Feb 28, 2006

For a song...

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Highlighting a Pivotal Moment in a Song via a capella, 2006 •
graphite, Staedtler pigment liner and Photoshop®

You can find the not-so-intersting story behind this, and my "tea" illustration for Illustration Friday here.


Sometimes I like to pull the rug up from under my artsy self and try out different colors. Gotta keep from getting into a rut, you know? I did this for my blog when I was about to embark upon the Ottawa International Animation Festival. I was so looking forward to it, and boy, it did not disappoint. Great time was had by all.

Feb 27, 2006

Menu for the little squirts

I recently redesigned the kid's menu for a local restaurant. My hope was to create a few games/activities that would inspire creativity as well as be 'replayable' - something that kids would still enjoy on a return visit.

Rockets Away!

Little Tea Pot Song


Feb 26, 2006

SFG Draw Freddy the Firekid Challenge

SFG blogger Jonathan wanted to post his take on Freddy for the challenge but had a little trouble, so I'm posting it for him. Looks great don't you think! I LOVE Eli's ears. Great work on this Jonathan. Come on everybody! Give it a shot!

Feb 25, 2006

Under the Bed

This is the cover for a children's book I hope to get published some day. Know any good publishers? ... Enjoy.

Feb 24, 2006

Time for tea.

Illustration Friday theme of 'Tea'.


Ok, so here's my first post. This was done for Relevant Books, for a book called "Post Modern Bible Stories" ... it should be in stores some time in April. It's going to have tons of artwork by a lot of diferent artist, so be sure to check it out!

The return of Skypeman

Skypeman is back, praising the Intel dualcore processor as the ideal processor to run the Skype software / service. :)

Enjoy your weekend,


Feb 23, 2006

Cough Character

Ah, Corporate Meets Comics. My bread and butter. Sadly, however, I prefer pizza.

Draw My Character Challenge #2

Hi, I seem to be screwing up my posts today. Hope I haven't mucked anything up seriously. I do believe I need more brains or more coffee.

Here's my version of Freddy the FireKid. The orginal is mighty fine, so I hope this little guy will pass muster.


Feb 22, 2006


I paint on walls. Sometimes. And when I do, I go by the name of CANON. Not based off of the camera company, but having more to do with art and architecture, etc. There are a good many layers to that name, but I won't go into any of that here. I will, however, show you some of the characters I've done under the CANON moniker. Hope you like.

Oh, and all images were done with aerosol spray paint on brick or concrete. No straight edges or templates were used. Just straight up skills and paint.

Some big guy I painted one day in 2001.

Green dancer. Going for a blocky, chunky style here.

I painted this for Andrea, on her very first Mother's Day. Sometimes we graff writers can be sentimental, believe it or not.

After about 2 years of no painting, I finally got back out there and painted this piece for this huge production with about 12 other writers. I wrote about that day, along with a step-by-step process on my blog. More photos here.

For the curious, I have more up on my Flickr photoset, My Graffiti. Hope you enjoy!

RIDD1 "draw my character" challenge

I accept your challenge and bring you Freddie Da Fireguy. Maybe an older version and slightly distorted or mildly mental. Pencil>marker>imported to PS and colored thusly.

Doodles as Inspiration

I always doodle when talking on the phone. Most often I doodle over watercolor "color tests". On the right side of my drawing table I tape pieces of watercolor paper & use them to dab little blobs of color as I mix the colors for use in my assignment. When taking a phone call, I absentmindedly draw into those free-form watercolor shapes. I scissor out my favorites and tape them into a sketch book. When I'm blocked and can't either come up with an idea or a character, I open my books of collected doodles and, many times, am freed from my dastardly block.


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This is what I crafted for Illustration Friday's current theme of song. When all else fails, I usually go to the birds – they're what I learned to draw first, and they're what I draw most confidently. This fella was sketched Sunday using one of my many bird guides for reference and done up all digital-like on Monday night. A thread was posted on the HOW forum lounge to help me decide which classic rock tune would best clash with the image of a singing meadowlark. Mr. Chapman here also mentioned "Straight Outta Compton", which is pretty funny in its own right. Click here for a better look at the bird detail, and here for the whole story.

Feb 19, 2006



A drawing from the sketchbook... colored in Photoshop. For some reason the colors are off here... the correct colors won't burn your corneas.

Bunny plant


Feb 18, 2006

SFG Draw My Character Challenge

Hey all. I'd love to see everybody's take on little Freddy here. So if you're all cool with it, feel free to use him for Jeff's character challenge idea.

Feb 17, 2006

Need Examples of your Illustrations Process

I teach a digital illustration class at the local college here in town one day a week and I like to show the students how to go about refining their sketches and concepts so they can make a good bridge into the digital execution of them. To help them I took a students sketch and put together a simple step-by-step PDF that goes from a rough sketch, refining it and then building it digitally. The methodology can apply to any style and the more you can refine this bridge from concept sketches to final execution the stronger your end solution and artwork will be. At least that is how I present it and I believe it is true. Each step has notes explaining how and why it's important. A very helpful resource for my students to refer back to.

