Nov 28, 2009

Nov 24, 2009

Road Kill Hats

They have to be used for something. You can't eat them and why throw them away. It's recycling isn't it?

It's the 3 B's, a bear, a bunny and a beaver.

Comic strip6

I enjoy doing strips in between other illustrations. I find it helps me keep the creative juices flowing. Heck, they may not even be funny, but a good exercise for my brain.

Artowrk 2009 copyright Drew Pocza

Global warming, ad nauseum...



Nov 23, 2009


Eddie...collage, charcoal, watercolor.
For a solo show I had in September at Alchemy in San Diego.
Doni Conner

Tintin et Milou

Minimalistic graphic design for an imaginary Tintin poster or album cover.

More at

Without Words

Jeu de Foulard

Published in the Belgian magazine HUMO. More of me or mine.

Happy Thanksgiving

CowMan the Barbarian

Cowman the Barbarian (a.k.a. Half and Half the Barbarian): He's half man, half cow, and all Barbarian!

My Blog

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Every Woman Can Do Math

I did a pro bono job for a local GED Success Program last month: key fob, poster and shirts. Fun, and for a good cause: to promote a workshop and encourage female students to shake off the stupid stereotype that they can't 'do math.'

The Composer

Ricardo Victor Alvarez Montoya (Uruguay, 1912 - 1978)

First in a series of chinese brush and ink portraits of obscure, fictitious 20th Century South American classical composers

Nov 21, 2009

Design Inspiration Interview - Michael Cho

I've just posted a brand new interview with the very talented illustrator Michael Cho over at Design Inspiration. Be sure to check it out!

Interview with Michael Cho.

Nov 20, 2009

My Woodland, My Nightmare – When Giants Meet

Here is the fourth sculpted illustration for the on-going “My Woodland, My Nightmare” series. It is titled “When Giants Meet”

Check out the sculpture.