Dec 31, 2008

Dec 28, 2008

nerosunero by Samantha Hahn

for once is not me doing somebodyelse portrait...

here you have

nerosunero (that is me)

I really like this!

Dec 24, 2008

Holidays Shmolidays

The holidays are a brutal time to draw. I thought I would be slow at work but just the opposite has happened. There has been no time to even think about the holidays. I may even have to work through all of it. I'm exhausted and have no time for myself. My blog posting is getting very thin. Usually I have a bunch of drawings in reserve but now I'm scrounging up my last little drawings. A vacation looms on my horizon.

Dec 20, 2008


A new website! Along with new work!

Krampus Kard series 2

Here is the latest series of my Krampus Kards. I have sent them out to friends and family and will be selling them along with the 1st series at
In 19th Century Germany, legend had it that those who were pure of heart bore witness to the magic of Christmas Eve. St. Nikolaus would drift in on the cloak of night, leaving gifts and treats for the girls and boys who've been goldenly good all year. Children of goodwill springing from their bed to find a surprise of joy to fill the air.
Disobedient children, however, would awake to shakes and shivers. Terrorized by the thought of another visitor in the night. For those who have
behaved badly are paid a visit by. . .

Dec 19, 2008

send e-cards and save trees

they are free, dont take to days to get there, and don't waste paper.
send them here.
hey! its letters with faces & bellys of cheer, all the best now & in the new year!!
i cant believe i just made that up...


Merry Christmas!!

Here's wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Another mini monster for Paizo Publishing. Little spot art for a RPG module coming out in a few months. She will only run the size of a large stamp, but I like to try to design in hopes will eventually be printed larger. More fun that way.

Dec 18, 2008

Snow Monsters

Christmas moon

Ho Ho Ho!

Merry Christmas!

Dancin In The Dark

One very rainy sunday afternoon I went drawing with the great Butch Belair. We went to a little bar near me in Brooklyn. After getting a beer each and sitting down we began to draw. A few moments later something bad happened. It got completely dark out. The bar was dark too and suddenly we couldn't see a thing. I'm talking completely blind. Butch and I are as seasoned as it gets when it comes to this urban drawing business but there we were foiled by a rookie mistake. Neither of us said a word. We both preceded to finish our drawings in complete darkness. I didn't see the finished painting until the next day when I looked at it under a light. It doesn't look like one of my usual drawings but under the circumstances of being blindfolded it came out pretty good.

Dec 16, 2008


SFG: Funny...?

Didn't really have anything funny this time around, so I thought I'd post something new from the sketchbook. I think chain-mail might be the only justifiable use for glitter pens.

left and right hand drawing

Film Poster Illustration

I Created a poster for a film recently that I thought I would share...

Dec 14, 2008

jvs |||| funny

angel pallasso, originalmente cargada por elffzart.

Maragret Keane

I wanted to do a drawing the way Margaret Keane used to do paintings. Everyone knows her work but you may not have known her name. She did people and animals with very big eyes. I did this at work in my notebook using watercolor and colored pencils. A lot of what I do is influenced by artists of the 60's such as Keane. Margaret's husband Walter tried to take credit for doing her paintings. They finally divorced. He said he had a right to all the paintings since he did them. She told the judge she was really the one who painted them. Keane actually painted one live in front of the judge. Her husband declined to do one. Obviously she won. Great story. She is still alive today. Kate Hudson is going to play her in a movie of her life.

Dec 13, 2008


Looks like this little guy needed some help.

Until next time, enjoy...

Dec 11, 2008

New Work / SFG: Funny

I guess everyone's definition of funny is different, but here's a few samples from some of my new work that made me smirk a little while I was working on them.

FREE signed prints of my work until Saturday...details on my blog.

Mrs Spratch seeks medical advice, but to no avail

They visited doctors, researchers and scientists but all were of similar opinion. Baby Spratch’s affliction was intriguing from a professional standpoint, but they could do nothing to help the child.

This is another Spratch drawing, you can see the other drawings in this series here.

Dec 10, 2008

my illustration & graphic biz '08 christmas card!

Merry Christmas and have a FINE '09!
This is the card i sent to my clients, and inside it said
"Thanx for JAMMIN' with me this year!"

from illustrationISM &



We live right next door to a shop that sells religious statues wholesale and retail. It's a bizarre little shop filled from floor to ceiling with Jesus and the blessed virgin in every shape, color and size. I set up my stool on the street and drew this giant statue in the window. Of course, I always become involved with people. The owner came out and wanted to know if I could make a sign for him. Then he wanted to know if I could make business cards for his carting business. He gave me his thoughts on the card. He wanted a drawing of his van and a big cart that you see on the street in front of construction sites. He also wanted a hand giving the thumbs up sign. Wow that's a lot of crap to put on a dumb little business card. I said I'd think about it.

Dec 9, 2008

Happy Holidays guys

Two versions of my holidays greetings, enjoy whichever pleases you more :)

Mrs. Spratch Seeks Professional Advice

One morning, Mrs. Spratch warmly bundled Baby Spratch in the inky black wool blanket that seemed to be the only thing that settled down the poor little scrap. She called for the sock monkeys and together they set off to see the first in a lengthy line of medical professionals.

What to do about Baby Spratch?

The baby didn’t care for her toys, not even her teddy bear. All she was happy wearing was an inky black wool blanket. As hard as she tried, Mrs Spratch discovered that solace could not be found. Mrs Spratch was at her wits’ end.

This is another Spratch drawing, once again you can see the other drawings in this series which is evolving into a story here

Patent troll

Illustration of a so-called patent-troll (a company that buys patents to gain profit). Patent trials are often held in the state of Texas, because the jurisdiction is more flexible there regarding this subject matter.

More at