Aug 31, 2010

The Goat Sucker Lives!

My design for Shirt.Woot's "Cryptozoology Redux" derby -- El Chupacabras haunts the night!

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Giving Away My Work For Free!

I had the pleasure of sitting down and really getting to hear Mark Federman, the principle of East Side Community High School, speak passionately about education, the arts, his school, and most importantly near to his heart, his students. This guy is the real deal. He's been living out of a tent on the street in front of his school for over a week now to raise awareness for his school. All because of a promise that he made to his kids as a mentor and leader that they all look up to and admire. KOHL's is giving away ten million dollars that will be split up between 20 schools, each getting 500,000 and Mark really wants this for his. It's a voting game. Unfortunately they're on the low end of the technology spectrum(due to current funding) which makes promoting this cause all that more of an uphill battle against many of the private schools currently holding the top 20 positions. It would be really unfortunate to see all of these awards only go to privately funded schools and not deserving Title 1 schools like East Side High that really are desperately in need of a boost like this to change the lives of the students there permanently.

Mark and I spoke for about a half an hour, but it didn't take more than a few minutes to see the energy in Mark's eyes even though he'd only had three hours of sleep the night before. He introduced me to their current arts program and all of the things they currently pull off with a non-existing budget, including a full gallery that they do student exhibitions in for the community to help raise money for the arts. In fact, pretty much anything that is outside of the lean and stripped down "norm" has to be personally funded out of his own pocket and other teachers at the school. We both conversed on our passion for a solid balance of technology with the arts in the classroom. This money would help fund a new mac lab where his students can access the equipment they need for a proper introduction to the graphic arts, computer illustration, and video production. In addition to this he has a pretty extensive list filled with after school programming, some fine tuning, and just making the overall experience a better one for his students.

So here's whats up. I need you to vote for very a deserving school that really needs our help and has lit up many faces on a street nearby where I live. In exchange I'm going to give you my work for free. This will not cost you a penny (I'm covering shipping costs too). Only about 30 seconds of your time will be needed for the voting. Mark has literally been camping out and living in front of the school for the past week in order to raise awareness for the needs of his school and the students that walk it's hallways. His ambition and determination has inspired me. He's out there doing exactly what every person in a leadership role should be doing in their community. He's lit a flame in everyone around him, brought together the community with his students, faculty, and parents and given them all hope and a dream worth coming together for. Bottom line, it's always near and dear to my heart when I see someone that's willing to go the extra mile and show the world they care... especially when it's for the kids.

I realize that we are bombarded by proposals on the internet non stop which is why I understand the value of a little bribe in order to elicit action. So go vote for East Side Community High School in the KOHL's Cares For Kids contest on Facebook to help them realize this dream of winning $500,000 and I will ship you a print of your choice that is hand signed and dated completely for free to anywhere in the world.

Here's how it works...

This must be done by Friday, September 3rd in order for it to count.

Go to this site

You have to have a Facebook account to vote - if you don't have one it's really easy to sign up for one quickly at

Login to facebook.

Then search for East Side Community High School on the

Now Vote for East Side Community High School!... and make sure you vote 5 times for them. You can vote 5 times for one school.


This is important! Take a screenshot of the webpage that shows your name and picture proving to me that you voted. (How to Take a Screenshot in Microsoft Windows: | How to Take a Screenshot in Mac OS X: )

Now email that screenshot picture file as an attachment to along with the name of the print you want from the RTD Store as well as your mailing address.

And don't forget to go tell all of your friends!

Done. And thank you kindly :)


Why am I doing this? I've got a few reasons.

1. I've walked by here at all hours over the past week and whether it's morning, afternoon, or night, this school's steps have been lit up with smiling faces and people who genuinely care about their futures. And that makes me care. I also had the opportunity to sit down with Mark Federman, the principle of East Side Community High, and listen to him passionately speak about how profoundly this money would benefit his students, especially in the arts and technology.

2. I'm just a sucker for people who give a damn. All great things that materialize start off as an idea. An idea that is then fueled with emotion, heart, and perseverance by someone who cares. East Side High is a perfect example of this. Let's give these kids the recognition they deserve and make believers out of each and every one of them that have volunteered their time for this cause.

3. It's in my best interest to care about this school because every afternoon these kids repopulate my neighborhood. And the better educated and well rounded they all are the better chance that the future of this area that I live in will be a positive and fulfilling environment for all.