You can download the pdf here.

Many of you who post to this blog have incredible work and I'd love to show the students how you go about creating your work. Elwood Smith was very kind to let me share one of his recent projects from creative director scribble, his rough and refinements to the final fleshed out illustration.

If any of you would be willing to share a recent illustration you did and could de-construct it for me to show my students that would be wonderful. I teach in a nice digital classroom so I project everything on screen and I can take .jpg, .gif, .png, .tiff CS Illustrator, FreeHand 11 or PSD files. Whatever is easiest for you to send.

If you can include a simple explaination of each step or your insight that would be very helpful too. You can send anything in this regard to: teacher@glitschka.com

I appreciate the assistance.

PS: I'd love to show that 'Chief Olsen' work, it's a great example of capturing the flare and emotion of the sketch in the final artwork. If anyone knows that illustrators homepage or email please let me know. Thanks.

SFG "Draw My Character" CHALLENGE!

This is it, the first of what will hopefully be many SFG Challenges!

The idea, for those of you not familiar with the "Draw My Character" threads over at The Drawing Board, is to post an illustration of an original character for the rest of the members who wish to participate, to render in their own unique style. Each participant will then post their work to SFG for the world to see.

The spin this week, as I kick it off, is that I'm not posting one of my own characters. I'm so impressed with Metin's recently posted Skypeman, that I've decided to "borrow" that illustration for this challenge.

So there you have it, the gauntlet has been thrown. Illustrate Skypeman in your own personal style, and post your creation here.

Happy Friday!

Edit: Well, unfortunately Metin has asked that we NOT use this character for the challenge as he's currently seeking out a licensing deal with the client. I guess I jumped the gun a bit and I apologize to both Metin and anyone else who might have already started their illustration.

If someone else would like to post a character to kick off this challenge, please do so. Hopefully sometime in the near future we can pursue the original challenge with this character with Metin's blessings.

Wide open field now, someone go ahead and pick up the ball and run with it. ;)


My latest character concept: Skypeman, a character design based on the popular Skype digital telephony service, created to serve a magazine illustration.

Hope you like it. Check out Figure Farm for some more info about Skypeman.

Enjoy your weekend!


Bandai Characters

I've been working on these little pixelated character icons for Bandai Japan for a few weeks. Here are my favorites of about 45 characters I had to create at 32x32 pixels in a nice chunky clean pixel style. They actually wanted the pixelated chunky feel so the final art was 32x32 CMYK files at 72dpi. That's a first.

They'll be used in a card game called 'Zu-Oh Brain Card Battle'. Don't ask me what that means or what some of the characters mean because frankly I couldn't tell you? Why they insisted on a tongue for the Sumo guy I didn't understand but it did make it goofy so that was ok. The art direction I got on some of these was pretty strange but I guess they know their demographic?

Feb 16, 2006

Minty's first posting here!!


The Most Glamourous Position In Hockey

Image hosting by Photobucket
I've been watching the Olympics tonight, a recap of this morning's Canada-Germany hockey game. 'Natch, it was a total cakewalk – and got me to thinking of this fella I drew for Illustration Friday a week or so ago. I love the Winter Games, living where I do and such. And very shortly we're gonna need a goalie of a slightly higher calibre than this inflexible doofus. Until then, check out the sweet glove save. Click here for a more detailed look, and here for the full story.

The Origins of SFG! Revealed!!!

I thought I'd interject quickly with an announcement that I was recently interviewed for an article over at Creative Latitude by Cat Morley of Katz-I Design and Designers Who Blog. The article interviews various illustrators who also happen to blog, it's a great read. Check it out, you may recognize a few familiar faces there. My particular interview reveals the origins of SFG! and even lets you check out my "perfect for radio" mug in brilliant technicolor! Believe me, a face only a mother could love. ;)

Click here for the article, tell 'em Stan sent ya!

Before and After

Before and After...
I shaved my beard. You can click on the image for a larger view... if you're brave enough, that is.

Moon Child

Please forgive me for this shameless plug ... :)

From late 1995 to early 1997, programmer Reinier van Vliet, music composer Ramon Braumuller and I created the commercial 2D platform action game Moon Child for Windows 95/98. The exact same game is now available for the Pocket PC range. Be sure to check it out.

Here's the official Moon Child website, and more about the game and the adventures of the team behind it can be found over here.



Boing Boing

Created this image for the fabulous BoingBoing.net, regarding the new Google book search.

All the best,


Feb 15, 2006


This weeks 'Illustration Friday' word is one I suggested. 'Simple'.

Ironically I've been too busy working on simple little icons for a Bandai Japan project. So I figured I would use that as my image for this go around. This is one of about 45 characters I had to create at 32x32 pixels in a nice chunky clean pixel style.

