Feb 26, 2011

Tree Knots explained...

My boy Daniel wanted to know where the

KNOTS in our kindling came from - so i

'explained' it to him...in an illustration!

Right to left for my Jewish, Japanese and Chinese friends!

(Drawn with a cool PILOT Plumix pen!)

Triggerfinger album artwork

Alternative album cover artwork for the album All This Dancin' Around by the Flemish rockband Triggerfinger.

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Gaddafi downfall

Political satire about the Libyan revolt against the dictator Gaddafi.

You're invited to sevensheaven.nl for an extended impression.

Feb 25, 2011

Webcomics.cc Interview

The fella's over at Webcomics.cc, a website dedicated to all ages web comics, just did an interview with me. Go ahead on over to their site and read the interview.

Webcomics.cc Eric Merced Interview


Some illustrations i have been working on to go on prints, hope you like them...:D!

The big society

Find more cartoons at www.baggelboy.com

Feb 24, 2011

Barkles 503 Page

This is a commissioned illustration I did for a new social networking company called Barkles. It's a place to share your opinions and get rewarded. The site is launching soon and this illustration is for their 503 error page. It's the page that tells the user that the web site's server is simply not available at the moment. This is usually due to a temporary overloading or maintenance of the server. So their idea was to have their mascot tearing the page to expose the server.

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Posted by Andy Bauer.

Feb 23, 2011

The Savage Dragon

Quick warm up sketch for today. The Savage Dragon picking on some bad guy.
Drawn in Manga Studio EX.

piero pierini

Social media family 2

Stylized illustration in 3D pixel style, about the integration of social media when watching television.

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Feb 21, 2011

New sketchbook doodles

twitter: @elviam

Social media family

Stylized illustration in 3D pixel style, about the integration of social media when watching television.

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Apple iPhone icons

Realistic 3D illustration about the many apps and accompanying icons for the Apple iPhone.

Sevensheaven images and prints are for sale at sevensheaven.nl

Feb 20, 2011

Feb 19, 2011

Friday Night Sketch-Cards

Two Friday night sketch-cards - original style Kick-Ass and Hit Girl. You can watch a recording of these cards being created here. These cards are both currently up for grabs - $25 each or $40 together (+s). Email slatermark33(at)hotmail(dot)com if interested.

Wil Orchid

This I did at a photo shoot in Craig Cutler's studio. I've done a few flowers before but this is a new one. It ranks high on my list of flower drawings.

Superboy 2

I've been on a Superboy kick lately, thanks to Young Justice (the comic series). Last night I got some away time from the computer after finishing my weeks work, and decided to hop on the old drawing table and use the old pencil to draw something on paper for a change. The result was the younger version of Superboy.
I inked this with my Kuretake brush pen, which is a pure dream to use. And it really got me thinking more about changing up my work flow from all digital to a hybrid flow, where I would pencil digitally in Manga Studio, then print out my art as light blue lines (so they will be easier to get rid of in Photoshop after inking) and inking with brush and ink on paper. A lot of artists use this method and I've done it on occasions.
Penciling in Manga Studio (or digitally in general) would be a plus because of all the changes you can make in half the time to the structural drawing. All I need now is a big enough printer and scanner.

Feb 18, 2011

Support the arts!?

I am working on getting some marketing materials ready for the Emerald city COmic con. Could really use some help with this and offering up, this weekend the Pokeweed MINI book for .99! Was $2, and included never seen before work and artist comments. PLZ help! Visit the Pokeweed General Store!

Japanese Matrioska

Matrioska japonesa

E. Parra

Wolverine - the out of shape years

Hey gang. Haven't posted over here in a while, so I thought I'd drop this pencil I'm working on for an upcoming Comicon. As always, you can see much more of my editorial cartoons and figure drawings over at my blog: http://www.halltoons.blogspot.com/ Have a great weekend!



Young Justice is my new high. Well, not the cartoon, the comic. I read issue #1 two days ago and loved it. Looks like I may start to collect again, or at least for as long as the serise lasts. Inspired by the comic, I drew this up.
Drawn and colored in Manga Studio EX4. Texture added in Photoshop.

Bonus: Here's a video I took while inking Superboy in Manga Studio. Enjoy!

Feb 17, 2011

piero pierini

Introducing Ouch!

