Aug 31, 2007

SFG: bugs

The word this week on is "bugs"

My inspiration for this drawing actually came! When I was in art school (many years ago), I did a series of illustrations for a cocktail recipe book. I selected four mixed drinks, each accompanied by an illustration. I did "Grasshopper" as one of them.... and now, twenty-something years later, the grasshopper shows his face again. Still holding his namesake drink, but this time, also holding his namesake dessert cake.

I am back-finally

So after a very long absence due to moving and a hand injury I am slowing getting back to work. I have spent much time by the ocean this summer which inspired this latest illo.


What Do You Need?

What do you need?
Originally uploaded by chicken widget

Not to be confused with it's sister painting, "What do you want?"

Watercolor moleskine

Just got it had to try it out, the format might take some time to get used to

The face of a supplier

Stylized 3D illustration about the different faces of a supplier towards his customer.

More imagery at

The noble art of blogging

Read it better at

Warm up sketches

Some random warm up sketches from this morning...

Aug 30, 2007

Surfer Boy


bug splat

SFG: Bugs

It's good to be a bee.
Or so I imagine. Flying around, rolling around on flowers...

Bugs? How about spider veins?

This is an entry from my pregnancy blog Pea in the Blog...I figure it fits the theme!



SFG: Bugs

This week's theme: Bugs.

For you newcomers, the SFG Challenge runs Thursday to Thursday, and was created to offer every member an opportunity to stretch their creative muscles and post their interpretations on a specific theme. It's a lot of fun!

Be sure to label your illustrations with the appropriate labels as well. I prefer you label your entries with your name or screenname, and the challenge label, SFG: Bugs.
Remember, this is a completely voluntary challenge designed solely to stimulate creativity and promote participation. Please don't hesitate to post your other work as normal.

Be sure to check out and get involved over at the SFG Forum, some great stuff going on over there every day.

The Blank Book Project is underway, I'm looking forward to seeing how this one turns out! So exciting! A special thank you to all participants, this is going to be so much fun! Track the progress and view updates on the Blank Book's journey by logging on to the Blank Book website.

The next challenge begins Thursday, September 6th, 2007.

Challenge yourselves SFG'ers and have a great week!



Chocolate is the essence of life. At least for me!


Aug 29, 2007


This is my submission for Illustration Friday: Visitors.

This is another attempt at softening my digital work. I'm really excited at how these are coming out.

PYBO: BooYah!!

These are two pieces done for a client in the new ever popular "Vector" style,
and Lee Marvin as Superman!

Lisa Fields

Some acrylic painting...

I have exploring on acrylic paint and cardboard...preparing fot a personal project of mine... i will keep you post, Choper!

A little fun in Illustrator when I was really, really, hungry...

PYBOT: PYBOW: BrainwashBot

Here's a character I've been messing with. It's actually 2 characters. They are forced to get along in a codependent situation somewhere in the future.


Race me, anyone?

Aug 28, 2007

PYBOT: Nessie

This is a personal project of mine. I've been wanting to explore a softer look to my digital work and this is one of the first to do it on a larger scale.

PYBOT: More bots


Pintando monitos...PYBOT!

PYBOT: Thinking of Us...

I have no idea if I've already posted this illustration or not but seeing as though it's PYBOT, I figured, why not.



Office Space

This is the building I work in. On another note, I got another mention on the Juxtapoz magazine website. There was a story about Earmint's new CD. Many artists did artwork using the same original piece of art. Check out what everyone did with the assignment.
Go here.

PYBOT // fairytales

hey hey, just a lil poster series for a bookstore.

Pen fight

Stylized 3D illustration for an article about contract negotiations.

More eyetertainment at

PYBOT! Nexsi's portrait :)

It has been such a long time I haven't made a portrait, but some days ago I found this amazing pic from Diego Sierralta, and I couldn't help myself. Besides she is a former student and she is adorable!

Here I'm am, sketching at home:

And here are some steps of the process:

At the end I decided to cut her earring off, her ear was to far from the right place, well... lack of practice ;)

Something new for PYBOT

A picture I painted for my sons 21's Birthday!

That time of the month...

It is that time of the month where at work, I get to do a little bit of illustration. I work for a nerdy gaming company doing adventure paths for D&D related stuff. So each game module has "designer notes" and so I make a little character that goes with each note. This is the first time I was able to use a wacom tablet in Illustrator. Who needs raster when you can use VECTOR?!
anyway, hope you dig it.

Rogues Gallery

Rogues Gallery