Feb 28, 2010

More Pokeweed!

I am really enjoying the comic strip and would love to go daily. But till now, join in the fun every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! And soon, a weekend strip!

Pokeweed Copyright 2010 Drew Pocza

SFG: Each One Post One

Looking through some of the my older illustration work the past few days as I've been organizing and restructuring the folders on my computer. A while back I'd illustrated a number of these stylized "monsters". Fun stuff, might have to revisit them.

Geezers and Cats

Feb 26, 2010

Don't Try This at Home

A little Mythbusters fan art -- good ol' Jamie & Adam.

The Fop Sings! And It's About Jersey Shore!

Not since Bobby "Boris" Pickett's Monster Mash has a novelty song been this... sweet. It seems artist (and noted archaeologist) Owen Schumacher—who for the purpose of this article is writing in the third person—has recouped what would have been a lost weekend by elatedly recording his loving ode to all things GTL—namely, the epically catchy single, Never Fall in Love at the Jersey Shore! [Preview and purchase your copy today at iTunes, CD Baby or Amazon.]
Even long-time Jersey Shore fanatics Greg Gutfeld and the cast of Red Eye're psyched to the point of transvestism! So it's not just Owen on Hollywood and Vine!

What're you waiting for—a better Jersey Shore-themed novelty single?!

Oh, really? Oh—nevermind, then. You'll just be waiting a long time.

[For more on Owen Schumacher, visit his blog, Winning the Polyglottery!]


Children's Book cover

... For a London based publisher. Have a closer look on Flickr.

limited edition postcards - 10 packs of 10 and GONE!

I had some positive feedback on a character illo done recently, so I thought I would have some fun and get 100 printed as full colour postcards. They are on ebay from today and I only have 10 packs of 10. They will be signed and dated by me post-printing and make for nice collectibles and great one-off cards to send to your best mates!

image/blog link

ebay link


This is one of my latest illustrations - It can be a scary world for kids.

Feb 25, 2010


Hi all! Wanted to start posting on a more frequent basis. Been doing daily posts over at my blog, feel free to check those out at drawnbyerik.blogspot. Feel free to drop me a line, let me know what you think.

Fun with mouseovers

I'm going mouseover crazy. Unfortunately they make my website go wonky and I have to find other places to use them.

Each One Post One

Hi guys! just a little sketch this time... enjoy :-)

Monsters In Real Places

There is a groovy new blog called, Monsters in real places. Artists use a photo that they've taken and insert a monster into the scene. Then they write a little blurb about it. This is my submission. Some of them are very clever. My blurb is as follows: "Most tourists to New York City have seen the giant aggressive squirrel. He likes to shake down people in cars as they cross the bridges into Brooklyn. Mostly he is looking to steal pistachio nuts and graham crackers. Mayor Bloomberg has been pretty much hands off." I got an email back from the guy in charge of the blog when I submitted my piece. "Tommy,
I must say - your contribution has definitely been my personal favorite of today's. Great work, I love the cute little sinister fellow. I'd love to see more contributions from you, great style - love the line work on some of your blog pieces. Best, Wayne Thayer."

Protero Hill, Poster

Protero Hill, Poster
Originally uploaded by nerosunero
Protero Hill, Poster by nerosunero
Client: Dijest Guide (London UK & San Francisco, CA, USA, Feb. 2010)

Feb 24, 2010

a drawing a day

i've started doing a drawing/painting/creation a day, and this is my latest. i've done it a week so far and it's suprisingly hard to find the energy to do something everyday when you're not used to it! i'd love to get in touch with anyone that's done, or is doing this too, to see what you learnt from it! get in touch via my blog here or my site www.cardboardcities.co.uk

More Schnipsel-Characters

Feb 23, 2010

New Animation Portfolio by Gemma Robinson

'The Biscuits Queued Patiently', from a new animation portfolio by illustrator Gemma Robinson.

Feb 22, 2010

SFG: Each One Post One

sketched out

Looks like a nice place for a picnic

10 steps on how to avoid / survive a bear attack



I came across a cool thing on the web. Cool for artists anyway. It's a site called posemaniacs. You can activate a window where anatomically correct 3D men and women strike a different pose for 30 seconds. I've never been a life drawing class guy. This was fun because I could do it at my desk for a bit. I didn't have to really look at some naked old dude. Anyone whose gone to life drawing classes knows what I'm talking about. The cool thing is that some of the poses are from underneath, as if the person was standing on glass. It also got creepy at times. It would be as if some dude was squatting over me with his junk hanging in my face. I usually waited out those 30 seconds. There is also a free iphone app for posemaniac too. This way you can have a naked dude squat over you wherever you are. There are a total of 19,440 poses in total.

