Jul 30, 2011

nerosunero's limited edition prints at EIL Arts Store (Chicago)

nerosunero's Giclée original digital prints,
printed onto Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308 gsm fine art paper, Limited Edition of 7, signed by author, years 2010/2011,
now on sale at
Escampe Into Life Arts Store (Chicago, IL, USA, 30 VII 2011)

Jul 29, 2011

found art 2


Here is another sketch I found within a folder of a job I was working on back in 2003. The job was for a prep school in Manhattan and the project was to design a mascot for the middle athletic department. I will be posting about that next and showing some of the sketches that lead up to a "cute wolverine".

In the meantime, please enjoy this sketch of the baddest asses ever penciled on to paper (what is up with that bulbous feathered freak?).

The Devil

According to an old story devil was looking at Gods creating process and got jealous. He tried to do something similar but didn't succeed and a bat was the only result of his efforts. Unhappy with the result he decided that a bat would fly only during the night so nobody would see it. (ESS newspaper)

Radek Karkulowski www.radekart.com

Jul 28, 2011

Super Alphabet launched! :D

Hi everyone! I've started a new project on Kickstarter. It's my new kids picture book "Super Alphabet". Please stop by and take a look. I would greatly appreciate in advance if you contribute but I totally understand if money is tight. If you could take a few minutes to post the link to other sites and possibly send it to friends who might be interested, that would help greatly and you would have my undying appreciation. Keeping my fingers crossed and working on the text for the interior of the book.
Here's the link:

Jul 27, 2011

New Illustrations by Gemma Robinson

New work by Gemma Robinson is now online, including commissioned illustrations for Action On Hearing Loss, Educause Review and this image for Which? magazine on the subject of heir hunters. Check it out here.

Jul 26, 2011

Found art?


I have no idea why I drew this. I'm cleaning my office and rearranging the furniture and this is what I found in one of my old illustration folders. I'm totally perplexed.

As I go through my office I think I will post more FOUND ILLOS.

Jul 19, 2011

Swamp Monster

Image I did for the next Chalie Valor comic. I love halftones.
Learn more about Charlie here.

ARTWELOVE this week: nerosunero at @saatchionline

nerosunero's print
"Summer & Water"
features on this week
Saatchi Online Art We Love (London, UK, 19 VII 2011)

MIR - Nothing But Sound album artwork

I designed album artwork and a bunch of promotional materials for finnish alternative rock/metal band MIR's latest EP "Nothing But Sound".

More pictures from my portfolio.

Run Amok - we need votes!

Run Amok is an entry into the GRAPHIC 2011 Animation Competition. Participants were required to create a 30 second short on the theme 'ESCAPE'

-- WE NEED VOTES !! --

It's now open for public voting from 18-20 July. Then the top 20 goes to a judging panel to cut it to the final 10 to progress to the next round. Now we need some votes!

Just follow these easy (!) steps and we will be eternally grateful.

  • Step 1 - Go to http://www.youtube.com/sohcompetitions

  • Step 2 - Click on 'Vote'

  • Step 3 - Search for 'Run Amok'

  • Step 4 - Vote by clicking the green Thumbs Up

  • Step 5 - Rejoice in your good deed and general awesomeness

If you think it's worthy please Vote Now >

Jul 18, 2011

Typographic Prints by Gemma Robinson

When not busy illustrating, Nottingham based designer and illustrator Gemma Robinson likes to torture herself by cutting teeny tiny little letters into lino. These lino cuts are then individually inked and printed by hand to produce a small range of handmade typographic prints, now on sale from Gemma’s Etsy shop. View the full range here.

Jul 16, 2011

Order of the Cuteness

"Four Classmates" -- these cuties need your vote at Shirt.Woot!

Thanks! :-D
~Anne Kelley

Jul 15, 2011

Sports Monster

My blog.

Matte Painting

In the last two years i've done around 40 book covers, many of them as Matte paintings. This is actually the first one I'm doing for myself. It didn't take that long, I didn't start with a particular goal, I just went with the flow as the image progressed itself.

Jul 13, 2011

Vote for a chance to win!

I need some help to win a contest to get an illustration that I designed for Poketo x Booooooom on a wallet.

You can vote for my design here: http://www.facebook.com/booooooom

If you like it please vote for me. I would greatly appreciate it! contest closes Wednesday July 13, 9pm PST.

Plus voting gets you a chance to win a wallet.

You don't have to like, join or become a member to vote,
just simple click the circle by the name:

Finalist #1 Jessica Fortner

Thanks so much!

If you have any feedback I would love to hear!

~ Jes

The Golden Knight

The Golden Knight strikes again. Acrylic on board

Jul 11, 2011

Here's a drawing from a 15 minute sketch challenge two weeks ago! Summer in the Pacific Northwest this year has been coming in fits and starts but not staying. We have more clouds than sun. This is my attempt to visual who is causing this problem... at least from a metaphoric pov...
Hope you dig it!

Jul 8, 2011


Editorial illustration.
Ripping everything up by the roots and moving far away.
Water colours on paper

Jul 6, 2011

Park Bench Jumper

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A for APPLE!

red apple in progress-digital painting-painter8 - apple is my fav subject to paint - not start from the scratch- using pix to painting method - :)