Jan 31, 2007

Pigs of the old west

See the whole set at: Mattias Inks

Home-made Scratch Board

This is an illustration I produced for a proposed poster design for adpsr.org. Regretfully, I never made the submission and labeled the work as experimental.

The process I used included hot press illustration board, a lot of workable fixative, and two coats of India ink. I first coated the board with a few heavy coats of fixative. After allowing the board to dry for a few days. I then coated it with India ink. The second coat wasn't drying fast enough, so I sped up the dry time with a blow dryer. That is what created the distressed look of the ink. I used an xacto-knife to scratch the ink off to produce the image.

Jan 30, 2007

Breakfast cereal characters...

These are mostly taken from products in the 40s and 50s.

Robot Banner

Looks like Number 67 weaseled his way into the new banner on my blog.

Darn robots!

Click the image for a larger view, or just click here for my blog.

Illustration Friday: Red

My plan is to always be one day late for "Post Anything Monday." Anyway, this is what I did for this week's Illustration Friday, theme: "Red".


Smarter Than The Average Goose

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
A Canada goose, drawn for an old Illustration Friday weekly theme. Some people have asked me, what is holding the pencil up? I've decided, after much deliberation, that it is magic. Magic is holding the pencil up.

Click here for the whole story, and here for a better look at the detail.


Hi all! This is my latest drawing that I've done. It was for drawergeeks this week. Topic: Cavemen.

Thanks, Jeff!


New Design Inspiration Interview

A great new interview over at Design Inspiration with SFG member Dan Goodsell. Dan is the man behind The Imaginary World website, and the creator of Mr. Toast. Dan is also the Co-author of Krazy Kids Food, Taschen 2003. This is just the tip of the iceberg, it's a fantastic interview, be sure to check it out.



Number 67 - Robot Extraordinaire!
(Be sure to click on the image for a larger version)

- Jeff Andrews

Motion Lotion

Drawing while in motion is no easy task. With practice anyone can do it. Sometimes I get a little intimidated by doing it. Once I begin I really enjoy the challenge. Here are a couple or recent examples.

Also there is a podcast about me at The Illustrative Designer. It's a website of the great Von Glitschka I think you should give it a listen, even if it's only to find out how mental I am.

Tommy Kane Interview

'Tommy Kane Illustrator'

I just posted an interview with 'Sugar Frosted Goodness' contributor 'Tommy Kane'. You can either listen to it from the web site at www.TheIllustrativeDesigner.com or subscribe through iTunes by by clicking here. (The podcast may not be available in iTunes yet. It takes up to 24hrs to post)

Lots of interesting insight shared. If any other 'Sugar Frosted Goodness' member would like to be considered for a future interview just visit www.TheIllustrativeDesigner.com and let me know.


Illustration Friday: Red

Here's a little experimentation that I did in Photoshop. I started without knowing what I'd end up with -- so here it is. Creepier then what I usually draw but that's what bloggings all about, right?

Jan 29, 2007

Onno Knuvers has new badges at Prickie

Hi Guys

I have opened a store with Prickie, have a look at some of thenew badges that are available. I'll be adding some more very soon!


Or check out www.onnoknuvers.com

Onno Knuvers

Goblin at the rainy cloud

This is just because Monday, Hope you like it! Is a mixed media: Painted in watercolors, scanned and added the wood texture digitally.

Post Somethin' Monday!

I couldn't resist Jeff's e-mails any longer :)

Hope ya' likes, it's my first post up here.


Just for Post Somethin' Monday!!!

..from a recent trip to Disneyland.

Character Design from Work

Work Drawing
This is an older piece I completed for work.
I don't post or share a lot of the cartoons
I do for work, but I like how the face and
pose turned out.
My Blog.


POST ANYTHING MONDAY WWWEEEEEEE!!! Ehem, excuse me. This has alot of symbolism....to much to explain. haha.


- Jeff Andrews


- Kyle Kesterson

Robot Re-entry

Hooray for Sugary Sweeet Mondays and all the creativity we get to behold!

- Jim Bradshaw

Post Anything Monday

Apparently pharmaceutical sales reps need good homes too. At least that's what my client told me.

Post Something Monday!


Postin' Monday! Yay!

Just something from me sketch book!

Star Wars

Here's a few of my favorite Starwars characters. Luke, Padme, and Han.

Inside the Box

I'm not sure who she is, however I found the picture interesting, and inspired me to do a quick sketch, I also took it another step and illustrated it. Hey! maybe she go locked out of her house and had to lived in a box, or perhaps she was mailing her self to china.


post anything monday

this is a work in progress for a city lifestyle piece - saying you can take the man out of the city but you cant take the city out of the man, hence the reason he is a dull grey against a vivid backdrop. really just working on placement here before i clean it up and add some other elements

old joke...

Q. What is black and white and red all over?
A. an embarrassed zebra



This is an old Illustration Friday for the topic "speed". And I still like it so Happy Monday, here it is.

Post Something Monday

I always doodle while I work. Here's a crop of some recent creations.


Created on Friday (for illustration Friday's theme Red and posted for you sugar frosted folks on Monday :)

Luggage tag, acrylic and ink


my husband and i are both musicians,
so it is rare that our house is quiet.
this was a moment of audible stillness
that seemed to last forever.

Onno Knuvers updates new website and shows new image

Hi guys

Just showing an image I did for illustration friday, the word was Red.

Also I have updated my website, so it lookes all new and I've add some new work and sections too.
So come and check out www.onnoknuvers.com for some fun and excitement

Onno Knuvers


It's Monday, so it must be time to post something! (Thanks for the reminder, Jeff!)

This is a quick vector portrait I did from a photo of a gaming pal.


The Emperor's Pumpkin

I've not posted in eon's... Sorry Jeff! Here's a magazine illustration I did over the weekend.

Oh, I might as well plug my interview over at Design Inspiration too.


Post anything Monday: I hate my job

Sample of a workplace cartoon strip series that's still a WIP.... kinda appropriate for a Monday ;-)

New Member!

Hey Folks,
New member here at SFG!

I live in Nashville, for a living I do freelance Illustration, graphic design, character design & concept art for animation, t-shirts, etcetera. I'll mow your lawn too.

Outside of may day job, familial stuff and making sure the shutters are still hanging...I'm working on my own comics SRM (Super Robot Monster), "Green" (working title, shhhh...it's secret), a couple of ongoing series, and some autobiographical stuff that I'm hoping to get published!

I'm a virgo, I like coffee and peanut butter.

My blog is : http://www.superrobotmonster.com/

Thanks for having me over!


Claire de lune

I was inspired to create a children's illustration form Claude Debussy's piano piece Claire de lune. Next I will try something in the Jazz department. This will be a new running theme to generate ideas for my ongoing children's portfolio. Have a listen!
Debussy's Clair de lune
Youtube's visual version of Claire de lune


The whaler

Moby dick and friends


Meet my new friend Ida. Ida likes long walks on the beach, dinner by candlelight and soft romantic music. She enjoys horseback riding, chick flicks, and chocolate.

How did Ida get her name? My wife walked by just as I was finishing her up and asked what her name was. My genius reply...Idaknow!

- Jeff Andrews