Jan 31, 2008

Dreamy sunrise

Stylized 2D/3D illustration of a sunrise behind hills as a background for the children's spread of Wildlife magazine.

I've just opened a Flickr group called 'Illustratie' for Dutch and Flemish illustrators. Please feel free to join the group, even if you aren't from the Netherlands or Belgium. We do not discriminate: if you've got an illustration that is too good to refuse, be our guest to post it. But beware, we are picky, so please only post work you're really proud of, thanks in advance. I hope to see you at the 'Illustratie' group.


I am really diggin' this one. I was only allowed to use 3 PMS colors and black for this promo project. So it proved a little difficult. But fun. I think that, and having to turn it around so fast really makes exciting for me. Something about horrible deadlines that can bring out good stuff. Hope you dig it.

SFG Challenge: Round

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SFG: Round

This week's theme: Round

The SFG Challenge runs Thursday to Thursday, and was created to offer every member an opportunity to stretch their creative muscles, venture outside of their artistic boundaries and post their interpretations each week on a specific theme. This is a completely voluntary challenge!

Be sure to label your illustrations with the appropriate labels as well. Label your entries with your name and the challenge label, in this case SFG: Round

The next challenge begins Thursday, February 7th, 2008.

beach crab

ooh the sun came out yesterday, leaving me craving summer

Knicky knicky nine doors

The other day my doorbell kept inexplicably ringing. At first I was stymied, but soon I realized what must be happening out there...


John Wayne's Hat

First of all massive apologies for not posting for quite some considerable time, I've been extremely busy of late...

Anyway, here's my attempt at the 'Hats' brief set last week - just managed to get it in. I'm currently doing a series of illustrations based on famous 'Icons', this one is John Wayne, a bit of a hero of mine when I was a kid. The question is, is it John Wayne reading his own biography, or is it an obsessed fan?? And no, it isn't me.

Have a look at my web site for my latest work and a link to my blog shows all of the other 'Icons', hope you like them...


Jan 30, 2008

Water Tower Hat

Walter Krudop

SFG: Hats

since i missed last weex 'FIRE' theme and barely made
it to this weeks 'HATS' - i decided to combine both!

(since blogger has a size restriction - you can see a bigger version here.

the Rhythm method

Screw Up

I am obsessed with the story of Jerome Kerviel, the French trader who lost over seven billion dollars while secretly making crazy trades in his company. Now whenever I do something dumb at work, which is every other day, I just think about good old Jerome. No one can ever have more explaining to do to their boss than this guy. I do give him credit for having balls. You would have figured this guy would have cut his losses at a few hundred thousand and called it quits. Not our Jerome, all or nothing. The most gambling I've done lately is buy a few super bowl boxes in our agency pool. At most I can lose eighty bucks. Jerome is most likely out of a job and coincidentally I'm in need of a money manager. Could be a match made in heaven.

From my Sketchbook

Jan 29, 2008



here is a little character i love a lot her name is Romina and she is based on a song of a soft folk singer named Alejandro Filio, here is she trying to get to the sky scapeing to get a silly rabbit that is running away form her on a piano stairway.

best, Choper!

Illustration Friday- Tales and Legends

Finally got a change to do Illustration Friday again! When I think "tales and legends", naturally the Legend of Zelda comes up. I had to give it a chickeny twist, of course.


sfg: Hats

I suppose he has on a helmet...but still its hat-like headgear so it counts.




Jan 28, 2008

Daily drawing: Hornet

Seen up close, hornets are far less intimidating...



Maggie Summers

Is A Bear Catholic?

SFG's theme of hats makes me think of the quite-funny Flickr group Bears In Ill-Fitting Hats.

(Click here for the whole story.)

Virus migration

Daily cartoon for the Dutch Nu.nl news website, about a threatening influenza epidemic that approached the Netherlands.

Left virus: "Hey man, I thought you were going to the Netherlands?!"

Right virus: "Yeah ... didn't make it beyond the immigration service!"

The Dutch immigration service has become notorious for their intolerance.

Sequential Art blogging

A bit of an experiment in sequential art. All this week I will be posting parts of a comic, five parts in all, ending Thursday with the conclusion to this mini-story. You can read the story as I post it HERE.

You asked for hats

As hat's are the motive I draw when I'm short on inspiration there's a lot of them

Jan 27, 2008

SFG - Hat!

" i am trying my new Hat! "

Mask Study #1

Go ahead, try it on.

Pink Cycloptopus

This is one of 4-5 pieces for a show in a cool South Jersey Gallery this February. I'm stoked. More info to come when it gets closer.

HATS / Johnny Depp W.I.P.

A work in progress Johnny Depp caricature that kind of fell into the "hats" category.


Robots Cook!

Well, here we are again. This week’s addition to my weekly ABC book project is C is for Cook. I had some debate with my wife on what sort of cook I should be doing. I even briefly flirted with the idea of changing the letter C to Chop and doing a robot sushi chef, but then I started thinking about depicting “hey, kids, it’s fun to play with knives," and decided it was best to return to my original idea. As always, I invite you to check out my regularly updated blog Robot Alphabet to track my progress on my book. You can also check out my portfolio site and other blog here.


Hat birds


SFG: Hats

The magic lies in the hats...

Anette Heiberg


I really likey television. I likey it a lot. I watch Anthony Bourdain. He rules. Next week is the super bowl. Hopefully it will be good. I also dig Frontline, 60 minutes and CBS Sunday Morning. On Sunday morning I watch all the political talkshows. I can't get enough of Democrats and Republicans yelling at each other. I must be the only person who admits to loving reality shows. It's better for me if there are celebrities in them, you know the shows. I like competitions too. Amazing race, top chef and of course, Project Runway. I likey tv.
Yun and I are going to Morocco in February so I should have some good drawings coming in March. Can't wait.

Jan 26, 2008

I've got hats...

A floating hat, Holly branches in the sand, a sad goodbye.

Crow & chapeau

I have been thinking about making this fellow for awhile, the topic "hats" was the nudge I needed. More photos on my blog, www.lepenquotidien.com

Hats and Heroes

Reading in Central Park -Water Colours on paper

Well better late than a dead shopkeeper -Water colours on paper