Jun 26, 2014


Poster for University of Copenhagen, Science.
Painted in Photoshop

Jun 25, 2014

Beard Rock for kids...

Here's my version of the hipster "beard rock" thing trickling down to kids music...

Jun 22, 2014

Voyage Show at TR!CKSTER are now available on-line!!

My paintings in the Voyage Show at TR!CKSTER are now available on-line!!

nerosunero (mario sughi) @ Lamono Magazine (Spain)

nerosunero (mario sughi) reminescencias pop @ Lamono Magazine (Spain, 21 June 2014)

Jun 19, 2014

Web-site make over!

My web-site has just been up-date with a complete new look and come with new features!!  Web address still the same  ^______^
 Now you can buy goodies from me directly!!  The new site has an secure on-line store which carry everything, from cards, prints and YES!! Even original arts!!
 Now it's a lot easier to follow all the fun art events!
 And it still have all the goodies from the old site - galleries, videos, newsletter sign up etc..
Oooh!!  And links to all my social network accounts. 

Jun 18, 2014


SUMMER of ART at the MODFA (Toronto / Canada / from 18 June 2014)
the Museum of Digital Fine Arts opens it first of two summer exhibitions starting tomorrow, June 18th, featuring wonderful works by: Rogerio Viana, Georges Frank de Cuzey, and Mario Sughi.

follow the link to see Mario Sughi aka nerosunero's works @ MODFA

Jun 12, 2014

Voyage Gallery Show Invitation

Dear all,

I would love to invite you to one of the most anticipated solo show this year:

Three Continents, Five Countries and Five Cities
2631 Ashbly Ave., Suit A,
Berkely, CA 94705
Opening Reception Party: June 21, 6:30pm

We will start the beautiful visual journey along the beautiful blue Danube River, sail through the the lovely historical city of Prague in Czech Republic to Budapest in Hungary, and end the European tour in the capital of music, Vienna.  We will then fly to the Eastern Pearl, Hong Kong - visiting temples, antique markets and sail along the Victoria Harbor.  The journey will end with visiting our beloved city by the bay, San Francisco.

One the same night, TR!CKSTER will be hosting: Hither And Yon, The Art of Travel Group Show, which many wonderful artists will take you to many beautiful exotic parts of the world!!  This will be an amazing show!!

Please come and join us on a tour around world,



Jun 8, 2014

Photos from opening day at "Time Intrusionator" exhibit!

That's me in the chair in, posed with the other artists in the exhibit (from left to right) Craig Orback, 
Richard Jesse Watson, Julie Paschkis, along with the director Stephanie Lile in front of one of my murals.