Mar 31, 2015

3D amigurumi figure

3D version and animation scene mockup of a crocheted Dendennis amigurumi figure.


Mar 27, 2015

Hello !!

I would like to ask a little bit of help from this great community ! 

I have the chance to be selected as one of the 10 finalists of a great art contest in Montréal, but to win, I need a lot of vote. So I'm asking for your help, and the help of all this community! 

To vote, all you have to do is follow this link , enter your email, the security code (to prove you are human) and you're done ! The first time, you will have to confirm your email. You can vote one time a day until April 5th!! The all process take less then 1 minute, promise!

Thank you so much for your help !! 
And please don't be afraid to share it with your friends, Facebook, twitter, google+...
Facebook link for the event (in french) :

Have a nice day !

Stéphane Lauzon

Mar 25, 2015

Chronicle Book cover reveal!

My new Chronicle Book cover reveal  This book will be out in July💕Will share more about the book, when I can💕 Thank you Nancy for writing this lovely book and Tamara for having me to illustrate for the book  ‪#‎alinachau‬‪#‎watercolor‬ ‪#‎childrenbook‬ ‪#‎chroniclebook‬

Mar 21, 2015

Bear Picture Book drawings...

A stack of recent drawings for the picture book that I've been working on over the winter. More color images coming soon.

Mar 19, 2015

Ghost buster

One of those sketchbook sketches that just begs for a little more attention - Coloured in Photoshop

the sneaky games - Det luskede spil

Illustrations from a math book I have just illustrated, experimenting with a new style in Manga Studio - with an inspiring and helpfull push from the author

Annoying Snow

Editorial illustration.
Everyone who lives in Scandinavia know what this is about. Walking around in slush and puddles, with a little cold, hoping for spring, when more snow starts falling.
Acrylic on board

Mar 14, 2015

Opening page of Bear Book

This was the first page for the picture book that I'd been working on for the last 6 months for a publisher. I didn't write the book. It's taken longer then expected because I have a full time job. I work for Pokemon during the day doing a lot of concept drawing and painting, which is a lot of fun but it did leave little time to work on this book. But both have been fun. I have two more spreads to finish then then the end papers. That should finish it up. Then I can get back to my own projects in the evenings and weekends. Hope you like it and will buy the book when it's available.

Mar 9, 2015

Last week of Acquerello III Kickstarter campaign!

This is the last week of Acquerello III art book Kickstarter campaign!!  Snatch your special Kickstarter edition goodies plus bonus gift before they're gone!!

Please support us at -

Mar 6, 2015

3D models

After years of procrastination I've finally taken the time to prepare a selection of my 3D models for online selling. You're invited for an impression (free 3D models included).

Other work:

Original Gallery Art Give Away!

Acquerello III Kickstarter up-date:

I can't thank all of you enough to help me reach my campaign goal.  This is the last original art give away.  I will randomly select two luck winners and announce the result on the last day of the campaign, on Friday, March 13, at 9am.  The cityscape painting is a special edition original painting created for Acquerello III.  It's painted in Hong Kong during my travel.  The abstract piece on the left, is a gallery painting, which is first exhibited at Asterisk Gallery, San Francisco at the "Party Mix Tape" show with Beehive Society.  
Please continue to support this campaign.  We are getting very close to the first stretch goal!!

Mar 4, 2015

Extra Rewards - Acquerello III Kickstarter!!

Acquerello III Kickstarter Update:
Thank you for your wonderful support, we are getting very close to the goal now!! 
I will be developing a series of watercolor painting and charcoal drawing video demos. In these videos, you will get to see the concept art/reference image of my paintings; learn about my approach and technique in watercolor, and follow my painting process from beginning to finish. I would also share the tools I used and behind-the-scene fun facts.
These are never-before-seen videos and exclusive for Kickstarter backers only. They will not be released in any form beyond this campaign. Learn more about the videos and pledge now:

Mar 3, 2015

Coconuts' Art Give Away!

Dear friends and backers,

This is Coco posting.  We are getting very closed to our goal ... I want to support Alina with her project, so I make 15 little cards with my paws as special THANK YOU gift to you!!  If you haven't pledged yet, it's not too late to join the fun now!!   If you already pledge and would like to receive my card.  You could chip in a buck or two to have my card adding into your reward package.
I only make 15 of these cards ... so these would be first come first served.  Starting now!!  Woof!!! Woof!!

Join the pledge now at or you can click the link under Alina's profile for quick access:

Thank you!  Woof! Woof!!



Mar 2, 2015

Together Forever Art Give Away!!

Acquerello III Kickstarter​ up-date:

This week, I am giving away special edition original art from Acquerello III. I will randomly pick two lucky winners and announce the result on March 6nd, Friday morning, Pacific Time.  The campaign only have 10 days left, I will do one more give away this up-coming Friday, and announce the winners on the last day of the campaign.  Join in the fun and pledge now!!