Mar 31, 2010

Cartoon Birthday card

This is part of a Birthday card I drew this in Manga Studio & colored it in PS.

Purple Balloon

Hi there, here's my latest piece..


TOPSY & TURVY: My Obama & Lincoln drawing...

Isabel gave me a great book for my birthday -
TOPSYS & TURVYS. Daniel and i drew some
of our own and this is mine!
(i think if you click on the illustration, it'll open up
to my animated gif! [maybe...on some browsers])

E is for Elvia

Mixed media in sketchbook.

hello everybody!

hello everybody, it's been a while from my last things, sorry for the lack of posts!
however, here are some new posters i did in the last months, hope you like them!

Happy Easter to everyone from Illustrationsbyoscar

I would like to wish everyone a fantastic and happy Easter. I hope you all get loads of eggs :)

Mar 30, 2010

Two New Tutorials

I want to announce the avaiablity of two new Manga Studio tutorials currently available at my website,


Getting Started in Manga Studio: Importing Art and Creating Panels. Both done with the beginner in mind. If you're just getting started with Manga Studio and are a bit stomped, these are the right tutorials for you.

Go to tutorials!

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Reptile Awards

Spot illustrations of various reptiles that went along with an illustrated background and title for Chickadee’s Reptile Awards spread. Charlene Chua illustration.

My NEW Store!

ALSO- I just launched my new e-store today! PRINTS! BOOKS! WASHING MACHINES! (Okay, but maybe not washing machines. But wouldn't that be cool? Giant personalized washing machines!?)

Anyhoo, go check it out. Shop! Buy!


Star Tarot

This is a tarot card I recently finished up for Super Punch's 3rd anniversary deck. I totally hit two birds with one stone and illustrated a story idea I have for Cleopatra in Space. :)

Also, don't hit birds with stones, kids.


Book cover for Remarkable Creatures

This is the dansih bookcover for Tracy Chevalier's new book: Remarkable Creatures

It's done in acrylics on illustration board

Mar 29, 2010


Last year I had the privilege of working for Peter Gonzalez and Crown of Life Jr. comics, on his comic book semi adaptation of Noah. It was a great experience and Peter has become one of my all time favorite Clients. He has such a humble heart and is very understanding and willing to let me be me, when it comes to expressing myself through the art. Working on Noah was simply fun, as well as an opportunity to work on another Christian based project.

One of the duties I had was to create the look of the main characters. Among them, a little precious cute girl named Priscilla. She was not only fun to design, but to draw.
This year, I was happy to receive the news that Peter was working on a comic based on the adventures of the little giant of a girl, which would be titled Priscilla.

Also exciting was the news that my fellow Crashland Studio mate and all time best bud, Jamie Cosley, would be drawing the interior art for the comic.

Peter came to me with 3 new assignments.

1. Design the master head for the comic

2. illustrate the cover for the first issue and

3. Design the look and layout for the comic.

Of which I happily took on. Today, I received my copy of Priscilla in the mail and it looks beautiful.

Thanks for letting me work on this assignment Peter!

If you'd like to get a copy or two, you can order right here!

Copyright © 2010 Eric Merced. All rights reserved. Please do not steal. Contact for further inquiries.

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Mar 28, 2010


A work in progress of Alice in Wonderland drawing I was working on, but unfortunately, had no time to finish. There's allot of flaws in this one. But, anyways, I thought I'd share it.

Copyright © 2010 Eric Merced. All rights reserved. Please do not steal. Contact for further inquiries.

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Glittery Vampire

Sketched in Manga Studio EX.

Copyright © 2010 Eric Merced. All rights reserved. Please do not steal. Contact for further inquiries.

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Inside Hoi

So you thought you used to play 2D games. If you had taken a look behind the screen, then you'd have seen this. The featured game is Hoi (subtitled "let's play!") from Team Hoi, a 16-bit platform game for the Commodore Amiga, released in 1992.

Being one of the three Team Hoi members I created the original game's pixel graphics as well.

You're invited to for an extended impression.

Mar 27, 2010

Illustration for Maggies Cancer Caring Centres

Here is an illustration that I've done for a new project, Memories in aid of Maggie's Centres, a UK based cancer charity.

I was given the story of a cancer patient and was asked to illustrate it to go into a book with others. In my illustration I wanted to show the different journeys she had to go through during her fight against cancer, and how starting a family gave new meaning to life that helped her on the way. Memories will be released in the summer of 2010 along with the launch of an exhibition in London

Anarchy in the aviary

Mar 26, 2010

PAPER BLOG video from opening night!

Paper Blog Opening from TrickGo on Vimeo.

The show opening for PAPER BLOG was a total success! Above is a video from the opening night that I think turned out great (Thanks Kelsey!)

