Apr 30, 2006

Another first post

Hello. Thanks to Jeff for letting me join in the fun! I've been enjoying Sugar Frosted Goodness for a couple of months and have been impressed by all the great work. I am a designer and illustrator in Raleigh, NC. I haven't figured it all out yet, but I am working on getting a website up, and until then, I'll be posting some of my work at www.doodle-rama.blogspot.com.

I noticed the robot theme from last week, so better late than never, I hope.


My first post.

Hello, This is my first post on Sugar Frosted Goodness! I have just been recruited by the mysterious Jeff to post some of my work and thoughts. Thanks to Jeff for having me - I better introduce myself : I'm an Illustrator from the UK and I've been in the business for about 6 years now. I've worked with lots of nice clients and a couple of grumpy ones and so far it's been quite enjoyable. If you want to see more of my work then check out my website www.loopland.net.

I hope I have this formatted right. I'm a blogger newbie so this will probably end up upside down or something.


Apr 29, 2006

Industrial Postcard



As it is the Dutch Queen's Birthday festival today I decided to create a portrait of the Dutch prime minister Balkenende. :)

Hope you like it.



9 Toes Beach Club

Ever since I was young I've had somewhat of a water phobia. Knowing fish like the 'Angler Fish' lurk in the deepest parts of the Oceans waiting to bit my toes off doesn't make me want to go swimming anytime soon. Lakes are fine and I love Sea-Dooing but I still prefer the non-infested chlorinated variety swimming hole.

(Click for larger preview)

Apr 27, 2006


Image hosting by OrneryFrog
Yeah, I hear ya. This is supposed to be an illustration blog. But I defy anyone who says it doesn't take an illustrator's mindset to have a picture like this running through their head. Take this guy, my housebot. He came to be simply from the fact I could visualize a robot when I looked at my bathroom cabinet. So yeah, I could have sketched this. But there was a certain goofy charm – and a lot of fun – to go about the house snapping pics of items to complete this collage. And as you can see, my HouseBot takes after me; we're both big hockey fans.

As always, the whole story can be read here. Enjoy! And have a good weekend, SugarFrosties!

yet another robot...

The Hellfire Club!

Done as a trading card for Marvel featuring the Hellfire Club from the X-Men Universe. Notice, I threw Clark Kent in the background....! My own little Cross Over!

Something for my daughter

"Cinderella meets her fella"

Apr 26, 2006


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The scoop.

Home Sweet Home

Robots Animated

In my last post I mentioned that I had created those robots for a project I had worked on at my day job. What I didn't mentioned was that I got to animate the bots. Here are a few tests featuring several of the robots. Each robot was designed on paper, then created and animated in Macromedia Flash.

And for Elwood, here's a direct link to a larger image of the bots all together.

**update: I guess I should have mentioned that you can see the animation tests by clicking on each of the images below... sorry about that...**

Apr 25, 2006

Palm Springs Sketches



My favorite robot...ROBOT MONSTER! If any of you foolish humans haven't seen this wonderous film, I suggest you run down to your favorite B-movie joint and grab a copy. It's absolutely delicious....and confusing.

I dressed up as this fella for Halloween one year. Before the trick or treating had started, I snuck over to my neighbors house and tapped on their back door whilst they were eating dinner...I scared the beejeesus outta them. That moment alone made the whole effort worth while.

Rhino Robot

Hello Sugar Frosters

Does this Rhino Robot qualify as a real, oil-blooded robot?

I've been working on a project with a 3D animator and I've just posted a link to a finished scene from it on my Drawger blog. If you go there, you'll find a description of how the project came to be. Also, several members of the blog have their own ideas about my ink and watercolor style of art being translated into digital 3D.

Please stop by & add your own observations to the "comments" list.

Best Wishes,

Scene 5 from Mondo Luigi, available for viewing on my blog:



So I've finally gotten around to posting here - first time since joining! Figured I might as well start with my IF Robot too. (thanks for having me!)
Z100 couldn't compute beauty, so he tried the only way he knew how...
consume and process.


Intoducing Gracie the robot. She is the miracle cleaner that I have always wanted.

Apr 24, 2006


Kid bots rule! Bolta and Kubit love that filth and trash.



Here are some robot character designs I did for a DVD series I worked on a few months back. They were fun to create...and, based on their colors, they come in a wide variety of fruit flavors.

Fairy tale

I created this 3D decor for the special Dutch comic strip publication Sprookjes in Strookjes. The decor was created for an illustrated short fairy tale entitled Princess Patty and the frogs.

Hope you like it.

