Sep 28, 2011

Korean Stall

I had a few hours to kill before I had to head to the airport and back to the big apple. I wandered the back alleys of Itaewon. There before me was one of my favorite things. A Blade Runner type food stall. As usual, no one spoke English. When I was done I found some old lady who spoke a little English. She helped me get the address of the old lady who ran the stall so I could mail her some prints. The only thing missing that would have made it more Blade Runner, was the rain. Apparently they had rain in Korea for a month straight before I arrived. Monsoons, you know. Actually i"m glad I missed that stuff. For once, I didn't get dumped on.

Sep 26, 2011

Mike Spicer Cartoonist/Illustrator: My Zazzle Shop!!

Mike Spicer Cartoonist/Illustrator: My Zazzle Shop!!: A wide selection of very cool products with my original cartoons on 'em !!! Mike Spicer's Zazzle Shop

nerosunero's Absolut Bottle at Dublin Airport

Absolut Bottle at Dublin Airport
Sept. 2011
Picture courtesy of The Small Print

For Absolut Vis10ns project/event see also
Absolut Vis10ns nerosunero/flickr

Sep 22, 2011

Birth announcement for Mona

Welcome to the blue planet, Mona! I made this birth announcement a couple of weeks ago. Have a closer look at the drawing on Flickr.

Sugar Frosted Cotton Candy

Just got some new copic markers and some dr martins pure white ink; SO much fun! : D

Sep 21, 2011

Danny Does Tommy

From Danny Gregory.
A few months ago I decided I wanted to make a series of films about illustrated journaling. Not a how-to, step-by-step sort of thing but films that capture the adventure of drawing, the discovery, the spirit, the fun. I hope they will inspire you to make drawings (and films, if you want) and to keep an illustrated journal as a regular part of your everyday lives.
My 17 year-old son, Jack Tea, has joined me in this project and together we have worked through lots of technical obstacles to make films that look as good as we can make them on no budget. Our inspiration comes from the Cooking Channel, from Etsy's vlog, and from too many decades of loving movies.
We shoot on our Canon 7D, rent different lenses (in this case we relied heavily on the 100/2.8 L IS Macro) each weekend, use Jack's skateboard as a dolly, and rope our friends in for help and opinions.
Our first film is called "The Art of Breakfast".
Here's the newest film in the series, a portrait of my great friend, Tommy Kane, as he rides around his neighborhood in search of something new to draw. Tom is a great traveller — he regularly posts sumptuous journal pages made on his vacations and business trips. His favorite home-away-from-home is Korea and he has made many amazing drawings on its streets and in its markets.
This time, we decided he should travel through his own neck of the woods, see it anew like a visiting stranger and capture a mundane little corner and fill it with his particular brand of magic. Normally Tom works mainly on site, dragging out all of his materials onto the pavement around his little folding stool but instead we decided to expand the scene and show you some of Tom's home and studio and incidentally some of the wonderful big paintings he's done on canvas.
When journaling, he works in Uniball, watercolor and pencil, sometime in books, sometimes on loose sheets of bond or watercolor paper. He is a meticulous crosshatcher and spend hours on some of his drawings. When we draw together, I invariably start to chafe at the bit and beg him to finish at home as I am tired of sitting in his shadow, my own drawing long finished and yellowing on the page, glazing over as he crosshatches more and more details.
We shot the film in two days — on the streets of Brooklyn and in Tom's home where his lovely wife, Yun, made us lunch and watched our obsessiveness with a bemused smile. It was the height of a baking summer and storm crowds rolled in and out, marring our continuity.
We shot an extravagant amount and it took a month to wade through it all and pare it down. The first cut was twice as long as what you'll see today, but we resharpened our blades and ruthlessly trimmed back to the bare essentials. We tried to retain the essence of how Tom works, the way he layers media and adds detail. It's fascinating to see how his drawing builds and builds — when you see the final result, it's often hard to figure out how he got there. With this film, I hope you'll share in how the journey unfolds.

