May 31, 2009

Inside Lady Bug

So you thought you used to play 2D games. If you had taken a look behind the screen, then you'd have seen this.

The featured game is Lady Bug from Universal Games, a classic 8-bit game for the arcades, released in 1981.

Would be great to see a series of these scenes realized as 3D pixel games or tangible designer gadgets. If anyone is interested to realize that, just get in touch with me.

More 3D pixel creations at

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Ludwig the Lemur God

Ludwig, born a mutant with two heads, was cast out into the dark forest. From a young child he learned to fend for himself. For many years he roamed the forest alone, an outcast. One day he came across a small village that worshiped the sacred two-headed deformity. At first he was a little apprehensive, for he had never received such warmth and kindness. But starved for attention he quickly grew to love it.

Soon word reached the people of his home town, and disgusted they set out to destroy him and his worshipers. Upon reaching the village, the mob was confronted by a tremendous roar, which terrified the town's people and sent them fleeing into the surrounding forest. They were never to be seen again by anyone.

It is said that the combined roars of Ludwig the Lemur God's two heads were heard continents away. They destroyed homes and crops, and from then on no one doubted the power of Ludwig the Lemur God. People built shrines to honor him and brought offerings to his village even long after he had died.

I did this piece for a friend of mine. I hope you all enjoy it.


"So...You want to be a Cartoonist."

May 30, 2009

The wolf and the moon. No lighting... sorry

well, long time since last post... Hope this likes you people! :) Just a man-wolf singing nicely to the beautiful moon... not barking not baying, just singin a lullaby

Dave Matthews SpeedPaint

Here's a quick painting of the lead singer of Dave Matthews Band. They're coming out with a new ablum called Big Wiskey and the Grogrux King on June 2, and I'm deffinetly going to buy a copy!Advice and Opinions are more than welcome :)
Have a Good One,
Nick Fechter

Summer Smells

May 29, 2009

No Thunder, No lightening...

I can't find anything to fit that topic, so instead I thought I'd post and old fav from a few years ago... Hope you like. SUMMER IS HERE in the PNW!!!! Wha-Hooooooooo!

Mickey Mouse

Cartoon for the Dutch news website, about scientists who succeeded in giving a human speech gene to mice.

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SFG challenge: Thunder

I thought I'd use the SFG challenge to brush up on my digital painting and have a little fun in the process. It also gave me the opportunity to try out some new brushes I downloaded recently. Considering I worked as fast as possible I'm fairly pleased with the results.

May 28, 2009

SFG Thunder

I have three siblings, and when we were little we lived in our old house in Tennessee. One time we were all playing outside, and then a thunderstorm started to darken the sky. My older sister decided to tease me and my younger siblings by telling us that the thunder was the roar of a T-rex that wanted to eat us, and being that we were very little, we believed her and got scared. So for this weeks theme I decided to resurface some of my good ol' childhood psychological trauma :)
Have a Good One,
Nick Fechter

Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet Flight

It's Been a While So Here's Somethin' New...

So I went to Anime North 2009 last weekend... and it was AWESOME. Anime Cons are, apparantly, where you meet all the nicest people. Everyone was so friendly and they all made it a truly great experience. Even for an anime/con n00b like me! I'm especially glad I enjoyed myself this time, because I am slated to be heading back to another anime convention in July of this year. A buddy of mine and I are putting together a book about zombies that will be featuring my illustrative talents! After visiting the con, I also got in my head the brilliant idea of "hey! Why don't I draw and sell my own illustrations at the table!?" So I'm splitting the table cost and will be putting out fresh illustrations and selling prints for all of Saturday and Sunday, July 11th and 12th. Above is a picture I did up quick last week of Bill from Left4Dead. Who wouldn't want a Bill print!?
Hope ya digs!


Also added a few more new sketches and many photos from my trip to Vienna/Austria to my blog.

I've got a new sketchbook

...for my drawings on the train to work.

Very very frightening

The end is nigh

Bird of prey

This is a new piece that i recently finished and i'm quite pleased with it.
It will be something to explore some more with other dynamic animal pictures and
i would like to achieve some more movent in the coming works.

