Jan 31, 2006

stay-puft mall walker

I've rediscovered the joy of people watching/sketching.

Grease Monkey!

I did a job for Toyota a while back and saved all the steps I went through to get to that paycheck! This was one of those rare situations where the art director knew exactly what he wanted and the job flowed like rain drops on a rose petal. Just thinking about it makes me well up inside. Ah, yesterday...

Anyway, if you're interested - check out my blog to see the process stage and the final art -
http://urbnbarbarian.blogspot.com/ or click on my "Dan" link to the Right.

ran of the dead

My girlfriend Randi wanted me to turn her into a zombie...

...and then she stole my arm haha

- shan!

Jan 28, 2006

brain package

Hi all, this is an illustration and layout I did for Nintendo of America. Ended up not being used, but the process of working with them was good. Been trying to find something to post that I have not posted anywhere else and so this is the first place I have shown it. Hope you like it. I am bidding on doing some Mario illustrations and I am really excited about doing that.

I am in a dry spell with illustration right now, but this site has helped me get focused again and I am really pleased to be posting with so many great artists. Again, you like it.


so...I'm an illustrator working in Los Angeles, Jeff asked me to participate and post something. I just posted these somewhere else, so apologies to anyone thats seen this already, but these are spreads for Esquire Russia's "100 Cars We Love". Basically, 100 different cars they featured in the magazine. It was pretty challenging to do these under the time constraints, so I just did them without sketches straight to finish. Sort of turned out a bit more spontaneous that way, perhaps.... Anyways, I promise to post something newer and better next time!

1-2-3 HEAD!

Sketch to final, Design for T-shirt line called Foul Clothing.

Hello little spider!

Real quick....

Thought I'd point this out.

Designers Who Blog

Nothing like a shameless plug to start your day out right.....right?

If you see us mentioned anywhere else, please let me know, post a comment on this entry.

Now back to the good stuff!

Jan 27, 2006

Young Aquaman.

Hey, I'm new to SugarFrostedGoodness, so here's a recent doodle I did for my blog. I'm from North Georgia, but now live in Tennessee. I went to the same school as Jared. I do a webcomic called Butterfly, and I'm working on a new book for a big publisher, but I'm not allowed to talk about it yet. I'm also in a small comics group, The BFF Alliance.

Anyway, I feel like I'm in exceptional company over here. Thanks. :)

Rogue Agent!

This is my first blog entry - so go easy on me! There are so many talented people delivering the Sugar Frosted Goodness that my glucose levels have sky rocketed! This is a piece of Marvel Comics trading card artwork featuring Rogue. Mostly, I just like her expression. A fun card to draw and I always look forward to working on comic book related media.
New creature design for the game im working on. its called a cankerling, and the green thing riding in his back is a peashy



It's getting kinda crowded here

But that's a good thing!

I did this for Illustration Friday a while back, when the theme was Crowded. I always liked the way I worked the colors in this one. Trying something different.

For a little background on how I work usually, I draw in lead pencil (Black Warrior seems to do the best for me) on paper, then I scan it, go into Photoshop and then delete the whites surrounding the image. For a 'how-to' on this procedure, just check out this post. I describe it in more detail there. I then choose my nifty pastel brush in Photoshop and start to work on the colors (I work on a 'color layer' right underneath the 'line layer'). I use the eyedropper tool to help blend the colors in a more natural way, so it don't look too compootery. Keep manipulating the brush to get the colors just right -- the more you work on it, the better you get at it.

Jan 26, 2006

It's a party!

Party at Skeletor's House!
Bring money for pizza and skating.

Casting call

Some lost art of the Original full cast of GISH (my 1st PC game) half the cast was cut due to time restraints, but they live again, in SFG!


Jan 25, 2006


- Alina -


hey guys, heres a little clayface illo I did, just for the hell of it
let me know what you guys think :)


- shan!

Sony's rootkit

You've probably heard about Sony's dirty trick called the rootkit, installed on your PC when you insert an audio CD from the Sony music label.

I created this illustration regarding the subject matter, for the Dutch Computer!Totaal magazine.



The Truth About Poop Sketch

I've always enjoyed seeing artist's sketches, especially ones created for an assignment. With that in mind, I'm showing my finished sketch for a book I did for Viking entitled "The Truth About Poop". I'll try to keep all my rough sketches on an upcoming job and show the entire process if anyone's interested. I'd love to see other artist's approaches, as well.


Jan 24, 2006

Two things...

A poster for Winnipeg's "Clash of the Titans" Hip-Hop soundclash:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

...and this week's Illustration Friday ("Cats"):
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Big version here.

Jan 23, 2006

Sleep Well...

... for he walks the street protecting us all.

The Six Fingered Vixen...

...strikes again.


Image hosting by Photobucket
I didn't hand-rivet metal. Didn't build an understructure or swipe fuselage from the nearest aero-junkyard. Didn't beat the hell outta nuthin'. But I did have time to spare on Sunday and created this fire-breathing rubber duck in Freehand. One can see a bigger version here – and as always, the full story can be read here.

