Dec 31, 2006

Family Portrait

This one's from last year when I was really starting to learn how to use PS for something beyond textures. Started from scanned pencil drawing to do quick color tinting in PS. -RayL

Glen Campbell

This week's Illustration Friday topic is "Phoenix" so I went with good ole Glen. You can never forget (believe me, I've tried!) Rhinestone Cowboy as well as the little ditty above. Happy New Year everyone!

Seamour Sheep comic 24

A very happy New Year to all of you, also on behalf of Seamour Sheep and Marty Mole!

Here's the twenty-fourth episode of Seamour Sheep, a comic strip series about a silly Scottish sheep, his wiseacre sidekick Marty Mole and some guest stars.

You're invited for a visit to the official Seamour Sheep website for free Seamour goodies, the Sheep Shop and more.

Seamour also has his own Flickr group. Become a member to save Seamour from turning into a lonely and depressed sheep.

Dec 30, 2006



Family Picnic

"At the Family picnic everybody decided to eat the ice cream first!"

Check out for more fun


here is another thing i am doing inspired by our friend Panosian "The urban barbarian", i use to draw comic books for hobbie when i was in High school...Best, Choper.

broken family


Dec 29, 2006

Nuclear (powered) Family

Okay, so I completely missed the Robot challenge-which is really sad considering that I have sketchbooks full of the gears and servos like nobody I know. Duh. So, call this a two-fer-one. And Happy New Year. And Best Wishes to Jeff, get better soon, you're needed! You rule!

Game Robot

Another Robot sketch from one of my sketchbooks...

Constructo Robo

A page from one of my sketchbooks...

Robo client...

Something I did for a magazine a few years ago...

Renaissance Robot

I got this idea of a renaissance Robot society and am working on a book about it.


Feeling very sketchy. Loose sketches. Doodles. Lots of doodles like I'd do on the back on my American Government & Economics notebooks a decade ago.

My robot is a little late, but it took awhile for him to get his sweater on over his boxy shape. They just don't make good-fitting clothing for robots these days.

Dec 28, 2006

Christmas Card 2006

I created this illustration for my wife's Christmas card. It was a hit!

Happy Holidays and all the best for the New Year! - benben

desperate for illo...V1!

Stillo working with PS brushes...Hoepr you like it!..Best, Choper!


This week's theme: Family.

Sorry this one's a bit late folks, I was in a pretty serious car accident Christmas Day and I'm just not moving as fast as usual. Hopefully back to normal soon.

Post your illustrations based on the theme here on SFG within the week.

The next challenge will begin Thursday, January 4th, 2007.

I'm still looking for illustrators to contribute SFG Tee Shirt designs for tees sold on this site. Half of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Contact me if you're interested, or if you want more information.

Enjoy this challenge SFG'ers! Be safe this holiday season.


Happy New Year

The best wishes for the new year...
Los mejores deseos para el año nuevo...

Roque Angelicchio
Raul Robbiani

Dec 27, 2006


I have been making some experiments with the PS brushes and trying to illustrate some characters...hope you like it..! Choper!


We all know that Starbucks and McDonalds are the two businesses that stick out all over the planet. I've been all over the world and I cringe whenever I see one of these joints. And I cringe even worse when I see that they are full of people. But the weirdest thing is that there are two other businesses that are in every square inch of the earth. KFC and 7eleven. Of all the millions and millions of businesses in the world why are these two stink bombs all over the place? There is nothing worse than being in the outback of Australia or a little alley way in Beijing or a small little mountain village in Austria and spotting a KFC. I would never go into one of these places in my neighborhood never mind overseas. I'd rather support the small local merchants.

Dec 26, 2006


Light can hurt.

Getting Crafty

Every once in a while I get the urge to get crafty. Usually I am forced into it by some project one of my children are involved with. But this was brought on by myself after seeing someone on TV do a rag doll. I thought, 'how hard can that be?' Well it was a bit difficult for me seeing that my sewing machine went down during the first stitch. So I had to finish it all by hand. Betsy Ross I'm not...but my daughter loves it all the same.

Dec 25, 2006


Hope sandy claws was good to everyone this year !