50x50 cm
Pencil (color) / graphite

MBKKR 2009

Check the Stats

new fine art pieces and a font....

A couple of new faux bomber panel pieces that I've finished recently for gallery shows, private collections, etc...

"Lady Liberty" 2009 - Enamel on metal - 53" x 40".

"California Kitten" 2009 - Enamel on metal - 52" x 39".

Plus, I'm proud to present my first font, called ZOMbone.

It's in my store and on sale now!

It's a royalty free custom display font inspired by zombies and old punk rock flyers and posters of mine that I used to print. It has a killer hand-drawn feel that is ready to be customized for use on any project. Comes in 2 versions, Solid and Lined. Buy one, or buy both! Either way, snag a copy of it and have fun! Thanks!

May 27, 2009

SFG: Thunder.....


Done for fun. Love Gold, Silver, and Bronze age comics (from the 40's to the early 80's), and wanted to try my hand at a "What If" type cover.


star struck


SFG: Thunder

Murgatroyd was just your average, run-of-the-mill Easter bunny, until that fateful day he hopped into Bob’s Music Center, picked up his very first axe and felt the pure, raw, egg-cracking, thunderous power of the Flying V.

Facial expression...

I really like working on facial expression, but sometimes I just don't know in which context should I put my caracteres... Any idea for that illustration ?...

Something For My Portfolio

This was painted with watercolor and it's a new addition to my portfolio of children's book art.

The Deerfield Informant

Dropping in to promote my s#!t. Thought you'd like to check out my webcomic The Deerfield Informant. It's got real curmudgeon action at it's most geriatric. This was a full pager to direct the story into a new beginning. Which is what this project feels like every week. It's a work-in-progress.

Security symbols

Graphic 2D symbols that express security services, used as prints on a company car.

I love creating 2D graphics like these, next to my 3D work.

More at

May 26, 2009


They're more than meets the eye (if ya' know what I'm sayin')
-Nick Fechter

Thundercloud Marionette

the perfect excuse to pull this guy out of the archives... limited edition prints available too Thundercloud Marionette


check out more of my freelance illustration work over at

The Mouse Detective

I drew this picture for a french illustration blog, the challenge is "Detective".

May 25, 2009

SFG: Thunder

This week's challenge: Thunder

The SFG Challenge was created to challenge every member to stretch their creative muscles, venture outside of their artistic boundaries and post their interpretations each week on a specific theme. You are enthusiastically encouraged to participate!

Advertising rates on SFG and Design Inspiration are still at an all-time low! Contact me today to find out how you might be able to benefit by promoting your business, website or store on SFG.

The next challenge begins Monday, June 1st, 2009.

Have a Sugar Frosted week!

May 23, 2009

TMNT just for fun

With this whole 80s craze I couldn't go without doing some Turtles. So just for fun here they are!

Magic Mushrooms

My magic mushroom design has been printed by I’ve already ordered a copy myself and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I am so very pleased and a little smug!

The real mushroom kingdom - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

May 22, 2009

May 21, 2009

SFG Bliss

For me, nothing is more blissfull than good music.
Opinions and Advice are welcome as always.
Have A Good One,
Nick Fechter


Inside Galaga

So you thought you used to play 2D games. If you had taken a look behind the screen, then you'd have seen this.

The featured game is Galaga from Namco, a classic 8-bit game for the arcades, released in 1981.

Would be great to see a series of these scenes released as tangible designer gadgets. If anyone is interested to realize that, just get in touch with me. I can deliver the 3D scenes ready for rapid prototyping.

You can find my other 3D pixel artworks over here.

New drawings for BusinessWeek and The New Yorker

Here are two I recently finished (published last week and the week before) for BusinessWeek and The New Yorker. One is more about concept (the BusinessWeek portrait of Robert Nardelli)- it's a story about how the CEO was unable to get the numbers up for Chrysler. The other is just a mood piece about a production of Romeo and Juliet in NYC. Both were equally fun to create!