Cicada Fever

Seoul Korea is like a subtropical climate in August. The sound of the cicadas rule the ears during the dog days of summer. Taking a walk in a park sounds like you are strolling through the amazon. At a party, some people were complaining that the cicada chirping has grown so loud in Seoul that it was interrupting their sleep patterns. I on the other hand dig the sound, especially in a city setting. Nature is brought so sharply into focus. Living in a concrete city, one often forgets about real nature. The cicada's singing is a nice reminder that we are invading their space. I read where the sound a cicada makes can be heard one mile away. One day I walked in the park that surrounds the Seoul Tower. It's located at the top of a small mountain. It took me three hours to get up and back. I was really able to concentrate on the music the cicadas were making. At points their sounds were very faint and calming. Eventually they would build to some crazy type of crescendo. Beyond loud. It was all very thrilling. I will have to wait until next year to experience it all over again.

Sep 19, 2011

Danish politician

This is Villy Søvndal, a danish left-wing politician, who will probably be the new danish foreign minister. He seems to a very nice and competent guy, and I'm very much looking forward to se what he can do.
One thing I'm sure of, is that he will try to fight this awful xenophobic attitude you see in a lot of the european governments, including the former danish government.
I think this is a sign for a better and more understanding Europe (and Denmark) to come.

Any way the illustration is done in acrylics on illustration board

Cockney Rhyming Slang

New work by Gemma Robinson is now online including an illustrated guide to cockney rhyming slang. Clockwise from top left: Mince Pies - eyes, Clothes Peg - egg, Jockey's Whips - chips, Raspberry Ripples - nipples, Bacon and Eggs - legs, Dog and Bone - phone.

Bournemouth University illustrated ad

Here is a link to a little illustrated ad I´ve done for Bournemouth University (animated by Richard Shaw), click here to have a look BU Animated Illustration ad

Sep 15, 2011

nerosunero on Lamonodigital (Barcelona)

"Mario Sughi, escenas de la vida contemporánea"
nerosunero reviewed on lamono blog (Barcelona, Spain, 14 IX 2011)

Mary Blair Day of the Dead

Here's my piece for 
THE ICONOCLASTIC DEAD show with the Autumn Society! 

We got to pick from real-life heroes (living or dead) to illustrate for our pieces.

I chose Mary Blair, because she was such an amazingly talented female artist who worked in animation! I am sure I am one of many women (and men!) working in animation today who look up to her in more ways than one : D


The Autumn Society's Mexico logo is a collaboration between German Orozco, Jorsh Pena, Anita Mejia, and Chogrin.


Brough to you by TheAutumn Society / Geek-Art / La Flaq

Tonight the Autumn Society ( conquers its first international art show in Paris, France, in collaboration with Geek-Art ( at LA FLAQ (

Curated & produced by Chogrin & Thomas Olivri, we present to you the 8-BIT CHAMPIONS, an art show tribute to 8-bit games.

From Super Mario Bros to Pac-man, 8-BIT CHAMPIONS offers a wide variety of all your old school arcade / home console systems with the elegance and variety of art that the Autumn Society has to offer and is known for. Magnificent french artists like McBess ( and others will be joining us as well!

Stay tuned for more coverage on this epic event! Next international stop for the Autumn Society is MEXICO CITY for the Iconoclastic Dead Show (October 1st)!

36 rue Quincampoix ( 75004 )
Paris, France
Outside LA FLAQ
Poster art & design by Glen Brogan
Daisy Church /
Pedro Delgado /
Campbell Whyte /
Chogrin /
German Orozco /
Jude Buffum /
Bobby O'herlihy /
Drew Falchetta /
Steven Dressler /
Cheyenne Curtis /
Kali Meadows /
Justin Gray /
Eric Gonzalez /
Oliver Akuin /
Jorsh Pena /
Mark Fionda Jr. /
Craig Parrillo /
Kim Herbst /
Glen Brogan /
Alex Leighton /

Sep 14, 2011

Some recent works!

enjoy! : D

IF - boundaries

Hello! Off the back of an anti social but relaxing weekend I feel quite refreshed and ready for work. So without further ado I give you my latest Illustration Friday contribution. The topic is boundaries. The river Styx was considered a boundary between the land of the living and the land of the dead. It was vitally important to make sure the recently deceased had correct change for the ferryman.

