Apr 22, 2015

New work by nerosunero will enter the RHA Annual Exhibition /Now for the 4th year in a row!

Afternoon drinks, RHA Annual Exhibition 2012

The Gestures, RHA Annual Exhibition 2013

Late Afternoons, RHA Annual Exhibition 2013

Woman in landscape, RHA Annual Exhibition 2014

ahhhhhhhhh! RHA Annual Exhibition 2015

details & info at http://www.rhagallery.ie/

nerosunero goes live on Douban.com / China

A large selection of works by nerosunero have been selected for one of the most popular Chinese Social Netwoking Service Websites: Douban.Com see more here!

Apr 6, 2015

Flying away

Lately I've been experimenting with digital watercolours in Manga Studio 5 ex, and I'm becoming more and more satisfied with the results

Apr 4, 2015

New Picture Book spread

Just finished this new spread for the picture book I'm illustrating...