Sep 30, 2009

don't play with fire or you are going to get burned!

paper illustration

Step Lightly

This is a commission I completed today but the colors are completely different in the image shown here. This is a color test using a combination of Prismacolor and Copic markers. I like this one better than the one paid for. Oh well. Enjoy.

Does Anyone Remember Laughter

When I was a kid I knew nothing about art supplies. I didn't even go into an art supply store until I was in college. In grammar school if I had a project to do, my mom would send me to the candy store with a quarter and I would buy a piece of oak tag for nineteen cents. What the hell is oak tag anyway? I asked some people at work and everyone knew what it was. It's all I ever used as a kid. I found some big sheets of paper in my office. They reminded me of this oak tag stuff. I wondered what it would be like to draw on it now. So this is my little effort at working on oak tag after a million years. I'm not sure I'd try it again but I did feel nostalgic.


Apparently humans are dumb!


Sep 29, 2009

Charlene Chua illustrates Santa Fe Reporter

Charlene Chua illustrates the cover for Santa Fe Reporter's 'Sweat' issue. The exercise focused special edition features a female kickboxer as one of the main articles.

Full article:

A Tribute to "El Toro Rojo" - Luchador


My Dia de los Muertos piece is a tribute to one of the best Luchadores of all time, el Toro Rojo! Sadly, Rojo had his last fight in 1984. Viva El Toro Rojo!

This piece will be one of 40, at a Dia De los Muertos Art Show, premiering this Friday Oct 2nd, at Proximity Gallery by the Autumn Society. More info HERE.

Sep 28, 2009

paper illustrations

Halloween is coming!
Paper illustrations

New work!

Illustration inspired by one of my favorite series ever the Dark Tower books by Stephen King. This is a detail of Eddie Dean, as seen in Jake's dream. First I worked in the drawing with inks, then colored digitally.

[click here to see the whole piece!]

Design for Cotton Bags

Hi SFG-Community!

I participated here in my region (Tyrol) in a Design-Contest for Cotton Bags organized by M-Preis, the local supermarket, and I am on the short-list.
If you guys could vote for me, I really would appreciate it! That contest means a lot to me.

Here is the link to M-Preis, and here my 2 submissions, you can vote once a day for several candidates until October, 11th:

Thank you!

Baby C'hthulu

Hey all!

I just finished this up last night, and saw that the Challenge this week was hats, and couldn't resist posting.

This is baby c'hthulu. This is based on a story a friend of mine once told me about a rotund little kid and his trial and travails regarding a strawberry. The kid was apparently, dressed just like C'hthulu here - right down to the hat.

So there you go: hats.

Old Warrior

Had a ton of fun with this one. Based on the Lone Wolf and Cub characters (minus Cub). I really like the way this turned out and it was not towards the end until I realized this would look good with an old film reel look. The trick was finding the right texture to get that old film feel. Fortunately, I realized I had one tucked away in my files.

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The Side Show

Hey Everyone. Here is a piece I did for a gallery show I'm doing as part of Nuit Blanche in Toronto on October 3rd. The name of the show is called "The Side Show" and it's taking place at 2nd Half Gallery, 250 Queen Street west in Toronto. Hope to see you all there.

nerosunero enters the IGI (Dublin)

so happy to be part of the
Illustrators Guild of Ireland
great!!!! thanks!!!

sfg: hat

SFG: Hats

Sorting hats, mittens and scarfs.

Anette Heiberg

Sep 26, 2009

SFG Jazz

I know it's a little late, but it's been awhile since I've participated on this blog....

-Nick Fechter

Spidey and a Worm

Two new illustrations to share with you today. Spiderman and a happy Worm.

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SFG: Hats


Odosketch is a really cool site, drawing there is my new passion...

Sep 25, 2009

Mail Me Art 2

My new submission for the project "Mail Me Art 2". It´s really nice to participate, try it!

SFG: Hats

This week's challenge is "Hats" I liked this one the first time we did it and thought it was worth revisiting!

Be sure to add the appropriate label to your entry - SFG: Hats

The next challenge begins Friday, October 2nd, 2009.