Wow, big props to Rob. I feel like Milhouse after Bart brought his dog to show-and-tell: "Uh, I have a uh, duckie ... quack quack ..."

Heya Jeff! Thanks for having me.
Here's my latest. It's for a gallery show in Feb. in LA.

It's 32"x26" in size. I made the whole understructure and fuselage. Hand riveted all the metal, oil painted her on it, and then beat the hell outta it and weathered it to look old. I'm calling it Bomber Bunny.

Hope you enjoy!

Eyeballs and meat

A bay area battle of the bands poster.


Jan 22, 2006

New here !

Hey guys!

Im shan, I thought I would say "HI!" by posting a post-it! note doodle, some of you may know me from the Drawing Board - let me know what you guys think!

Thanks Jeff for inviting me to take part in the blog, im honored

Jan 21, 2006

Two Faves.

Hi there...I'm Al.
I thought I'd introduce myself by posting two Illustration Friday thingees. One's a favorite of mine, the other appears by request of fellow SFG! member and long-time pal, Jeope.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Radio Free Syracuse, 2005 • graphite, Pentel® Brush Pen & Photoshop®
Big version here.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

O.G. Navy Seal (Time 4 Sum Aksion)
, 2006 • graphite, Photoshop® and sponge.

Big version here.

Hope you dig 'em!

E is for Ezra

Hello there. I'm Ward. I drew my son for Illustration Friday. I kinda like it.

The Datacatcher

The Datacatcher, an illustration I created for a Dutch magazine.

Hope you like it.

Cheers to y'all,


Jan 20, 2006

And now a word from our sponsor.....

I thought I'd share a couple of my old Illustration Friday submissions. Both have a photographic element introduced as I've recently been experimenting with some different techniques and ideas. Hope you enjoy.


Cerebral Discharge

1st post,



I have to admit I didn't do this specifically for 'Illustration Friday'. I had done this for a company in Seattle. But since the theme is cats this week I thought I'd recycle. Due to the width limits of these blogs what you see below is cropped. If you want to see the entire illustration then click the link below.

View Full Illustration here.

Easy There, Bear Cub...

Stay in line!

... you can stay in line just like everybody else.

Jan 19, 2006

Suicide King

This was a design I did for a soon coming book to be published called 'HUMAN' which contains hundreds of custom illustrations on the topic of 'HUMAN' and includes a DVD with all source files for the images that appear in the book. Along with the book of art will be a set of 'HUMAN' playing cards. This obviously is the ace of spades face card for KING.

Caffeinated Creativity

In the world of 'Corporate Coffee' there are home town favorites that win out on the local level and thrive. Coffee People is one of them. An Oregon grown business which has it's roots in the greater Portland area.

Coffee People wanted to reflect the lifestyle of their pacific northwest customers through the artwork created for their annual travel mugs.

The challenge with a project like this is taking a laundry list of localized lifestyle topics and finding a unique, simple and fun way to create a design that will work in a pre-existing format and print technology.

The final design captures the spirit of Oregonians and our passion for a good cup of joe.

It's fun brewing up a pot of piping hot double shot ideas for clients.

Jan 18, 2006

Jan 17, 2006

Vikings vs. Pirates

In my opinion, vikings will always win against pirates. I know that I'm opening up a huge debate here. But I feel this way mainly because vikings have more of a cause and focus than the random acts that pirates commit. I mean, come on, pirates only fight for gold and drink. Plus, they wear capri pants, and we all know that you can't win a fight wearing capri pants.
This is pulled straight from my drafting table. Pencils and unfinished inks. I think it's inspired by the fact that there is a crapload of noise coming up through the floorboards of my studio room. There's some remodeling of the kitchen going on and it's shaking the house. I'm represented as the viking and the pirate is Stan the remodeler. Aaaaaaargh! It's driving me NUTS!!!

Jan 16, 2006

Fear him...

... and he shall spare your livestock.

Jan 14, 2006

We interrupt this broadcast for a very important message...

Just wanted to extend my gratitude to all of the new members for embracing this new blog idea and making it a reality. I am loving all of the great work posted here so far and looking forward to seeing what is to come. I can't believe this blog is less than a week old, and already has 14 members with 4 more waiting in the wings.

I recognize we're in desperate need of a new masthead, I'd discussed this idea with Jared early on, and he's agreed to design a new one for us. I can't wait! I'm also thinking that in the future it might be great to have the masthead change on a rotating basis. So if you're interested in designing/illustrating a new masthead, please feel free to knock yourself out. I think it's a great idea, maybe rotate them on a seasonal or holiday basis? Your thoughts?

Also, I'd like to say that if you know other talented illustrators who you believe would enjoy joining us and participating here, please feel free to extend them an invitation. It would be great to see this blog explode with great artwork.

Again, I'm rambling, thanks to all of you for taking part. Let the journey begin,


We now return you to your regularly scheduled program already in progress.

This is a Test, It is Only a Test.

Jeff, thanks for inviting me to join this blog.

It's my first, so it'll take a bit for me to get my sea legs. I'll try to post this note and maybe add a piece of art. How about my Holiday card, since I have it sitting here on my desktop? If this first step is successful, who knows what kind of mischief I'll get into.