Mar 31, 2007


So, does this look like I deliberately skewed the proportion and perspective...or does it just look like she has really stubby legs? Either way is fine, I guess.


I'm new!

Hi there. My name is Rebecca and I am a senior illustration student at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. I'm a big fan of Sugar Frosted Goodness, so I finally got my website updated and joined all the fun here!
I used to do all my work in Adobe Illustrator, but last semester switched to working with acrylics. I'm still getting the hang of it, but I completely redid my portfolio. I'm have a lot of fun, and making a mess in the process.
My website is up and running so let me know what you think!


Simply a mind blowing movie...i like it a lot so did my wife...

Simplemente algo super eyecandy....WOW! encanto!
a la Dniz de igual modo..jejejeje!


Got in a shipment of my t-shirts from Gasoline Gallery today. Thanks to Mark and the gang for diggin' my Frankie design enough to pop him on a shirt!

Now, go and buy a bunch!

Gasoline Gallery

Create or Die!

'Latin for: Create or Die'

In June I'll be attending the HOW Design Conference in Atlanta. While there I'll also be doing a book signing for my soon to be published 'Crumble. Crackle. Burn'. I wanted to have a cool freebie give away I could hand out to those who purchase my book so I created this sticker design.

If you'd like one of these stickers for FREE just mail me a self addressed stamped envelope to:

Gimme a Sticker!
Glitschka Studios
1976 Fitzpatrick Ave SE
Salem, OR 97306

Mar 30, 2007

And Another....

My Submission

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Mobile Cityblock

Spring Chick

All the warm weather brought this lil' fella out of hiding... finally.

Mmmmmm. Pie.

A quick piece I did for another art director. He needed it to put together a comp for an ad concept.

On April 1 2007, "PotatoMammaDesign" turns 1 year old!
Celebrate with me, and win one of 5 great prizes:

Elect Miss PotatoMammaDesign 2007 in the PotatoMammaDesign birthday contest!

Enter now: first 3 entries win a surprise gift
deadline for last votes: April 23 2007

Good luck!

SFG: The 1950s "Archie Comics"

Always been a fan of Archie Comics back in the 80's and I'm sure it was pretty popular back in the 50s as well...

Pieces of my sketchbook

More is on my blog



I said I'd wind up doing multiple entries for the "SFG Challenge: The 1950's" (scroll down to see my first), and here's number two: Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton from TV's "The Honeymooners."

--Pat Lewis

Push Yourself

There are so many days I have to literally force myself to draw. Day in and day out it is exhausting. Coming up with new ideas at work and new ideas to draw in my books is very taxing. These two drawings are good examples of forcing myself to do things I really didn't want to. When I started the drawing of the woman, I hated it. Her face looked ugly. I just couldn't get it right. That is why I drew the hair so elaborately, it was in order to hide my lousy sketch as best I could. In the end it was the hair idea that saved it. If I didn't screw up her face right away, then the drawing would have been a completely different idea. I should emphasize that I have no preconceived notion of what my drawings will look like. I don't think, I just start sketching and see what develops as I go. The drawing of the booze bottle happened because I was at my in-law's house with nothing to draw. So I searched and found something weird to doodle. So when you see all the drawings on my blog, don't think it comes easy. It's hard and a pain in the ass but it is also very rewarding for the soul.

The "Fish King"

Quickie pen and ink drawing that popped into my head after watching a documentary on Robin Williams...

My blog.

Mar 29, 2007

1950's Sci Fi...

I love the old corny Sci Fi from the 50's and this is my tribute!

Website Refresh

Just finished refreshing my site with new illustrations, go have a look


Rate My Threadless Submission: Shark Boy!

My Submission

Hey this is the third submission I've made to Threadless, ironically it's been picked second to be voted on. Please vote on it if you feel inclined and leave me a comment too. Click on the thumbnail to vote.



Finished. ...just in time for the party. Whew.
Basically I have a horizontal two sided card, and the individual Godz/MechaGodz mini-standees for all the party tables.

If you are interested, I included larger printable images of the two side card/ and the mini-standees for your own downloadable enjoyment back at my website.
You know...if you want to throw your own Godzilla themed birthday bowling party!

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    This week's SFG challenge just might be my favorite one ever. I'll probably do a bunch of illustrations on this theme. First up is my favorite 1950's pin-up girl, Bettie Page.