Hungry for some Blogging!

Did some art for a NYC Diner. Tried to mix the Moss [design, like the modernist store in NY ] flatware with the old look of the Nike statue they requested. Marrying old with new... Sorta works... I liked the type also. I think it would work better if "restaurant" wasn't used and "diner" was. Makes more sense from an illustrative standpoint when you look at the fork/knife and plate.
Fun though!

Fire Chief

Here's Chief Olsen from "Freddy the Firekid", a show I'm currently doing a pitch pack for.

Did you see that?

My art rep is doing a promotion this year with the theme 'Did you see that?'.

This is for some t-shirts they'll give out at the HOW Design Conference. That is if it's picked.

Colors are a bit off on this gif.

Feb 14, 2006

The Bitter Taste of Panda Meat

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

These are the first and second drafts of my page for the updated edition of Panda Meat, a sourcebook of sorts curated by Frank Kozik. The second version came after my man Bobby Dixon gave me some good color advice. While I'm very happy with this (and that's saying something. I'm my own worst critic), it has been pointed out to me that this effort might be too much like an advertisement, which is the opposite of what this sourcebook is about. If someone digs it, they'll go to the index to find out who you are. And I agree. I'm going back to the drawing board, because we've been given an extension. My goal is to come up with something that's gonna knock your socks off AND mine. Wish me luck.

Oh yeah, the pose is inspired by Shawn Kerri's "Skankin' Kid".

Feb 13, 2006

Happy Valentines

A Valentines gift for my wife. That's her in the pic.


Online marketplaces

An Illustration for a Dutch magazine, to accompany an article about online marketplaces such as eBay.

All the best,



My first cartoon for the new national Dutch newspaper NRC.next. This particular cartoon was created for the test edition.



Feb 11, 2006


Inspired by the novel WICKED.


Cereal Killer!

Hey all! Finally got around to accepting the invite to this happenin' blog. Here's a fun cereal box I did for an upcoming book being put together by Von Kreep over at 1313 Midnight Creepshow called 'Cereal Killers', wherein a bunch of artists create horrified versions of their favorite cereal box art. I chose Linus the Lion from the old Post 'Crispy Critters' boxes of the 60s.

Go Native with your Desktop!

I've been teaching a 'Digital Illustration Class' at the local college and came up with a fun assignment for the students. They have to illustrate a 'Totem Pole'. Since I have grown up in the Pacific Northwest I've always loved the artwork of native americans and specifically the totem poles that can be found all through out Washington and Alaska even.

Here is the totem pole artwork I created to show the students how it can be done.

If you'd like to download the file the create your own you can get a step by step pdf from my illustration web site at: www.vonster.com


Here's a slight revision to the classic Supergirl costume I did this this week. I also made a wallpaper version with a larger background.

Feb 10, 2006

Oops! Wrong species

So an agency hires me to design a character for one of their clients products. They want a 'Tiger Cub' character. So I proceed to sketch out a character design and send it off.

Problem is the character I sketched is a 'Bear Cub' and not a 'Tiger Cub'? What the? Why did I do this you ask? Uh....don't ask me my brain somehow got stuck in 'Bear Mode' and this sketch popped out.

A little while later I get a confused email back from the creative director. Funny thing is he isn't saying "Why did you draw a Bear?" or "That's a #@$ Bear not a Tiger!" No he's too polite and is making comments like this:

"Kind of looks like a Bear."
"I don't think Tiger tails are that short."
"It would look better if he had some stripes."
"I think sharp teeth would look good too."

LOL, hello there chief it's a Bear! (With a somewhat hinky mouse type nose, but I won't go there)

At this point I realize my brain fart. I have to admit it's a first. Drawing the wrong animal that is. So I shoot off a quick email and tell him I'll be sending a new sketch shortly. Here is the second round sketch.

The creative director calls me and says "I was getting worried. At first I thought maybe you couldn't draw a Tiger or something?" He approved the sketch and I proceeded to the final version.

If any of you are wondering the pose he's in was requested. In context of it's final use it makes more sense then it does on it's own. Any how thought I'd share that funny little story.

Wireless media transmission

My latest coverillo for the Dutch Webwereld magazine, regarding wireless media transmission.

Have a great weekend,


Feb 9, 2006

Pirate game!

- Alina -

more cars

So I've been doing a bunch of car illustrations these days. This is a small one for the New York Times Magazine; article on NASCAR safety regulations. Since Dale Earnhardt passed away a few years ago NASCAR has implemented a bunch of new regulations and safety equipment have resulted in zero deaths since. The article goes on to compare driving in everyday traffic as being the leading cause of deaths in America. Something around the figure of 40,000 Americans die in traffic related deaths each year. Which poses the question of "what would happen if we could all wear the same safety features as NASCAR drivers?"

I kind of struggled with the color on this one and actually sent the art director a couple of choices...which I never do. In the end I opted for this warm, slightly sickly pallette.