Mar 31, 2012

Cartoon Logos, Icons and Graphics: Deviled Egg

Cartoon deviled egg logo created by cartoon artist Lou Simeone

I created this cartoon deviled egg a little while back. It's one of my favorites. I recently built a clean and minimalist website to help with getting more work creating cartoon logos. Enjoy fellow artists :)

I'm really enjoying all the great artwork on this site. It's great to be posting with such talented artists - love it!

Mar 27, 2012

Mar 24, 2012

Mar 23, 2012

Dutch space transport

Cartoon for the news site, about a provisioning transport for a space station with the Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers.


Mar 22, 2012

Keep watching...

Initial drawing for something new and fun... ;)

Tante Marta's Dog

zdepski's illustration of his great aunt's dog, Baron von Sputnik
The Tantes had a mongrel they named "Baron von Sputnik", hybridizing their ever present German heritage and the Soviet threat hovering high overhead. The poor mutt was a collarless pup that never saw a bathtub, other than the occasional Spring rain. Since my great aunts survived on canned sardines and Quaker Oatmeal, I don't think the dog had a diet of anything else.

These pieces are character studies for an upcoming pub with the D.C. Conspiracy's
Magic Bullet #5 free commuter comics newspaper.

Mar 19, 2012

Children Book Project

I am currently working on my first children picture book, working titled, The Tree House Heroes and the Forgotten Beast which will be published later this year.  Please come by and visit for the latest up-dated!


Mar 13, 2012

War today. War tomorrow.

Mario Sughi at Greyfriars, Exhibition Catalogue

Mario Sughi, Interiors & Exteriors, Contemporary Realist Prints
Greyfriars Municipal Gallery, Waterford
5-28 April 2012
(210 x 200mm), 48 inner pages, matt laminate deboss cover
22 color plates
ISBN 978-0-9550327-3-8
Critical essays by Rachael Corcoran, Artist and Sabine Modder, Mocoloco Magazine. Interview with nerosunero by Staisey Divorski, Ganzo Mag.

Sponsors & Patrons: Waterford City Council, Greyfriars Municipal Gallery & Institute of Italian Culture Dublin

Designed by Louise Reddy
Printed by Impress Printing Works LTD, Dublin
Published by nerosunero

Mar 11, 2012

I got an article in Illustrator's Journal this winter!

With winter about over, I realized that I forgot to post a feature I got in the winter edition of "The Illustrator's Journal"...

After All This Time

"After All This Time" is a Harry Potter-themed design I did for Shirt.Woot's "One Word" Derby.  
It's up for voting here, fellow Woot members :-)  Thanks so much!
~Anne Kelley

Mar 9, 2012

3D Black Rooster

3D version of a 2D character for the Black Rooster company.

More images:

Mar 6, 2012

nerosunero at Galerie Rubens (Brussels) from 23 March

Mario Sughi aka nerosunero
Recent Works
Galerie Rubens
Dries 41
B-1170 Brussels
22-March - 1 April 2012

Info at
0473/363410 -

Mar 5, 2012


Yesterday in the year 1932, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth was born in Beverly Hills, California. I'd watched a film about his life and Custom auto work a few months back and figured that making him a caricature study was a good idea... He has a fantastic face for drawing studies, very expressive.

The film Tales of the RAT FINK was great too. A 2006 release narrated by John Goodman with some fun editing and motion graphics work in it. I think you can watch still watch it online too...
So much inspiration in his work.

Hope you dig,

Mar 3, 2012

Dance Inspired Drawings

So I've been drawing like crazy these past few days and I've totally been inspired by dancers. One of my childhood friends is a phenomenal professional dancer and I used to go see all her dance shows when I was younger. I used to love drawing dancers then, and I still love drawing them now. I was watching some old episodes of So You Think You Can Dance, and did some quick and fast 10-20 second gesture drawings.
Below is a quick sketch I did of a ballet dancer (she's sad because her feet hurt ... I think)

nerosunero interviewed by ganzo mag (LA)

Mario Sughi aka Nerosunero |
Life as Comic Nonsense
nerosunero interviewed by
Staisey Divorski for
Ganzo Magazine (LA, USA, 1 iii 2012)

Mar 2, 2012


It's March.
So, beginneth our annual....
Tis' the month of MARCH MODOK MADNESS!...

Hey there fellow SFG Members I wanted to take a quick minute to mention that I blog I run with one of my friends to celebrate Jack Kirby's M.O.D.O.K is in its FIFTH YEAR!... Drop on by MarchMODOKMadness and check it out...
Also if the urge strikes, and you wanna contribute your own art in honor of this killer mental organism. We'd love to see it and even feature it on the blog...

In closing I wish you all a happy and productive month of march... Mindblasts for all!

Hope you dig,

Mar 1, 2012

Kids color plates

Illustrations for a coloring pictures application.

More imagery:

nerosunero at Greyfriars Waterford (preview)

Next couple of months or I will have three major solo exhibitions in Waterford, Brussels and Rome.
The exhibition in Waterford
"Interiors and exteriors, contemporary realist prints", will open on 5 April 2012 at
Greyfriars Municipal Art Gallery and it will run through April 28.
A nice preview of said exhibition features on the new issue of Irish Art Review (here above).
Thanks to the IAR and Greyfriars.
Irish Art Review, April Diary, A Taste of Italy (Dublin, Ireland, March-May 2012), p. 36

Bashar Al-Assad

It seems like we got an unlimited supply of violent bastards in this world.