Mr. and Mrs. Owl



Bridge For Sale

I took the bus downtown to the Brooklyn Bridge to do a little drawing. I'd seen this view out of the bus window once before and always wanted to do it. Turns out it's a real tourist stop. The street corner I chose is in the middle of nowhere. The many tourists who stopped by to take photos asked me the same question. "How do I get onto the pathway to walk across the bridge?" So not only was I an artist but I also acted as an information booth for the tourists in New York City. I was glad to be of assistance.

Christmas Robot Speed Paint

Our Christmas Card this year... and it happens to fit the Robot challenge to boot! Merry Christmas ya'll! -Ray

Dec 22, 2006

The Thin Towers

After quite a while I have finally found some spare time again to create something for myself.

Hope you like it.

All the best,


Pirate Calendar!

Ok, so I'm a little late on the Pirate theme, but here goes!

This is the MARCH pirate for my 2007 Pirate Calendar. Check out the rest of the 12 buccaneers on my blog at

Yes, the puns just get worse...

archie redesigns

Stuart Immonen

As per RobotJohnny's request on DRAWN!

Robot Rampage!

Robots? Now there's a theme I can get behind! Here's a shot of CPU-571 from my comic/cartoon Masterminds. Hope everyone has a happy holiday and a great 2007!



A Trade

A while ago I received an e-mail from an artist with a proposition for me. He said he liked my style of portraiture and wanted to know if I would draw him. In return he would do a portrait of me. His name was Rama Hughes. I went to his website and looked at his work. I loved what I saw so I quickly took up his offer. An interesting fact about Rama is that he is the son of poet, Lanston Hughes. When I received Rama's drawing, I was thrilled with the result. I'm very glad Rama contacted me. I told him it would be a great idea for a website, to get other artists to draw each other.

I Robot

Some of the Robots I've made...

Dec 21, 2006

Doodle Movie

Scan My Conscience

I've had a lot of fun taking doodles of mine and using 'Image Ready' creating cheap little animated movies from them. They are kind of captivating. You just end up gazing at the art longer then you should really. What does it mean? Your guess is as good as mine on this one.

Celebra-bot on a red carpet rampage

Celebra-bot on a red carpet rampage
Originally uploaded by Trophiogrande.

This is an old colláge but I still like how it looks...

robot toy...

i am sure you remember this kind of robot toy...i sure do and it reminds me of all he good time a had when i was a youg to all and HH, Choper!

This is my first post here at SFG! Thanks for inviting me to take part, there's always such fun things here. Hope you enjoy my entry for this week's "Robot" theme, keep up the great work!


Merry Christmas

Life With Kreg

A little Christmas humor!


Alan Defibaugh @

My Prickie button shop is finally up! Here's 3 of the 18 designs available. There's alot of great buttons there so you can pick and choose from as many artists as you like (as long as you buy one of mine of course)! Visit the Shop!



This week's theme: ROBOTS!

Post your illustrations based on the theme here on SFG within the week.

The next challenge will begin Thursday, December 28th, 2006.

Again, if you're an SFG member, and would like to illustrate a holiday themed banner like the one seen above, shoot me a quick e-mail and I'll forward you a banner template.

Also, I'm still looking for illustrators to contribute SFG Tee Shirt designs for tees sold on this site. Half of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Contact me if you're interested, or if you want more information.

Enjoy this challenge SFG'ers, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Be safe this holiday season, and stay sugar frosted!!


late santa, better than never?

im both proud and ashamed of this drawing.

the original is promised to my favorite bartender ever at her insistance and comp'd beer.

i guess its good then

or something.

Dec 20, 2006

Jacked by Frost

I never liked the cold. It always felt sort of malevolent while you're waiting for a bus, or walking the dog (like somebody was enjoying your struggles to stay remotely warm), especially in the face of a wind cold enough to freeze your glasses to your face.
Happy Holidays, Gang!

Dec 19, 2006


See, the thing about South Africa this time of year, is that it's sweltering. As much as I'd like to draw a Jack Frost or a Santa, it just doesn't work - so instead I'll hit you with an illo I finished yesterday.

Enjoy the festive season!

My blog

Happy Holidays from Choper...