Apr 30, 2007


PSM: Birthday card

Here's a birthday card for my gran, it's an altered version of the painting posted here a week or so ago. I've framed and cropped it somewhat.

Superhero "Tie Thing"

Ok... This is something from my archives, but I did not want to miss my first SFG challenge. He's not wearing the red and blue outfit, but he definetly has the Superhero "Tie Thing" going on. Is that cheating?

Pee Es Em

Here's a concept I thought of that makes me laugh every time. The idea of a robot fashion show. I think it would be great to watch. I can't decide what would be funnier...robots parading around a catwalk or people dressed as robots using materials such as cardboard and competing for the title of prettiest machine.

Another day at the office


superman & louis...

The Putrid Pal #4 - Kookie

Do you suffer from cranial goop storage? Are sea-life making your skull their home?

The Putrid Pal

(click the image above to be taken to a nice big version!)

New webcomic by Onno Knuvers

Hi Friends

Finally my very first webcomic is now up and running. Its called Chocolate Log, so pop in and have a look.

See you there.
Onno Knuvers

The trap

Sorry about the mismatch of coloring the lobsters, forgot they switch color after they are cooked not the other way around

Apr 29, 2007


My Magic Kit

I thought I would show what I take with me when I draw on the street. It is quite simple. I have 2 cheap boxes I purchased at new york central art supplies in manhattan.
A. plastic box B. two dollar pencil case (filled with about 14 prisma colored pencils) C. water brushes (these are hollow plastic paint brushes that you can fill with water). I don't carry any water with me to do watercolors D. mini watercolor paint set, windsor newton E. paper towel (needed to clean paintbrush) F. 2 grey magic markers that have brushes for tips G. my pens. That's all there is to it. Nothing else up my sleeve. H. big rubber band (sometimes it is very windy on the street and i put this around the top of my open sketchbook so the pages don't flip like mad in the wind) I. pencil sharpener

Apr 28, 2007

Roadside Attractions Map

A work in progress... maps are hard work, phew!

draw me draw you

hi! This is a drawing of Lance, who runs a blog called Draw Me Draw You.
basically it's a caricature exchange, you draw him and send a photo of yourself, he'll do a drawing of you and post them both. Cool stuff.

here's the link if you want to check it out:

Apr 27, 2007

Superman,...you PUPPET!

Superman,... you PUPPET!

The Beholder

My Monster of the week: The Beholder
My Blog

SFG: Superman

Tim Needles dot com is Super

is it a bird? is it a plane?

No. It's The SUPERMAN! I did this a few months ago.It is a picture of Superman carrying out a feat of superhuman strength.

more stuff at LOOPLAND

Expansion drive

Stylized 3D illustration for an article about the expansion drive of the Dutch KPN telecom company.

More imagery at Sevensheaven.nl

All Along The Watertower

I almost always carry some sort of drawing book. Sometimes at my job I have to work in edit studios. They are located all over manhattan. Every once in a while you run into one that has an interesting view out of their window. The thing about editors (people who edit television commercials and videos) is that they usually work in darkened rooms. I was at a place called Double Wide edit. It was on east 20th street. It took me a whole day to ask if I could open a window to this guys cave. Low and behold there was a decent view behind the curtain. The guy probably hadn't seen sunlight in ten years. I sat there and sketched while ignoring the work I should have been doing. He would ask me what I thought of edits he had just done and I would say, "it looks great," even though I wasn't looking at anything he did. I was busy drawing. There was only one watertower in this view. I added the others to make it more interesting. I felt it needed a little jazzing up. I was going to write something on it but I liked how it turned out. I just couldn't bring myself to put words on it.

Train sketching

More from the trip at :Mattias Inks

Apr 26, 2007

Adimal Sketches

Here's a group of sketches I did of some of the "Sibling" Adimals that I make. Initially, I was using this as a color and form guide to see what works and what doesn't. Almost all of these guys have already been produced as stuffed dolls. You can see what they look like in the end here if you'd like. I like 'em, but then again I might be a bit biased.

SFG: Superman

Just because Jeff goaded me into it... I dug up a Superman sketch I did a few years ago...