You can also see more pictures of the artwork on my flickr photo stream



nerosunero limited eds prints enter AlfaromeoArt Website

On occasion of its centennial anniversary, Alfa Romeo,
the legendary Italian car maker, launched its official fine art prints collection.

Two works by nerosunero have been included, and are on view in the
AlfaRomeoArt Website.

One of the two works "Spider"
(AlfaRomeo Dream and beauty, with an imaginative portrait of Scarlett33)
can also be seen here

Mar 25, 2010

Gore Bay - NZ

Hi - here's something new at very very long last... I've decided to take my design chops to a more art orientated direction... I hope you like it!

Shady Acres, Muddy Roots

Traditionally coffee plants have been grown in forests amongst the shade of the trees. However, like most agriculture these days, to produce more, and at a faster rate, a lot of farmers have taken to full sun grown coffee. This type of farming means that there is no tree cover, so any forest that once was in the area must be clear-cut.

Shade grown coffee is good for the environment, habitats and people alike. Allowing coffee plants to grow within the environment (rather than clear cutting for full sun) promotes polyculture farming, allows forests to remain, thus allowing wildlife such as birds to thrive.

To learn more visit

Check out my site for work-in-progress pictures.


3 new illustrations and some experimental painting at my blog.

Mar 24, 2010

Heimlich Manuever

Lately I wanted to screw around with something. So I chose the old choking poster that hangs in bars and restaurants. This type of exercise brings out the Mad magazine in me. I can do this stuff in no time at all. It just flows out of me like an 11 year old. I want to hang it in the kitchen of my office. Maybe I'll make prints for my Etsy store so people can hang them in their saloons.

IF: Expired

Do comic book superheroes have expiry dates?... or do they just get reinvented over and over again...?

My Blog

Mar 23, 2010

Limited Edition Prints by nerosunero on sale at Art Traffic

nerosunero's Limited Edition Original Fine Art Prints now on sale at ArtTraffic, where nerosunero is also the featured artist of the month.



If you enjoy Pokeweed, PLZ vote here for it!
Who knows, could be fun!

Mar 21, 2010

Statue of Liberty

Wax Crayon on Cardboard, 30 x 30 cm

Robots for a PR agency

Strangely enough I seem to find myself doing loads of robot work lately without realizing it. This are some character illustrations a PR agency in London commissioned me to do, each one of the characters was going to be used by their staff for their business cards, putting a bit of fun in PR.


Hi guys I've not posted in a while soz I've been a bit busy. So here is my latest illustration for the 7 sins contest called Greed. And I hope everyone is doing well.

Mar 20, 2010

E is for...Ecdysiast {with yellow smiley faced pasties}

....with visions of { } dancing in his head.

Out Of The Woods

Woods is not only a Tiger he's a Cheetah. I'm sure that's an old joke by now. It's great he's going to play the masters. I don't watch golf much and the few times I did was to see Tiger play. My set will be tuned to the master's that weekend for his return. Everyone wants to see if the wife will be there keeping an eye on him. Will he crack under the pressure or rise to the occasion? The thrill of victory or the agony of defeat. I'm sure all his ex-hooker girlfriend's will be tuning in.

Mar 19, 2010

Haiku for you

love drawing, writing, not so much. So one of my goals with working on the
comic strip is to get better at writing. Now this is my first attempt at a Haiku, but I hope you dig it.

Pokeweed! is Copyright 2010 Drew Pocza

Mar 18, 2010

nerosunero at Mad Art Studio (Dublin)

mario aka nerosunero with Sonia, artist and gallery director of
Mad Art Studio/
On the wall with some works part of the gallery's collectionThe Arts Lovers and You are beautiful (Limit. Eds. prints by nerosunero) .

Mar 17, 2010


Playing with the idea of going 5x a week OR adding a weekend color spectacular!

Pokeweed! is Copyright 2010 Drew Pocza

In-flight entertainment

I've been in England the last couple of days (I'm doing some Illustration work for an English TV-production company). Made this drawing while flying and waiting for my flight. I'll post the return drawing tomorrow.

Mar 16, 2010

To Make an Omelette...

Here is my latest illustration “To make an Omelette…” about the treatment of animals in the food industry.

Want to see how I made this illustration? Check out my site to see my work in progress.


Scarlet Witch

This was an all-ages interpretation I drew of the Scarlet Witch for Project Rooftop. more information on it can be found HERE. :)


new illustration from Phil Brown

New childrens book illustration just finished! Phew I am knackered!

See the big version here

Painting political

Acrylic and ink on canvas - a comment on South African courts and those who benefit from the wholly ineffective system.

Some more here.

Betty makes em' better!

Hey Folks,
Check out my March promo featuring Betty White. I did a limited number of 6"x9" postcards sent out to select list of potential clients, as well as an emailer campaign sent out to a broader range of clients. You can read more about it over at my blog if you want more details.

Postcard front and back. Click on the image for a larger view (and for the cupcake recipe!)