 'Cult of Bob Ross'. He's become a pop culture icon of sorts now and has been forever immortalized on the web for future generations to enjoy. This is my contribution to his artistic influence.

Mar 24, 2006

A monster is after me!

This is my illustration for this week's IF/monster. The little story behind it is here.

Illustration Friday: Monster

Hey all. I'm new to the group and thought I'd start by tackling the new Illustration Friday theme. It's a digital sketch on top of some acrylic paint textures from a previous project...

monster worm

Anyway, my name's Steve Rolston and I draw comic books. Here's a pic that's more representative of my current comics work. It's a panel from "The Escapists" that's coming out from Dark Horse Comics this summer.

Feet = Shoes

Illustration Friday: Feet

To be honest when I saw 'Feet' as the theme I thought to myself "Oh god! I hate drawing feet." Then a little while later I thought "That's it. Oh God!" Thus this concept came to mind. I decided to handle this more like a logo then a full blown illustration.

"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring glad tidings of good things." - Romans 10:15

Mar 23, 2006


- Alina -

Illustration Friday - Feet

Here is my submission for this weeks Illustration Friday theme: FEET.I'm not someone who believes in luck but this was the first thing that popped into my head when hearing the theme. Drawn in ink, colourized in photoshop with a scanned background.

Mar 22, 2006

Illustration Friday: Tattoo

Ham and eggs anyone?

I'm different!

Greetings everyone and thank you Jeff for the invite. A bit of introduction in here; my name's Meg Hunt and what's to tell... I'm based in CT, going to be moving across country to set up shop in the early summer. I love illustration, screenprinting/printmaking, comics, and cartoons, working to getting established in the business or whatnot.

Anyway, I'll let my work do the talking with a little introduction.

This piece is something I drew up last week for promotional work-- should be getting the printed postcards back soon!

Well, I'm really looking forward to posting more in future! This is a lovely blog!

Making Changes

Hi, comrades. I just posted this on the DRAWN! blog. I figured it belonged here, as well.



I have been in the business of freelance illustration for a zillion years and you'd think I would be resigned to my clients making changes to my work.

Nope. Sadly, I am just as prickly and dismayed every single time a sketch comes back with changes. Here's the kind of e-mail you'll get:

"Elwood, WE LOVE IT! Just one or two minor changes. The Editor (or, if it's an advertising job, the Account Executive or Our Client) would like the pig to lose the hat. The duck would be more convincing if you removed his shoes. And he's too fat--could you trim him down a bit--the editor has weight problems. Fat ducks make him nervous. Also, you've put the monkey on a motorcycle, which is hilarious, but perhaps sends a dangerous message to teens. Better to play it safe and put the monkey in a Honda Civic. And be sure it has side airbags.

"Oh, and one more little tweak--while the elephant is PERFECT, we don't want to get into politics here, so please change it to a snake. We realize it'll completely alter your composition, so if you want to add some other animals in that space, you might want to make them moles--the editor is allergic to cats.

"Can we see a new sketch by this afternoon? Again, Elwood, we LOVE it!"

Then I do my usual rant, Maggie (my wife/rep) rolls her eyes, I calm down, but require a brief nap. I awaken depressed and swear to the gods of commercial art that I can't take it anymore. I make a cup of tea. I'm hungry and eat a almond butter sandwhich. And a banana. Maggie rolls her eyes. I return to my drawing table and make the changes. The client is delighted. They tell me it's a GO with only one small change--they really loved that elephant. Would it be too much trouble to dump those cute little moles & bring back the elephant.

Sometimes Maggie convinces the client that the changes are arbitrary and they weaken the art. Sometimes they have the ability to see my brilliance when it is pointed out to them. Sometimes the Word Experts honor the highly honed skills of the Image Experts. And sometimes it snows in July.

I gotta go. Client made some changes on that last job.


Illustration Friday-Feet

Where are my feet these days?

Amazon Temple

First off, thank-you Jeff for the invite it was very cool indeed, and so... Here is my final for a class at school. Drawn and rendered entirely in Photoshop, I tried to keep the perspective correct but I really would have preferred to draw this all out on paper first. Regardless, It was a fun experiment and some of the techniques I discovered along the way will definitely help out in future projects.

Mar 21, 2006

Watercolor sketches

From top to bottom: (1) Wynn in Vegas; (2) On the way to Vegas; (3) Irish Pub in West LA

- Alina -

One more... quite fishy

In the past few days, I've really gotten into more doodling/sketching. I was playing around with this one this morning while waiting for a large publication to collect.

The view from down under

My IF for this week (feet). A pencil sketch with digital color added. More details here.

A Few Crows Short Of A Murder

Image hosting by Photobucket
A quickie, and this time I mean it. And how can I say no to Illustration Friday when they post a theme like feet? That site is a total temptress. So are birds, it seems; I just can't shake 'em.

Done in pen, watercolour and Photoshop. This took about two hours, and most of the time was fudging around on the computer until I had something I liked.

The whole story – and a more detailed look – can be read/viewed here.

Mar 20, 2006

Logo design

Character design for my next game

here are a few rough sketches of what the main character in my next game will be. the game is an unofficial sequel to Gish ( and will be centered in the world of creatures from previous posts.

his body and cape will be physics based, so it should look amazing when its all done, ill post animation tests when i have some.

what do you guys think? does he have sex appeal?

I smoke a two-stroke...

Thanks Jeff for the invite. Lots of great stuff here.

Mar 19, 2006



When the giant is away the oxen will... climb mountains?... wait... no... that's not how the saying goes...

Illustration Friday: Feet

For, the word was "feet". I wanted to show a dynamic foot doing something rather then lying flat on the ground. It started out with the foot and the rest of the drawing followed.

Mar 18, 2006

Draw What You Know

Image Hosted by
I do freelance design-work now and again, but illustration for me has solely been a creative outlet for my own personal amusement. So, drinks are on me at the SugerFrosted bar – as just a few days ago I submitted this 5" X 5" spot illustration as my very first freelance drawing gig. Turnaround was crazy-tight, so I based it heavily on this sketch from last summer (draw what you know ... you know?).

Done in pen with Photoshop-collage background of scanned newspaper clippings and coffee stains (not exactly coffee, though - you can click here for the full story).

Vern's First Blog

First of all, thanks Jeff for inviting me to SFG. I’m so excited, I could cry! (only kidding). In the words of Arthur O'Shaughnessy: "[Together] We are the music makers, We are the dreamers of dreams.”

For my first blog, I am posting my “Noah’s Arc”. In order to get in all the detail, I drew it on a large 30" x 42" Strathmore illustration board using a .00 Koh-i-nor rapidograph technical pen. Hopefully this will be the first of many happy postings.

Glad to meet you all-
Vern (a.k.a. 2danimator)