All the best,


Illustration Friday: Robot

What robots do when humans aren't looking. Who knows?

Apr 23, 2006

jelly beans

I did this spread for my former college Health magazine, USC. The feature was on a new facility that is going to be use primarily for stem cell research. I had a few different ideas on doing sort of a portrait of the building's new director, but in the end, the art director went for something showing more the energy and feeling of different scientists collaborating, etc. I researched different types of stem cells and came up with....jelly beans. Actually, I kept on drawing red blood cells which, apparently, are very different from stem cells.

My Dad's in here somewhere too

Apr 22, 2006

Chili the robot

A kick-butt girlbot from a short comic I'm working on.


posted at SRS

view bigger version

DZGN-BOT says: "Draw you puny humans!"

This 'Illustration Friday' word is killing me. Every fiber of my being wants to draw a 'Robot' but I simply do not have the time to do so. I am off to inspire the Yutes at the 'Seattle Art Institute' on Monday and do a presentation on my 'Illustrative Design Creative Process'.

So instead I am giving everyone a sneak peek at one of my 'Keyboard Characters'. This is 'DZGN-BOT' your standard issue model ready to crank out conceptual ideas and art like an artistic machine. He comes custom with all the necessary ports and of course he is designed using MAC technology so you won't get any viruses from him.

Palm Springs Trip


Apr 21, 2006


IF had me hunting for a poster I did last year. I am bummed because this is the only copy of the file I have. I musta trashed the originals when I got a new computer.Dag.Anyway, I hope ya dig it.

Illustration Friday: Robot (107)

From the frozen realm of central Russia: Robot-107-A mechanical friend to help ease your burdens and fetch you ice cold drinks. :::studiobenben:::

India as an IT service provider

An illustration to accompany an article about the march of IT companies from India, particularly Infosys, Satyam, Wipro, TCS and HCL, plus a number of smaller companies that follow them.

Have a great weekend,


A mechanical variation

I was trying something different with this one using bones and skulls instead of mechanics.

Apr 20, 2006

Hi There...!

A little sketch from Drink and Draw!

Apr 19, 2006

Mini Sketchbook Project

A few images from my Mini Sketchbook project. They are based off of the various categories found in my online sketchbook. (click on "sketchbook" on the main page) I print the books in small quantities so I can continually update the books and have them contain the most recent sketches posted on my site.

I also created an icon set to go with the sketchbooks. Enjoy!

My cow, Spot!

- Alina -

Spotted Dick

Image hosting by Photobucket
I'd been going through a spell of almost a month where I wasn't feeling like drawing. It's warm outside, I've been riding my bike a lot, taking some photos – and I was beginning to wonder when I'd feel like drawing again. Last night, I scratched the itch finally and came up with this submission for Illustration Friday's theme of spotted – and the angle I went with was the term spotted dick. It made me feel good to put this out; sketching is mostly a hobby for me and I haven't felt this good about one since a meadowlark portrait I drew a couple of months ago.

The full story, plus technical info and a peek at some detail of the original sketch can all be read/seen here.

Block prints on cards

These block prints are a small series I have going for one of my sites. Some of you have seen a couple of these already. I just finished another one today but the ink isn't dry enough for me to place the card on the scanner.

Leo The Lion

Hola Everyone! Here is Leo, I'm doing all 12 zodiac characters, I'm half way there. :)
Thank you guys for keeping me motivated with your comments.



Spots and dots and a few bubbles too!


Studiobenben-Cup Postcard

This is a postcard I made based around the idea of "visual refreshment". Also just wanted to mention that this is my first post and that I'm honored to be part of a blog with so many talented illustrators. Thanks!

Apr 18, 2006

Elwood's New Postcard

A preview peek at my newest promo card

Let the hazing begin!

Hello all! My names Kelsey. How's ya mamma?

I did this for a fella named Samax. It's my "ghetto manga"
via 1975. I don't like it so I'm going to fix it with a graffiti
design. Any suggestions?

It's good to be on the show!

I am 8-Bit show TONIGHT

Hey folks! If any of you live in the Los Angeles area then you probably know that the "I Am 8-Bit" show is tonight at Gallery 1988. This is a huge show with tons of artists paying homage to all the old video games we all grew up with in the early days of gaming. Some of you guys may have seen this piece posted up on Doodlevision months ago of "King Hippo" from Punch Out. It'll be there for you to look at, to buy, or whatever. If anything, this show will feature a big slew of who's who in the animation industry.

So check it out! Here's a link and I hope to see you all tonight!
I Am 8-Bit