B&E Paintings

B&E Paintings
Originally uploaded by saxtonmoore
Here are 2 paintings I did over the weekend of Bert & Earnie. Acrylic on canvas. Bringing the street to Sesame.

Feb 20, 2010

Rumplefest! Promocard

This is the first of two promo postcards I'm sending out based on my most recent painting.
Let me know what you think!
Thanks in advance....


A couple of quick Photoshop doodles based on TEA!

Posted via email from Jago

It's been a while...

I have a gallery on DeviantArt and there i am a member of two 'surreal collaboration clubs' Collaborative Corpse and the the Exquisite Corpse. If you like these kind of works you should take a look because there great things being made in these clubs.

This is my last work i did with another artist from Germany.
He made the part that goes diagonal from upper left to the right side beneath. 
That means that i did the right side above and the downside on the left. 

And i started a new blog with all the thing i like that i find on the net so take a look and see if there is any interest for you. There is not much yet but there will be a lot to come so maybe just follow it so you can see for your self.
Thanx for your time.

Feb 19, 2010

Beautie Queenie

just completed a new t-shirt design.

Feel free to vote for it here.

Feb 18, 2010


When is a drawing finished? I'm an artist that has to prove how good I am every time I put my pen to the paper. Draw every brick. Make sure I got every leaf. Is that a gum wrapper in the distance? Make sure it's in the sketch. At some point or another during one of my drawing marathons, a sketch starts to look pretty good. I often wonder, what if I just stopped now. This is pretty good as it is. I never stop though. I have a vision in my head of what something should eventually look like and I forge ahead. Drawing every blade of grass. The other day I was sketching with a pencil. Something I never do. The sketch was half done when I got called into a meeting. When I got back I thought it looked really good unfinished. Done. Just like that I played God and declared it "finished." The ability to say stop at some point is something I could work on a bit. I won't, but at least I wrote a blog post about it.

Tell All Tuesday: nerosunero interviewed by We Blog Artists

nerosunero interview with
We Blog Artists (Oshawa, Ontario, Ca 16 II 2010)
for Tell All Tuesday.


Click on image to enlarge!

I always loved to draw caricatures. Here is a sample of caricatures I did in the last years.

Feb 17, 2010


Noni - Poster colors on cartridge paper

I'm calling her Noni for the time being. She's the character of the book I'm working on. Will probably make her a little slimmer in the final drawings.

It's a Wonderful Life

Buy my 112 page book of drawings, sequential art, and endless introspective musings here. Just $7 + shipping!

Feb 16, 2010

Toque tweet

Another loose watercolor & ink drawing. I also did digitally-colored version you can see on my blog, if you're interested.

Zack Rock: Etsy Store, Portfolio, Blog and Twitter.

Satirvx Perversvs

A screen print project i am working on....:D!
Hope you like it, more info soon...Best, Choper!

Feb 15, 2010

New York City again

I've set up a new place on facebook for my new film, OIL IN THE FAMILY at http://www.facebook/oilinthefamily where you can see the beginnings of a new graphic novel direction for an animated element in the film...

My cloud

Full Frame

just finished this poster submission for the full frame documentary film festival.
if you like it you can see more work on my site. I try to update at least once a week.


My latest acrylic pop surreal painting that I finished on Saturday morning! I'll have more coming soon.


An illustration i did for Big Bang childrens magazine here in México. Hope you like it. Best, Choper!

Korean Girls

When I think of the greatest looking girls in the world, I must admit Korea was not on my radar. It wasn't until I ran into my wife that I started to notice Korean women. I've been to Italy, Spain, Prague, South Africa, Paris and Australia. Some of the hottest girls on the planet come from these joints. The only other great place that produces supermodels is Brazil. Never been there. I guess you can throw in Russia too. So I was quite shocked to see what was walking down the streets of Seoul. And I don't mean an occasional girl or two. I'm talking ninety percent of every girl on the street is amazing. What the hell is in that kimchi? Plus they dress better than girls in almost all other countries. It must be some secret supermodel society I've uncovered. If I was a model agent I'd be on a plane there tomorrow. You could start a model agency by just standing on the street and stopping the first twenty girls you see. Job done. If anyone is looking for an interesting place to visit. Look no further.

Feb 14, 2010

Each one Post one

Survival of the fittest

It's finally up for the vote. I'm pleased with this design, and it's definetly the best I've done for a good while. Hopefully the voting public will agree!

 - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Feb 13, 2010

A Living Will

A Living Will - also known as an Advanced Healthcare Directive - allows you document your decisions about artificial life support in advance (illustration for ESS)

Radek Karkulowski www.radekart.com

Out of this world

traditional art: inks