    Also, I guess I should mention that I am the latest dude to be interviewed by Jeff over on Design Inspiration. Check it out here.


    My Keyboard Impresses The Ladies

    A big thanks goes out to Jeff and Von Glitschka! I received my Keyboard Characters from winning the "People As Pets" contest and they totally rule! Von was nice enough to include a bunch of examples of his work along with them. They're colorful and fun and have so much personality. Go check out his site and pick up a set for yourself. Fact: They make you 74.2% sexier. Thanks again you guys! Oh, and since I haven't posted in a while, here's what I've been up to...
    This is the next Illustration in my side project series about a girl who finds herself on a series of bizarre islands. Here's a link to some of the others.

    Let me introduce...

    The Surfing Samurai!! This is a character I came up with a year ago. A book is in the works and some more spot illustrations to go inside. The bottom image is one of him from a year ago and the top is new.

    Some recent sketchbook stuff...

    Not quite up to Tommy Kane's standard but hey...

    My website
    My blog


    This is my piece for the upcoming "I Am 8-Bit" show at Gallery 1988. The show starts April 17th and runs till May 12. I'll be selling prints of this in the store at my site. I was always a huge fan of Rampage. There was no end to the game, you simply took your monster and smashed buildings. Being the huge Japanese monster movie fan I could relate to this premise quite easily.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts

    Ad Character Update (Late!): Morton Salt Gal

    Sorry, folks; I'm running a bit behind on my SFG challenges...hope Jeff won't be mad at me!


    50's Style

    This Public Service Announcement brought to you by: The Florida Department of Citrus and the letters O & J.

    SFG: The 1950's

    This week's theme: The 1950's

    This week I challenge you to take a trip back in time to a simpler time, the 1950's. Poodle skirts and flat tops. Leave it To Beaver, Ozzie and Harriet and I Love Lucy! Post your illustrations based on the theme here during the course of the next week.

    Be sure to label your illustrations with the appropriate labels as well.
    I prefer you label your entries with your name or screenname, and the challenge label, SFG: The 1950's

    By the way, I'm always looking for new and creative ideas for these challenges folks, so keep your ideas and suggestions coming in..

    Remember, this is a completely voluntary challenge designed solely to stimulate creativity and promote participation. Please don't hesitate to post your other work as normal.

    One last thing, be sure to check out and get involved over at the all new SFG Forum. Based on feedback from a large number of members, who stated that SFG needed a stronger sense of community, The new forum is the perfect outlet to build that community. It'll only work if you get involved though!

    The next challenge will begin Thursday, April 5th, 2007.

    Challenge yourselves SFG'ers and have a great week!


    Got gas?

    Dang! Since we seem to be on a balloony thread here, I think I'll post this one I did for a story about controlling your gas. For help with this troublesome and potentially embarrassing condition, please go here.

    women's film festival

    Late for the Parade

    Click first image to enlarge

    This is a new illustration I did for a donation prize on the contest run by theApe from LCS. This project is pure creative fun. You get to draw/paint/collage etc. on envelopes and packages and then send them in the mail with the art side out. Check it out and more importantly get involved. There are lots of sweet prizes to win which are donated by illustrators (many you will recognize) and many of the submissions will be in a big show in England and possibly a book later on. Go there to check out the details.
    jim's blog

    Mar 28, 2007

    Mobile home

    more pictures at: mattias inks

    What If She'd Lived?

    (Large version here)

    I drew this for my pals over at This is Stephanie Brown (AKA Spoiler, AKA Robin IV) who was killed and subsequently forgotten. I kinda looked at the pic as a chance to show what might've been had Stephanie been given the chance to carry the mantle this last couple years.

    Sneak Peek

    Here's a preview of a top-secret freelance project I'm doing. The client had me at "draw a giant monster attacking a city."



    By Stuart Immonen.

    florida daydream


    Another long time SFG'er has taken the plunge and agreed to be interviewed for Design Inspiration. It's a great interview with Pat Lewis of Lunchbreak Comics. Take a few moments today and check it out, and be sure to leave Pat some hunka-hunka comment love too.


    I See The Light

    I was given another assignment for a magazine. The theme was "light". So this was the first thought that came into my head. I'm not really sure why. I have some crucifixes and buddahs at home, so I just started sketching away. The silly writing just poured out of my small brain quite rapidly.