The secret project is no longer a secret. Introducing my latest foray into the world of web comics, Ouch!
Starting this Monday, February 21, 2011, Ouch! will debut with the first strip and update every Monday and Friday.
What is Ouch! you ask? It's a fun little idea I came up with during my Toon Stories experimentation which I decided to carry on as it's own web comic.
But simply put, Ouch! is just a simple and fun short story which I decided to share with everyone as a web comic.
I had the choice to package up this short story and go straight to printing, or digital publishing, but instead, I thought it would be a better idea to go ahead and share it on the internet.
Unlike a regular ongoing web comic, Ouch! will run for a few weeks until it finally reaches the end. And I could not be more excited about sharing this story with you all.
If you're a fan of my work, and are excited to see this new project, please, I cannot stress this enough but, word of mouth is king. Please help me spread the news on as many social sites as possible. If you're part of a forum, please spread the word, if you're on Facebook or Twitter, please help spread the word.
Thanks in advance!
The fun starts this Monday, February 21, 2011. Click here to go to the official Ouch! website!

Feb 16, 2011


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Stan the Bird!

I've been working on some character paintings lately... bigger ones coming soon too.
Hope you dig it.


TESV: Skyrim: Concept Art - Time Lapse Painting

Hi everyone! Here's some new stuff to show! This is an example of a paint-over, painted by yours truly. A paint-over is the process of taking a screen-shot from the game and painting directly on top of it to visualize how to improve a scene. It's a bit of the reverse of traditional concept art but it falls square within the job description and it happens more than you might think. The next time you're cruising around the different concept art sites, keep in mind that many of the pieces your seeing are not necessarily 'from scratch' but are collaborative pieces done with level designers and character artists to support the end product. It's a bit of different beast than illustration. 

I recorded this back around Christmas 2009 using Camtasia and painting in Photoshop. I'd frequently stop and start the recording to make the clips more manageable in the editor so you may see a couple of dramatic jumps where I forgot to hit the record button:)

Feb 14, 2011

Greek T-Shirt

This is a commissioned piece I did for Hellinis Imports Co., Inc. They provided the t-shirt concept and tagline, then I designed the characters and layed out the text. The Greek text translate to "My Grandparents got me this t-shirt because they love me this much."

My Blog: ArtByAndy.blogspot.com

Naughty devil

Stylized character design and typographic design in a 3D pixel style. The little devil is available as an art print and as a 3D print.

Happy Anti-Valentine's Day!

For all you folks who, like my fiancee and I, believe that Valentine's Day is a stupid, commercial-driven holiday designed to sell chocolates, cards and bears nobody really wants, here are two zombies in love. I encourage everyone out there to celebrate Anti-Valentine's Day in much the same way I intend to: pick up some bacon cheeseburgers and watch movies like "Valentine" and "My Bloody Valentine." Enjoy!

Feb 13, 2011

Get 'im!

Taking a break from lurking. Here is He-Man and Cringer making life difficult for Skeletor.

The Dog'n Pony Show!

Feb 12, 2011

love shark, baby love shark

Wilmer Murillo - Friendly Machinery

Wilmer Murillo is actually participating on Threadless with this T-shirt design. Please vote 5 if you like it!

Cold Feet by Andy Bauer

I call this one "Cold Feet" because his feet are in the water. Get it? LOL I did this one as a wedding gift for a friend. She used it as her wedding invitations.

My Blog: ArtByAndy.blogspot.com

Introducing the Letter "Epsilon"

In keeping with this week's challenge, I'm showcasing the letter "E"!
I started doing designs for the alphabet at the start of this year and I've got 5 so far... only 21 more to go. Look for #6 coming soon.

Feb 11, 2011


Here is a teaser piece for some of my Mystery Incorporated work I finished up and will be out this summer or late summer I think. Enjoy! For the process junkies, this was drawn on paper and then scanned and then inked in layers in Illustrator and then all painted in Photoshop. Backgrounds were painted in Photoshop too. Everything is layered and I think it's about 37-40 layers total for this file. Took about two days from initial concept to finish.

One of my Scooby Drawing Videos is now up on YouTube!

Here is one of my drawing videos that I just loaded up to YouTube. I've been running it at my speaking engagements of late and so here it is for the rest of you out there in Internet Land. It's speeded up and cut to Scooby music which was all done by John Tatarelli for me. You can check out the real time, higher quality videos of it on my vimeo page (click here). They don't have any real soundtrack to the real time ones though so you can play your own music to it. This was just a teaser to get some advertising for myself.

Here is a direct link to the YouTube as well! Click Here

Reverse on Cupid by Andy Bauer

Uh-oh... Cupid is gonna get it! Happy Valentine's Day!

TESV: Skyrim: Concept Art

Newly released concept art in high resolution!

This one actually covers quite a few bases. I originally began this one as a simple concept painting of a bear but I decided to spend some time after hours developing an entire scene to pitch a few ideas on wildlife encounters in the game and duel wielding weapons. Luckily Todd was excited by this idea as it had never been done in an Elder Scrolls game before and he felt it was time to give it a go.