Sep 26, 2013

SCBWI WWA Illustrator's Exhibit

My Art friends at SCBWI and I are going to have an Art Show at the Convention Center in Seattle starting on the 10th of October 2013 and going till January 8th of 2014, with a reception/open house on October 27th. If you are in the Seattle area, consider yourself invited! Hope to see you there!

From my sketchbook

Random stuff from my sketchbook.

nerosunero featured in Dripbook (Sept 2013)

nerosunero (Mario Sughi) featured in Dripbook (NY, USA, 25 IX 2013)

Sep 25, 2013

Halloween Show and Party Invitaiton

This painting will be exhibited at the up-coming Tr!ckster Halloween Art Show.
Art show opens - Oct 11 - 26
Opening Reception begins, Oct 11 at 5pm.
2631A Ashby Ave., Berkeley 94702.

Costumes Encouraged, Not required.
If you are in the bay area, hope you all can join the party!  Big and small monsters and goblins are all welcome, the more the merrier!!  Muggles are invited too!! 

Sep 22, 2013

New digital painting...

"Home Late"
I'll be posting more soon. I know I've been away for a while but I have more time now, so look for more art to be posted. 

167. Cold Shoulder SLAM

What an evening spoiler!

Sep 20, 2013

Exhibition in Paris, France

Two of my original paintings will be exhibited in Paris, France at the "Merveilleux" for Fairy tales and Legends show from October, the 3rd to November, the 16th.

The opening night reception party will be on October, the 3rd from 6:30pm to 9:30pm at Arludik Gallery - 12/14 rue Saint Louis en l'île 75004 Paris.

Sep 17, 2013

How to make a itty bitty watercolor palette

Ultra Light watercolor travel set!  Can fit in your jean pocket!!
HE! HE!! Too much fun making this itty bitty watercolor palette.  Firstly, a little disclaimer, I didn't come up with this clever idea of making a miniature watercolor palette.  I saw my teacher, Glenn Vilppu using his little home-made watercolor palette, while we traveled in Europe.  It comes in real handy, especially in situation, when you feel like sketching, but don't want get too much attention or due to the nature of the events or location or dress code, it may not be appropriate to pull out a travel set (even though a travel set is quite compact). 
Long story short, for a girl who love to dress up in skimpy cute outfit, there are occasion that a travel set is still a bit too big to fit in my little purse.  So here we go, I decide to copy Glenn, and make my own little miniature watercolor set.  
So next time, when I go on a romantic dinner date with my boy, while he is busy web surfing on his iPhone ...
I can pull out my little watercolor set and paint!! AH! HAA!! 
So start with an empty Altoids can ... I try to eat the whole box of Altoids for the sake of making this palette.  Not a good idea ... at the end, I just toss the candy in another box, and give this tin can another mission. WOO HOO!!!
Get some Sculpey!
Start dividing the box with Sculpey.  Don't under estimate the size of this little tin can.
It can fit a 12 colors set easy!! 
WOO HOO!! 12 holes for 12 colors!!  Ready for baking!!  275 degree for about 15 mins!
Err ... yea, I burn it a little ... Oooh well ... Baking is not my talent *sigh*
Start filling my favorite common use color in the holes
HERE WE GO!!  It's done!!
Now I have watercolor set for in different size for different type of mischief adventures!! YAY!!

Dr. Who show at Meltdown Gallery

These are two of the three Clayboard pieces I did for a Dr. Who themed group show at Meltdown Comics

The show opens November 1st.
Hire Simon.Com

Sketchbook Stuff

Bambule sketchbook Diana Koehne
Random stuff from my sketchbook.

157: Tough Love

Sep 16, 2013

nerosunero reviewed by Mocoloco (Montreal Sept. 2013)

Girls and Landscape (On the road) by nerosunero (Mario Sughi)
by sabine7 / September 16, 2013

Fleeting glimpses of a summer just past is what Mario Sughi's latest body of work reveals to us.
Late walks on the beach speak of a sun no longer at its peak; long sleeves and darker colours creep in to the landscape; this could be the last chance to spend some time at an outdoor cafe.
The shadow of a dog on the beach is an especially nice touch.
The passage of time is tidily evoked by Sughi's palette, but at the same time something stronger is in the air: a sense of foreboding or danger is hinted at (sometimes broadly) in some of the pieces.
MoCo Loco (Montreal, Ca, 16 IX 2013)

Sep 15, 2013


Deadman by sevensheavendotcom
Deadman, a photo by sevensheavendotcom on Flickr.

'Deadman', Sevensheaven's creation of this weekend.

Let's hope Deadman is not the future of Breaking Bad's Heisenberg...

166. Doggie for a Son

Sep 14, 2013

165. Swallowed my Kazoo

Here's a cartoon having to do with the power of positive thinking. 

It makes a bad situation seem ... not so bad because things could always be worst.  :)  Until the next comic strip -- see ya folks.

Sep 13, 2013

Pickle's watercolor illustration tips and demo

I ofter receive email from friends asking me about my work-in-progress.  Recently, Creative Bloq contacted me to write an article about my creative process.  Here is the article.  I also make a longer watercolor demo video to share with everyone.  Hope you enjoy it!!

Sep 12, 2013

152. Is that my Movie Seat

118. Early Bird gets the ...

Sneak Peak of Pickle's web-site!

My publisher show me Pickle's action on iPad for the first time today!! It looks great, love the music!! WOO HOOO!! 
Just finish designing the web-site for Pickle!! Send it out for approval. Here is a little sneak peak of the heading!!
Pickle will be released in September.  Sign up to win a FREE copy of the app!!

Sep 8, 2013

Lost Ninja and tree toy designs

Help the Lost Ninja find his way to your home. A unique toy figure and accompanying toy tree design by the Dutch Sevensheaven design studio, available from the Sevensheaven 3D print store:


104. Swallowed a Bullet

Sep 5, 2013

61. Broken Leg


Official book trailer of Pickle - the Little Bird Who Doesn't Tweet!

This is the official book trailer of Pickle - the Little Bird Who Doesn't Tweet!
The book will be available as an iPad app in September, 2013 through Storypanda Publishing. Sign up to win a FREE copy of the app!!

Sep 4, 2013

nerosunero at PRESSED

nerosunero at PRESSED by nerosunero
nerosunero at PRESSED, a photo by nerosunero on Flickr.

4 September 2013, Dublin. nerosunero’s works at Pressed, an exhibition of contemporary prints,5th - 19th September, Concourse, County Hall Dun Laoghaire. Pic by

A day at the sea by nerosunero featured on Saatchi Online's homepage

A day at the sea by nerosunero
featured in the Originals for $1000 and Under Collection on
Saatchi Online's homepage (04 IX 2013)

Monsieur Fromage toy character

Monsieur Fromage is pleased to meet you, and would love to be adopted. He is 8 centimeters tall, and his favorite spot is in the kitchen.


Cyclobot robot toy figure

A cute little robot designer toy figure named Cyclobot, available for only $26.


Sep 2, 2013

Sep 1, 2013

nerosunero @ Granby Park, Dublin

nerosunero At the Park, triptych 160x320cm, 2013
Upstart/Granby Park Dublin, August/September 2013