Yes, I'm moving the SFG Challenge's back to Fridays. :)

The SFG Challenge was created to challenge every member to stretch their creative muscles, venture outside of their artistic boundaries and post their interpretations each week on a specific theme. You are enthusiastically encouraged to participate!

One last thing, advertising rates on SFG and Design Inspiration are at an all-time low. Contact me today to find out how you might be able to benefit by promoting your business, website or store on SFG.

Have a great week!

Birthday Breakfast Spaghetti!

Read original post here.

Gone Fishing

Another fisherman from my ongoing series of people and their hoppies
Acrylic on illustration Board


Done for my portfolio which I am currently reworking to show my new direction in style. This was sketched traditionally, scanned and worked up in Illustrator CS3 with subtle textures added in Photoshop CS3.

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Sep 24, 2009


I just came across this really interesting online sketch site called odosketch. It's a neat little sketching application that attempts to replicate the experience of drawing with natural media. It's got a nice selection of colours and media which look at act pretty realistically. You can also save your creations and what I think is the coolest feature is that you can watch them get redrawn before yours eyes.

SFG: Jazz- The JazzTastics


click image to see more detail.

I've been messing around a lot with vectors lately. I also want to do more people so I can develop the illustration side of me. But I will never get tired of doing crazy creature characters.

NOTE: I used Von's Crumble Crackle Burn for some of the textures in this illustration. I highly recommend that book.


Ink & Mess portfolio at Design Taxi

DesignTaxi recently offered me some portfolio space at their site

It's a wonderful arts hub full of creative individuals. Please do go and have a search through the portfolios to open your eyes to some very talented folk.


hello pals!
here are two drawings i did on my moleskine in these days! one is about U.S. baseball team (I've seen them at a World Cup game here in Italy) and one is regarding some things I'm searching for or I recently bought on ebay!
hope you enjoy it!
you can see both on my flickr, here and here!

Inside Space Invaders

So you thought you used to play 2D games. If you had taken a look behind the screen, then you'd have seen this.

The featured game is Space Invaders from Taito and Midway, a classic 8-bit video game for the arcades, released in 1978.

More at

Sep 22, 2009

A little strip

...I do for a mountain bike magazine

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china ink, textures, photoshop


This is an illustration I did a while ago for Polyhedron magazine. My Icelandic sax man.

Chogrin - Philly Foundation Art Show 3

Wednesday Sept 23
1314 South Street

So, Wonder Woman Day is fast approaching. WWD is an art show and sale that benefits Domestic Abuse Shelters and Hotlines. Last year was the first time I'd been a part of it, and it was fun. Apparently, they raised something like $26,000 and had Adam Hughes, Allison Sohn and Aaron Lopresti in attendance, doing sketches and signings.

This piece is my submission for this year. I decided to really step up my game this year and push myself a little. I think it turned out pretty well. This is all drawn in pen and colored with Copic Markers.

SFG: Jazz

Here's an album cover design for a compilation of "cool jazz".

It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing!


Sep 21, 2009

Babysitter Sushi

Illustration I did for a charity event flyer (in Illustrator CS2).  It's a babysitter/parent mixer at a sushi restaurant, hence the illo.  Notice the "baby" sushi are all roe...couldn't resist!

one of those jobs

This is one of those "I did it because my daughter wanted to give her best friend something special for her celebration" jobs.

I guess I can't call her jazzy, but she's sure beautiful.
I thought this would be an easy cake because my plan was to run the picture of her through the cutout filter in photoshop and leave it with that. (But like many times before, my cunning plan turns out to be not that brilliant after all.) I started about 11.30 pm and found myself yawning in front of my mac at 6 am. This filter is great on complex areas like the hair, but when it came to the fine details like her eyes and mouth I once again had to do it myself in illustrator. And once I start mending tings in illustrator the hours runs by like crazy.
I guess I should have learned by now and said no at occasions like this, but I never do. On the other hand I feel blessed by getting the same tingeling feeling whenever I get the chance to create something, whether it's paid or not. As long as there is food on the table it really doesn't matter, its all about the joy of creating.

SFG: Jazz

The crush

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Sep 20, 2009

Night Crawler

Taken from one of my Moleskine sketches into Illustrator and converted into a full color illustration.

and wait there is more...

...okay, I've been a little busy. :)

...and this is what has been keeping me so busy: my book