Dec 30, 2012

Baby elephant

Baby elephant by sevensheavendotcom
Baby elephant, a photo by sevensheavendotcom on Flickr.

Baby elephant toy figure concept.


Lucky 2013- Happy New Year!

© Holly DeWolf- Happy New Year! 

All the best in the new year- hope it's a lucky 13! 

Dec 29, 2012

Nose Job

Wow. $15G's for a nose job? Geeez. Here's an alternative!

Dec 26, 2012

Cartoony chick

Cartoony chick by sevensheavendotcom
Cartoony chick, a photo by sevensheavendotcom on Flickr.

Cartoony little bird for an iPhone app for children.


Dec 25, 2012

Was it something that I ate?

Happy Holidays Everyone. Enjoy and eat right!

The story continues...(this is part two)

The story continues...

So then the elves decided to use a rocket ship
that would deliver all the presents
However, they had no landing strip
so the return would lead to bad events

“Let’s use the big truck”, yelled one of the elves
so they packed it up for the night
Every stocking on the shelves
and every wrapped up gift in sight.

Just then the sick reindeer regurgitated Santa Claus
who seemed no worse for the wear
And was welcomed back with a round of applause
even though he smelled like a stinky old bear

So this night, Santa got back in his sleigh
with the presents packed in his bag
Santa was off to places far away
but at the first house he got stuck in the chimney and that was a drag.

A Merry Christmas to all!

Dec 24, 2012

A Christmas story in two parts. This is part one.

I came down sick last night for Christmas so I decided, while resting to put together a quick little story for the season using some repurposed art I had done some years ago and cobbled together this silly little story.
This is part one:

On a night sometime before christmas
up at the north pole
Most were in their pajamas
Except that snowman troll

One reindeer was crazed by drinking too much eggnog
and was roaming the north half baked
He came upon Santa and thought he was a hog
The reindeer then swallowed him whole as his belly ached

The elves were puzzled because Santa was missing
A replacement was needed right a way.
Maybe the robot Santa was convincing
as they sadly but busily loaded up the sleigh

But then the abominable snow monster struck
and ate all of it up
The sleigh, the presents but not the big truck
but then stopped like some sort of Schlup

To be continued...

Wishing you all a very cool yule... :)

Merry Christmas!

© Holly DeWolf

Dec 23, 2012

Hello World! I'm back!

After a long Sabbatical -- I'm back! Happy Holidays everyone! I plan to contribute a lot more often beginning next year. .

Dec 20, 2012

Dec 17, 2012

Catch a Krampus This Christmas!

QUICK! Grab a copy of Ben Avery and I's new book, "'TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE KRAMPUS." I'll sign it with a FREE SKETCH, and get it in the mail right away before Christmas!!! 68 pages of behemoth smashing Holiday fun!!!

Dec 12, 2012


"'TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE KRAMPUS" is ready to order!
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Dec 6, 2012

Coming Soon!

Ben Avery and I's new comic 'Twas the Night Before Krampus soon to hit the shelves. Stay updated and "Like" on Facebook here.

Dec 5, 2012

Today in the post and now on my desk

The exhibition catalogue of my exhibition in Rome (left) and the New Yorker with this week beautiful cover by the great Wayne Thiebaud

pic by nerosunero