Dec 29, 2011

Santa's post Christmas rest...

I imagine this is the scene after Santa's big night a few days ago... come to think of it... that's what I've felt like since Christmas.


Drawn from a Tadashi Tsuchida photo... Stephanie Tsuchida's 'art studio'.

Dec 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

Hi, Here is my Holidays Card to you all !
I wish you all the best: happiness, health and tenderness. I hope you will have a great 2012.
Next year,  I will promote more my illustration, and as you can see on the card, I finish my new logo… part 1 of my promo plan.  Next year I will share with you my progress. By then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you !
And by the way : I'm the Young Artist of this week at If you want to see it, it's here ! 
Thanks and see you next year !

Merry Christmas!

Dec 22, 2011

Dog Rocks

Gifts for a Secret Santa exchange.

Meld Illustration

I thought I would do a little experiment with 'melding' different features from various faces into one face. I also discovered some new ways of working with layers in the process. Hope you like the result!

Dec 21, 2011

Baked Goods and Marshmallows and Igor, Oh My!

Hello, all!  If you're looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your Trekkie/foodie friends, check out my "Bake It So!" shirt at Shirt.Woot.  It won't be around forever -- nab one while you can!

Also, my marshmallows need some votes, Woot members; thanks for your help!

If you guys are into Tumblr, come check out my "Scribbles & Bits" blog!  Igor ("eye-gor"?) will show you the way!

~Anne Kelley

Batgirl/Supergirl Comics

Since I've been horrible at contributing to SFG as of late, here's all three of my recent little Batgirl/Supergirl comics (along with mock cover I did for the fun DC Fifty-TOO blog) I did the latter part of this year. The last one made specifically for the holidays. Enjoy!

Seasons Greetings

New work - part 1

I would like you to have a first look into my latest picture book. It's a story about a man and a boy who like to dress up while reading books, cooking together,... In one scene they're reading 'Where the wild things are' by Maurice Sendak. In another scene they're playing knight and dragon.

Have a closer look at the illustration on Flickr or on my personal website The story is written by a Belgian writer called Riet Wille and will be published this spring by De Eenhoorn publishers.

Dec 19, 2011

Christmas Card 2011- Let Your Heart Be Light!

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Let Your Heart Be Light! 
© Holly DeWolf

Dec 15, 2011

Dec 13, 2011

Isadora 6

Here she is: the sixth and latest conceptualization of the muse, Isadora, from my ongoing series - "The Isadora Project". To learn more about the Project; to see conceptualizations one through five, and all the Isadoras yet to come, click HERE. Thanks very much looking; be sure to follow the blog. Enjoy!

Dec 12, 2011

Here is the poster for the Christmas Party at the Pacific Path Institute. Of course, it's for children.
Thanks for your comments :)

Stephane Lauzon illustration

Happy Holidays!

My holiday art for the season. Inspired by BBC's Frozen Planet.

Danish Gothic

Danish Gothic based on "American Gothic" by Grant Wood

Dec 11, 2011

the- Druk- Santa cluas

Hello Again ,"2nd Post , Trying to get involved to the People here , & here we go .
Sometimes I don't Believe u SANTA

Dec 10, 2011

Holiday Doodling

Havent' been around for a while. Thought I'd stop by, check all the awesome art and post my little Super Hero Santa.

He's part of some holiday shenanigans I've been involved with this December called HoHoDooDa, short for Holiday Doodle a Day.

Check it out here, if you'd like.

Happy Holidays!

Dec 9, 2011

I drew this as an incentive piece for a sale I'm running on my blog, It features two of my kid's book characters (Capt. Dan as Santa and Splotch as Rudolph about to engage in some holiday mischief.

Hope you enjoy!

Dec 8, 2011

Santa's Trippin'

I did this as a drawing first, then as a vector illustration and now finally as an acrylic paintings on canvas!

Renton Rocks

My children and I started a fun rock painting project earlier this year. We decided to paint silly faces on rocks and leave them around our town for other people to find. We thought it would be cool to just spread a little random joy out in the world. Since I'm a Facebook user, I decided to document our project on the social networking site. We wrote the words "Renton Rocks on Facebook" on the bottom of the rocks hoping that it would inspire people to log on and tell us what they found and share pictures of their rock with us.
When we began doing this, we all thought that it would be a short lived activity. And then people started finding the site and participating in the project . There was a lot of really nice feedback from fans - insights into community and relationships and art were made that I hadn't even thought of.
Interest seemed to grow really rapidly and then the local news outlets got a hold of the story. We were featured in a couple of local papers and then one of Seattle's news shows came out to do a story on us. Here's a link for those interested. Here's another video of our painting process.
The rocks you see in this post are our latest additions to the project. It's interesting to me how this project has grown over the last year. It's really required me to keep at it with fresh ideas and themes. I'm not sure where this is going, but it's been a wonderful adventure so far!

Lou Simeone - Griffin Eye

Rick Griffin influence on Lou Simeone illustration and artwork

Hey guys - my name is Lou Simeone and I'm an illustrator and designer based out of New Jersey. I'm happy to be a new member here at Sugar Frosted Goodness. I thought my Griffin Eye would make a cool first post to the site. Below are a few links that'll take you to some of my work.

My website:
My Facebook page: Lou Simeone on Facebook
My blog: Samalou too