Jul 31, 2007

The Fuzz

Milan. The first thing you notice is just how expensive it is. The dollar is
so weak against the euro. Ordering some beef carpaccio and a bottle of fizzy
water for lunch is going to run you fifty bucks. The second thing you notice
is that it is a very elegant city. somehow you never really feel welcome
though. One afternoon I was drawing on the street. All of a sudden a police
car pulls up in front of me. Two cops get out and approach me. They don't
speak English and I don't speak Italian. There is some type of problem with
me which I can't figure out. I show them that I am just drawing but they
don't seem to care about that. Finally I realize they re telling me it's
illegal to sit on a little folding chair on the street. Say what? I thought
maybe they were kidding but I can assure you they weren't. One of the cops
was even a little pissed with me. Well as you can imagine I was happy to get
out of Milan. I finished my drawing by just studying the details and drawing
it as best I could in the hotel room. Bologna by comparison is a very open
friendly city and a lot cheaper too. One day I was drawing on the streets of
Bologna and another cop car pulls up in front of me. I'm thinking, here we
go again. Except these cops walk past me and started talking to a guy who
seemed to be waiting for them. He started to argue with them about a
scooter parked on the street. It seems he wanted them to give the scooter a
ticket. They were reluctant. He continued pleading with them and finally
they relented. When they were done, they came by to check out my drawing.
They were very excited and complimented me a lot, shook my hand and wished
me well. Now that's my kind of town.

Crazy 8's

This is gocco screen print for a series I am doing for a show at Altered Esthetics called Crazy 8's. The opening is going to be on August 3rd, this Friday night. The show is featuring Rock-a-billy inspired art. I did eight pieces based around characters and images based on vintage tattoos.


Consumer ratings

Stylized 3D illustration about the power of consumers when it comes to online rating of products and services.

More at Sevensheaven.nl

Pig and Moon



if only women were as easy to figure out as the puzzles in the news paper.


for some reason i dont do so well with prompts that are colors. at least at first, this one is the idea i finally came up with after much much thought.

when i was in preschool i loved kermit the frog, and from what ive been told, the color green. so much so that when i was at school i would take all the green paint and not let anyone else use it.

kinda like picasso's blue period, only green and fingerpaints... and being like four.

this was a post i had made a few months ago, but if the prompt fits...

Diamond Mullet

Jul 30, 2007

i think i always loved you the most... in the moonlight.

theres a story that goes along with this one but i dont really feel like im in a place to get into it.

lets just say that it was at those times, i really truly knew that i was in love.

Diluc !

A sketch for Diluc - Argentinian Caricature Artist. Its a good site - offer a challenge to draw famous people every month...check it out.
Sketch on A4 paper using derwent color pencil - Blue Grey. 25 minutes to finish.
-myfreesketch. - Get yours now!

Still alive ...

Yoda Meat!

This here's a speed paint challenge put forward from our creative director's child...

'We were sitting at the table having dinner last night when my 4 year old said, “We should have Yoda meat some time.” After I was done laughing (and explaining the limitations of the meat department at Albertsons), I was thinking that might make a good challenge… assuming Lucas doesn’t sue us or something. It’s just a thought. I wanted to share that golden memory with you anyway.'

Hence the name of this week's speed paint challenge:


1hr 30min


Hallo, I just wanted to share some late work. All the best. www.d-stolle.de

Jul 29, 2007

All Aboard

Everyone has a romantic notion about traveling around Europe by train. To me it's a bit of a pain in the butt. The air conditioning never quite works, everyone stinks and worst of all, I can't really draw. You would think it would be perfect downtime but in reality it isn't. I've already drawn the inside of many trains and they all look the same. On the way to Milan, I did mange to draw the outside of the train before we left the station. I didn't really have time to finish the drawing, so I just did a small piece of the roof of the station. I knew it was a repetitive design so I was able to finish the roof while on the train without having to look at it in real life. A really nice Italian girl sat across from Yun and I. She was watching me finish drawing the station. When I was done she asked if she could look through my book. I had two with me. It's always fun to watch the expression on someone's face while they look through all my past work. The feedback makes me feel proud.

Yun has joined flickr. If anyone wants to friend her go here. She needs friends.