4. I am still just plain fascinated by the power of the internet and humans. How the influence of a few can generate a tidal wave of reaction. And that just maybe, if I send this on to the people that I know and then they forward it on to there friends. A little public school in the East Village of NY, that caught my attention through a 7 year old volunteer with a blue flyer and a principal sleeping in a tent, can see this dream materialize. Something like this will be more profound than we could ever imagine for these students.

Please vote 5 times for East Side Community High at

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NEROSUNERO @ Greenroom (Manchester)

Greenroom (Manchester)
Originally uploaded by nerosunero
Mario Sughi: “A New Sense of Emptiness”,
Opening 9 September 2010
Greenroom, Manchester, UK
The exhibition is curated by the Blank Media Collective and it will run throughout 23 October 2010.

Press releases and more info at:
Greenroom Art
Blank Media Collective.

Salt Lake Running Co. Mural

Not my usual SFG post, but I thought I'd share this anyway. What better way to celebrate entry into my 30's than by painting up a wall with some excellent artists? Painters included Dan Christofferson, Chuck Landvatter, Trent Call, Ben Wiemeyer, Gailon Justus, and David Habben. Check out more photos here!

Liam in Three Persons

This is a piece I did to illustrate the Abrahamic deity, "one God in Three Persons." Since Liam Neeson has, in effect, played a god, Christ, and a "ghost", I thought he would be the perfect choice. :)

Bigger version can be seen here!

Aug 30, 2010

Pokeweed! Help Please.

Trying to push my comic strip Pokeweed! So, if you have some, check it out. I just passed strip 125 and made a movie about how it. I gotta admit, this is my passion. I have been drawing forever, but comic strips are at the core. I may not be great, but I love it. I hope you do as well!

Oh, and plz check out the facebook page!

Pokeweed © 2010 Drew Pocza

Cleopatra Fan Art

I've been a fan of Mike Maihack's art for a long time. I simply am a sucker for beautifully drawn simple cartoon styles and that's exactly what you get with Mike's work. I was particularly excited when he announced he was going to start a new series based on his character Cleopatra. And ever since, I've had an itch to draw her. And so, a few days ago, during a black out that lasted one whole day and not being able to get any actual work done on Timeflyz, I decided to grab my iPad and fire up Sketchbook pro which resulted in a sketch of Cleo and Khensu. Of course, after the power was restored, I took this into Sketchbook pro on the Mac, tightened up the sketch and then inked it in Manga Studio EX.
While I hated the fact of not having power for an entire day, I can say that one of the good things to come of it was the fact I got the chance to draw Cleo. Thanks to Mike for posting this on the Cleo website and, if you've never heard of Mike or his web comic Cleopatra in Spaaace, then honestly, you need to start reading like, now!

iPad Sketchbook Pro sketch

Final Sketch

Aug 27, 2010

New website fresh work and published!

Hi everyone, I have a fresh website with some new colourful illustrations and surface pattern designs. Also, I'm featured in Augusts Digital Artist Magazine with a tutorial, on detailing line art :)
New work called Tron Down Town... more here

digital sketch

I did this in Manga STudio EX

Aug 23, 2010

Been a while

Hey guys, haven't posted here in yonks! Here are some new kids:

Some more at my blog.

E - Everyones talking about you!

iPad portraits

Here are some portraits I've recently worked on in the iPad, including one of myself, all in my cartoon style.

Want one of yourself? 

$25 will get you a full color one like those above, in various sizes, including the high speed video clip of the making of the portrait in the iPad like the video bellow. Just email your request to

(508 KB)
Watch on posterous

Posted via email from The Art of Eric Merced

Aug 21, 2010

Aug 20, 2010

E-Wasted - Animated Illustration

Check out illustrator Jessica Fortner's amazing animated illustration about how consumer demand for newer better gadgets is driving a wasteful industry.


Hire SiMON

Jew of the Week: George Burns [מ]

  • Comedian / Actor / Modern Methuselah
  • Born Nathan Birnbaum
  • Quit school in the fourth grade to enter show business
  • Met his other half, Gracie, during their vaudeville years
  • Wikipedia Bio

  • [To see past editions of Jew of the Week, visit Owen's blog, Winning the Polyglottery!]

