Oct 31, 2009

Design Inspiration: David Huyck

Just posted a brand new interview with David Huyck over at Design Inspiration. An insightful interview with a talented illustrator. Head on over and check it out!

Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to wish you all a very happy halloween!!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Have a happy and safe Halloween...



I sort of greeting card for my online friends. here's to you and the frightful chaos that is the upcoming season.

Oct 30, 2009

Oct 29, 2009



Mostly Harmless!!

Happy Halloween

Vote for Jim over at Anna Goodson's Pumpkin Carving Contest. Voting ends on October 31, 2009. No sign up. Just rate this from 1-10 by clicking on the pumpkin icons under the photo. Easy, right?

This is based on an illustration I did about a little dead juggling skull guy who is so nervous performing at his first day of the dead gig that he misplaces one of his juggling skulls and has to sub in an orange. Thus the title of the illustration, "An Orange is Always Good in a Pinch".

Monsters and Obstacles

I just designed and constructed an obstacle course based on the 12 labors of Herakles for the Walters Art Museum, Festival of Champions. The festival was last Saturday We had a great turnout. Here are some illustrations that I did of Kerberos and the Hydra for signage and some photos of the monsters that I made for the course. More on my blog.

Tout est Consommé II

More of me or mine.

The Dark Knight movie poster

Minimalistic, alternative poster design for the movie Batman: The Dark Knight.

More at Sevensheaven.nl

Illustration for Naomi children's magazine

A little doodle for Naomi children's Magazine, published by Averbode publishers.
Have a closer look on Flickr.

Oct 28, 2009

Collect Them All...

Tim Baron

Monster by Night!

Tim Baron

Putting the "ent" in "sentient"

Zack Rock: Portfolio, Blog and Twitter.

Quai Des Innocents

More of me or mine.

Tout est Consommé

More of me or mine.

Free Halloween downloads

I designed a pumpkin + candy corn Twitter background like on my page:

Pumpkin pattern Twitter background
My Twitter: @wedgienet

Feel free to grab the repeating background pattern and matching desktop wallpaper over on my blog: http://www.wedgienet.net

Happy Halloween, everyone!

You are so beautiful! on 3x3 Magazine

You are so beautiful by nerosunero
features on the new issue of 3x3.

3x3, The Magazine of Contemporary Illustration (New York, USA, 1 X 2009), #13, p.80
3x3mag currentissue

TRICK-ART-TREAT: Chogrin Monster Series

Just in time for Halloween! To view the complete series, visit my blog by clicking the monsters below....

Oct 27, 2009

CD Booklet illustrations for Deas Vail by Wilmer Murillo

Deas Vail - Birds and Cages cover

Deas Vail is an arkansas-based indie rock band that jas just released a new album titled "Birds and Cages" wich cover and booklet comes out with illustrations by the honduran illustrator, Wilmer Murillo.

See more info and artworks at his blog.

new sketchbook friends

SFG monster shoe. killer, no doubt.


Oct 26, 2009

Skull Spaceman

Robot Flash Designs

These are two frames from a walk and run I animated in Flash. I also designed the characters.


TRICK-ART-TREAT (exclusive event!)

This week the Autumn Society will celebrate Halloween with a limited two day Art Show, only at Brave New Worlds! There will be original / spooky Halloween artwork, candy, and more! So come and join us this Friday, October 30th (6-8pm) and Saturday October 31st (5pm-8pm). Feel free to come in your costume!

See you there!

Sonic's dilemma

Exercise in graphic simplification.

More at Sevensheaven.nl

Art Show

Cecilia Levy & Mattias Adolfsson
Drawings, drawn objects, sketchbooks, Illustrations
the show opens Saturday 7th November 12-4pm
the show runs to the 22 November

OPEN SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS 12-4PM www.sigtunakulturgard.se


Just a piece i did that never got used.

Oct 23, 2009


I´m currently working on a project about Mordechai Vanunu.This drawing is about how he was lured to Rome into a sex-trap.


inks, watercolors, photoshop :)
This illustration is for "dia de los muertos" exhibition at "BUAP" in Puebla, Mexico