SFG: Superman

I know I posted this a few weeks ago as my Illustration Friday contribution for GREEN, but with Superman being the topic, I had to post it again. Forgive me. I got into reading Superman in the eighties when his origin was streamlined by John Byrne, but I always loved the pre-Crisis Lex Luthor with the cool battle armor!

OK. I'll stop geeking out now...

Outdoor party

Cover and inside illos for Denver's Westword. Story about a radio station DJ who planned to have a huge outdoor party. Environmentalists and land owners were up in arms.

SFG: Super Baby

By Michelle Lana

Chanticleer and the Fox

Final artwork from a recently completed series for the story of Chanticleer the Rooster.


As the AD for Dungeon magazine (I know.. N3Rd alert!), I only have a couple more issues before WoTC pulls the plug on the printed version of the mag. So we at Paizo publishing are cranking out some new adventures paths in a monthly book called Pathfinder and some new game capaigns. ANYWAY, I was able to get in a tiny little illo in the new AP and thought I would share it. I have not had much ambition to do illustration over the year, but it sure felt good to get back at it!

Zombies Rule

Heres something I did recently for work, dont know if it'll ever see the light of day so I thought I'd share it here....

Rokk the Vote!


And it's for or all the marbles!...Actually for two swell championship belts!

The "Pain Brothers" need your HELP one more time!
(which translates to votes.)

  • Please Vote Here!

  • Thanks everyone for your support!

    And remember;

    "VOTERS must have a complete profile, your vote will be void if the USER PROFILE is not legit. (It will help if you have a link to a working Blog or Website.) "

    P. Conrad Esq.
    Official Press Agent of The Pain Brothers


    From last year;

  • me
  • oh! i've drawn a couple supermans...



    Hello Everyone! First, I would like to thank Jeff for the invite to participate in such a fun blog! My name is Nick Ramos and I work both as an illustrator and as a graphic designer. I am originally from Brazil, but currently live just outside Austin, Texas. My formal training is as a graphic designer, but I have been drawing since I was a little kid. I feel very lucky to do what I love and look forward to exchanging ideas, thoughts and philosophies with all of you. I am attaching a picture that is part of a promotional book for Deschamps Printing in Massachusetts... It's a play on words and it illustrates the word "Score". You can see my work at:


    hittin' the sack


    SFG: Superman

    SFG: Superman

    This week's theme: Superman. The SFG Challenge runs Thursday to Thursday and offers every member an opportunity to stretch their creative muscles. It's a lot of fun!

    Be sure to label your illustrations with the appropriate labels as well. I prefer you label your entries with your name or screenname, and the challenge label, SFG: Superman.

    Remember, this is a completely voluntary challenge designed solely to stimulate creativity and promote participation. Please don't hesitate to post your other work as normal.

    Yes, for those of you who've been around a while, we've done a Superman themed challenge before, but that was before this particular series of challenges started. We've got a lot of new talent aboard and I thought it was a theme well worth revisiting. I'm a big Superman fan, so I'm excited to see what you all come up with.

    Be sure to check out and get involved over at the all new SFG Forum. This thread is one of my favorites so far, check it out!

    Have you bought your SFG Tee yet? Time is running out fast to get your hands on one of these great shirts before the sale price is gone. Act now!

    The next challenge begins Thursday, May 3rd, 2007.

    Challenge yourselves SFG'ers and have a great week!


    "Criaturas" The art show

    If you are in Portland by may come to see my first solo show in this city at The Basil Hallward Gallery in the 3rd floor of Powell's Books (The City of Books). The opening is thursday May 3rd and runs trough the 31st.

    Apr 25, 2007

    The Claws Come Out

    So the big news is that I'll have a book of my comics coming out from IDW Publishing this November. There's still a lot of work to do, but I did this mock-up of a possible cover idea, which I thought I'd share:

    I made a little website with more info about the book, sample pages, etc. that you can see here.


    i did this shrimp for SuKarne hope to see it print soon....:D

    Sort of mermaid,...really just a maid...

    I can't beleive that I don't have anything for this subject. I thought I had covered damn near everything,... guess I've got more work to do... This is the closest I have to it.

    lil' red

    SFG: Mermaid

    my entry for this weeks challenge!!

    spring is here (i think)!

    colored pencil. this took me awhile, and i was going to keep it a secret since i made it into a promotional postcard, but i thought "what the heck."

    here are two closeups:



    The Robots best friend