Jul 28, 2007

Theo Jansen

This is something i want to share with you people.
It's a Dutch artist who makes huge insect like sculpture that move by the wind.
It's truly amazing. I think it fit's nicely in this weeks theme.
If you want to see more check www.strandbeest.com and there is a lot more on you tube.

Tom minus Kat

Hi Folks
A sketch of the July Caricature Challenge subject
Altamore Unabashed

Mix and match!


New rough drawings

Here's some rough drawings for the covers of three books I'm illustrating. These are wrap around jackets, for a series of Cornish folk-tales... I posted some of the black and white interior illos on here a while ago.

My website
My blog

Jul 27, 2007

Announcing the SFG Blank Book Project!

I'm excited to announce what will undoubtedly ring in a new era for Sugar Frosted Goodness.
The SFG Blank Book Project.
What is the Blank Book Project you may ask? It's an exciting new endeavor we're going to kick off on August 1st, 2007 involving 50 lucky SFG members from around the world. On that date a blank sketch book will be mailed out to the first participant who, after adding his or her mark to the book, will in turn forward it on to the next and so on. A traveling sketchbook if you will.
I've been so fortunate to have my good friend Steph Doyle helming this project. He's a talented designer and illustrator who has gone above and beyond the call of duty with all of the preparation needed to get this show rolling.
We've set up a blogsite where you can get additional information on the project and sign up. Sign up right away!
Hurry though, there are only 50 spots available, and unfortunately close to 250 SFG members currently. The good thing is this is the first of what we hope to become a series of Blank Book Projects! So if you don't get in this time, hopefully there will be many, many more opportunities in the future to take part.
Note: It is incredibly important that if you sign up, you are entirely committed and dedicated to keeping the process moving smoothly. Don't sign up if you aren't 100% sure you can participate and follow the directions as outlined on the website!
Looking forward to your participation, now go check it out!

Tony Dungy in progress

American Football Coach - Tony Dungy in progress. Sketch on A4 paper using 2B pencil. :)
- myfreesketch.

We like to build things...

I used to be a lego nut!

This is my illustration for the "Traditional Games" issue of Revista Colectiva

It's me! Kinda...

I decided to do a little Illustrator exercise since it's not my strong suit.... a self-portrait, a la Freelance Switch.

new site

My site got a brand new look. Have a look at it here.

Five and Dime

This another sign illustration I produced in Freehand as a vector, then imported into Photoshop, and then added multiple texture layers to make the sign and bricks appear to be weathered.

I first created the vector illustration of the sign.

I then imported sections of the vector into photoshop and applied textures to give the sign a weathered feel.

I did a similar sign illustration for a previous SFG exercise where the subject was texture. Click here to view the post. I think I'm going to do a series of these signs. They are a lot of fun to produce.


Steph D.

Oh Happy Day!

Blogged about at:


One morning I went out alone to draw on the streets of Bologna. I had my usual set up going. My stool, the bag my sketchbook out, drawing away. A young girl in her late twenties approached me from behind. She said she was part of a photo shoot. She wanted to know if I would mind if she brought a fashion model over and take pictures with me. Sure, no problemo. About fifteen minutes late she comes back with a whole crew. Photographer, assistants, hair and make up people, you name it. They proceeded to tell me it was a winter scene so they gave me a coat to wear. The shoot itself only took about ten minutes. I gave them all my information and they said they would send me the final. We'll see. If they do I'll post it. The shoot then moved down the street. All of a sudden Yun showed up. She says to me, "look they are shooting a model." I said, "no, you are married to a model.

yet another pop song/poem

So get back, back, back to where we lasted.
Just like I imagine.
I could never feel this way.
So get back, back, back to the disaster.
My heart's beating faster.
Holding on to feel the same.

sugarcult - memory

This may never start.
We could fall apart.
And I'd be your memory.
Lost your sense of fear.
Feelings insincere.
Can I be your memory?

So get back, back, back to where we lasted.
Just like I imagine.
I could never feel this way.
So get back, back, back to the disaster.
My heart's beating faster.
Holding on to feel the same.

This may never start.
I'll tear us apart.
Can I be your enemy?
Losing half a year.
Waiting for you here
I'd be your anything.

