Jul 31, 2013

Key to the heart

Key to the heart by sevensheavendotcom
Key to the heart, a photo by sevensheavendotcom on Flickr.

Yes, it's finally available: the key to your heart or to someone else's heart. No more crowbar needed to break the lock of an unreachable heart.


Use it as a necklace pendant, as a keyring gadget or for home decoration.


Jul 29, 2013

nerosunero @ Signal Open 2013

"Signal Open 2013"

An Open Exhibition held by Signal Arts Centre
Signal Arts Centre is delighted to present it's first annual “SIGNAL OPEN” Exhibition. The show will have a formal Opening on Friday 2 August at 7.30 p.m. at which Signal will present it's prize of €1,000 to the artist whose piece is selected as “Best in Show.”

'Signal Open' 2013
Signal Arts Centre, Bray, Co Wicklow, Ireland
30 July - 11 August 2013


Here in the picture: Bath (2012) by nerosunero

Jul 28, 2013

The Eye

The Eye by sevensheavendotcom
The Eye, a photo by sevensheavendotcom on Flickr.

A big-eyed monster, because big-eyed monsters also deserve attention.

Available as a print on various accessories:


Jul 20, 2013

Zipper ring

Zipper ring by sevensheavendotcom
Zipper ring, a photo by sevensheavendotcom on Flickr.

3D-printed jewelry design, available for sharp prices in the Sevensheaven 3D print store:


Jul 15, 2013

my 4th illustrated envelope

my 4th illustrated envelope for our local paper's movie ticket contest

Street Musicians

I used to work as an illustrator for a small publisher situated in the middle of Copenhagen City center. And after a very short period of time, I really really understand why some people hate street musicians.

Editorial illustration

Help a poor child

This is one of the jobs, that is really nice to be part of. Helping poor children by giving them toys you have more than one of. Something every child can understand.

Editorial illustration

Jul 2, 2013

God creates gods to help create the universe...

Gemma Robinson Deconstructs Her Dinner

Behold my dinner deconstructed in these illustrated exploded drawings! Join me on my voyage of vectors into the world of fine dining.

Gemma Robinson Deconstructs Her Dinner

Check out the rest of my illustrated dinner on my blog and for my fully portfolio take a peek at my website.