My blog!

Sep 13, 2011

Radek Karkulowski - New Home

What would you do if you noticed mold on the walls of your newly bought home? (for ESS newspaper)

You can look here to see more illustrations:

Sep 9, 2011

Custom Pulp Cover Commission


My most recent commission is now in possession of the client who commissioned it. I had a great time creating this one. 

The commissioner of this original, one-of-a-kind birthday gift e-mailed me the targets photo and details such as: 
"hates having her photo taken" 
"loves music, Ramones, Bassnector, Pretty Lights…" 
"favorite dive bar is the hairy monk…"
BUT, the one detail that resonated with me while designing this piece was this:
"…loves horror movies - mainly foreign horror movies that are more thriller versus the Saw movies (which she hates)."

I can relate very much with that last request. I had just re-watched Roman Polanski's Repulsion and I kept on imagining hands and cameras reaching out to get her. I wanted to create a creepiness, but, unlike Catherine Deneuve, I wanted to make the protagonist seem in control. Almost inquisitively rebellious. I hope this is understood, but especially by the birthday girl.

If you're interested in your very own custom canvas commission please feel free to drop me a line. I'm pretty good at scheduling them in to my regularly scheduled workload. Plus, they're hella fun to make. Like cooking rabbit!!

Sep 8, 2011

Absolut Vis10ns on Creative Review

ABSOLUT VIS10NS exhibition opened last night
and it will run for the next few days at the Laundry Room of South Studios, Dublin 8.
All the final bottles can also be seen on
Creative Review that today opened its blog with a full post about the entire project.
Creative Review (London, England, 8 IX 2011)

The event is curated by the Always Read the Small Print Agency
in occasion of the Absolut Fringe Festival under the great sponsorship of
Absolut Vodka
Participating artists:
Ben Newman (UK) / BRENB (IRL) / Celestine Cooney (IRL) / DALEK (USA) / Linda Brownlee (IRL) / nerosunero (ITA) / Niels Shoe Meulman (Netherlands) / Rinzen (Australia) / The London Police (UK)

Pictures from the 3 days workshops at:

nerosunero Absolut Vision Day 1/
nerosunero Absolut Vision Day 2/
nerosunero Absolut Vision Day 3/

Sep 6, 2011

8-BIT CHAMPIONS at La Flaq Gallery, Paris!

Hey fellow SFGers!

I am SUPER thrilled to be a part of this fantastic show in Paris! If any of you are in the area (lucky!) be sure to check it out! If not, then at least check out the works online : D

Thursday, September 15 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm

36 rue Quincampoix ( 75004 )
Paris, France

Facebook Event Invite

Mystery of History Part 1

Here is the first panel of a new comic I started  based on "This Day in Cartoon" Sept. 5th 1698.  On this Day Tsar Peter taxed all the beards in Russia in order to make his nobility look more presentable.  You can see the entire comic at Animatic Press

Domesticated Cats (click to enlarge)

Like what you see? Come visit!

SillyBots Strip

Another silly strip. My Blog.

Sep 5, 2011

The Enchantress + The Executioner


I wish they'd design The Enchantress creepy looking instead of a supermodel. Her powers cause people to be lured into her creepy grasp. RIGHT? Someone write an adventure tale called Lust For Death starring Amora and Skurge and I will return to buying single issue comics again (hell, I'll pencil it if you pay me). Unless it's already been produced wherein I will not return to comics.

Remember, I loved you once.

Hulk (not hulk)


I was not was cleaning my office when I sketched this hairy version of the beloved behemoth. 

Question: Did anyone really listen to Was (Not Was)

I didn't think so.