    Aug 19, 2010

    A new sense of emptiness

    A new sense of emptiness
    Originally uploaded by nerosunero
    A new sense of emptiness Solo Exhibition by nerosunero
    Thursday 9th Sep - Saturday 23rd Oct 2010 @ Greenroom Arts , Manchester, UK
    curated by Blank Media Collective

    Aug 18, 2010

    Quick Scooby Sketch!

    Here is a quick Scooby sketch I did in about 20 minutes (whipped out on copy paper and inked with a Pitt Brush Marker) as I'm prepping to start a new Scooby project tomorrow where Mystery Inc. goes to yet another carnival and finds yet another mystery that needs solving. Who'da thunk it? Is there ever a slow day in Coolsville?


    Playing around with another doodle the other evening. Nothing too flash!

    Aug 17, 2010

    Service Design

    Illustration in 3D pixel style, for an article about Service Design - manufacturers who design products according to the wishes of their potential customers.

    Sevensheaven images and prints are for sale at

    3G Show: 2nd Poster

    Another amazing promotional poster for our upcoming 3G Show at Gallery 1988 by the magnificent, Glen Brogan! More to come!

    RSVP to the event through our facebook event page here

    Aug 16, 2010

    My Cover Art Used On A Scooby Comic In Russia!

    A Scooby collector named Jim emailed me recently and told me that he saw one of the covers I did for Scooby-Doo was used on a Russian Scooby comic! Wow! I'm global! Thought I'd post this as it's neat to see how Scooby is written in Russian. The cover was originally used here in America on Scooby-Doo #132.

    iPad finger drawing

    My first finger-drawn iPad portrait, created using the simple free Adobe Ideas app.

    The subject is my brother, I created the portrait for his birthday.

    You're invited to for an extended impression.

    Aug 15, 2010

    Ghost Raptors in the Sky!

    My latest design, up for voting at Shirt.Woot.  Woot members, lend me your votes! :-)

    ~Anne Kelley

    Aug 13, 2010


    Went overboard a bit here, piece is still in-progress, any feedback would be great!

    TimeFlyz and Chibi's

    I haven't Blogged much about TimeFlyz, the book I'm working on for Zondervan Graphic novels. I hope to change that soon. To kick things off, here's the first finished page that will be appearing in the book I'm doing. It features all of the timeflyz characters. This was entirely done in Manga Studio EX 4. Chibi Statues:
    I still have a few G.I. Joe Chibis to work on, but I've had to pause for a moment due to my regular Timeflyz work and a few commissions I've picked up on the way. But once things slow down, I'll get back to them.

    Aug 12, 2010

    Armor Of God

    Here's another commission based on the bible. This time, the armor of God.
    Sketched on the iPad, inked with my Kuretake brush pen on paper.

    iPad Sketchbook pro sketch

    Kuretake brush pen inked on paper

    Coming soon! Pokeweed in the making.

    Been working on a little documentary on how I work on Pokeweed! Here is a teaser.
    For daily fun, check out Pokeweed!

    Virgo, TU Magazine

    Illustration for TU magazine's horoscope.

    The 3G Show: Official Announcement

    Poster Art by Tom Whalen

    It is with great pleasure for me to announce The Autumn Society's biggest art show yet. In collaboration with Gallery 1988 (LA), we bring you the 3G Show! A Pop-Culture art show in tribute to Ghostbusters, Goonies, and Gremlins. 3 movies that defined our generation. More to come soon so stay tuned!

    RSVP to the event through our facebook event page here


    As you may know, The Autumn Society and The Mars Society (affiliated with NASA) have joined forces to present"Exploring Mars," a children's coloring book featuring our neighbor planet & possible future home MARS.

    Shown below are some of the interactive & fun coloring book Illustrations by Autumn Society members and their different views of humans exploring and Terraforming Mars. (click HERE to view full book)

    The book will premiere Saturday, August 7th at the 13th Annual International Mars Society Convention, for their Mars Camp education program.

    With this book, we hope to inspire a new generation of children to reach higher for the heavens and bring a new frontier of space exploration starting with Mars!

    Thanks once again to our Autumn Society members who participated, Lucinda Land & Patricia Czarnik from the Mars Society for making this a reality. And to Dr. Zubrin for pursuing the Terraformation of Mars and the future of human kind in space!

    You can view the entire book under our BOOKS link page above.
    Front Cover by Bobby O'herlihy
    Mark Wojtko / Anita Mejia