So get back, back, back to where we lasted.
Just like I imagine.
I could never feel this way.
So get back, back, back to the disaster.
My heart's beating faster.
Holding on to feel the same.

This may never start.
Tearing out my heart.
I'd be your memory.
Lost your sense of fear.
(I'd be your memory)
Feelings disappear.
Can I be your memory?

So get back, back, back to where we lasted.
Just like I imagine.
I could never feel this way.
So get back, back, back to the disaster.
My heart's beating faster.
Holding on to feel the same.

This may never start.
We could fall apart
And I'd be your memory.
Lost your sense of fear.
Feelings insincere.
Can I be your memory?
Can I be your memory?

Jul 26, 2007

How Green was my Valley?

Actually this is called "Golden Bowl",... go figure.


This was commisioned by my friend as a wedding present for his brother. They have 4 cats and they all make the black cat the outkast. Oh man, while i was waiting for this to upload i noticed that I spelled outcast with a K like the rap group "OutKast" without even knowing it. Pretty soon no one is going to know how to spell.




telling stories - fairy tales

This is a little series based around (mis)interpretations of fairytales.

Its a rare treat to see my work and my hope combine into the same project, but Josh Cole has generously allowed me to do just that. Now featured in the 70Star7.com online store is a limited edition shirt of my illustration "What Goes Around". The proceeds from this shirt will go to benefit Family to Family Humanitarian Expeditions, the same group I just went to Bermejillo with. While this shirt will cost more that the average tee, you can be confident that you'll not only own a rare item, but also be helping a great cause.

Thank you for your enduring support,

Lisa Fields

This is an Illustration that I recently did for Rhode Island Monthly. It was a fun assignment...most of the work I have been getting is painting children so it was a nice change from that.



Green is one of the greatest colors ever. It's no wonder this little sprout is so happy.

It's the inside that counts

Our summer house is very small and when it rains it gets even smaller, made this a especially rainy day this summer

green cow

for those who don't eat meat... here is an option: a vegetal cow!!!


Anette Heiberg - www.anetteheiberg.com

SFG: Green

Hello all. I posted this last week as a pen drawing on paper.
I worked it up in photoshop and im liking the results.
What do you guys think? As always, more at my own

Dead presidents

Googled on dead presidents and came across the wikipedia site they had a list off all the presidents. These four where listed as "killed by a gunshot". Hope you like it?

SFG: Green

This week's theme: Green.

This week's theme stems from an article I was reading recently about "green design".

For you newcomers, the SFG Challenge runs Thursday to Thursday, and was created to offer every member an opportunity to stretch their creative muscles and post their interpretations on a specific theme. It's a lot of fun!

Be sure to label your illustrations with the appropriate labels as well. I prefer you label your entries with your name or screenname, and the challenge label, SFG: Green.

Remember, this is a completely voluntary challenge designed solely to stimulate creativity and promote participation. Please don't hesitate to post your other work as normal.

Be sure to check out the SFG Forum, some great stuff going on over there every day.

One last thing, if you're a new member, and you haven't been added to the members list yet, shoot me an e-mail with your full name, url and join date. Thanks!

The next challenge begins Thursday, August 2nd, 2007.

Challenge yourselves SFG'ers and have a great week!


DI: Matt Haley

Timing is everything, and this time is no exception. This morning I've posted a great new interview with Matt Haley over at Design Inspiration. Matt is an SFG'er, and he's also the man behind the artwork for Stan Lee's "Who Wants To Be A Superhero" tv series for the SciFi Channel, which begins it's 2nd season tonight.

Be sure to check out the interview, and be sure also to check out the show premiering tonight on the SciFi Channel.



Self Promotion Thursday!

Morning y'all

Got a huge kick this morning when I realised I'm featured on Drawn!
Although it feels a little discounted by being a nominee from an 'under-represented' continent...

Go see!

(Pic above is an old one, but I think apt for this post...)

Jul 25, 2007

Gallery of Evil

A little spot illo for a game module called Gallery of Evil. In the background are other spots for the line of game modules I lay out for my day job. Hope you dig it.


Created this for my daily Nu.nl cartoon. Usually my cartoon images are more stylized and whimsical, but I couldn't resist spending more time than usual on this particular image.

More imagery at Sevensheaven.nl