Jun 30, 2008

SFG: Spots

The SFG Challenge was created to offer every member an opportunity to stretch their creative muscles, venture outside of their artistic boundaries and post their interpretations each week on a specific theme. This is a completely voluntary challenge!

Be sure to label your illustrations with the appropriate labels as well. Label your entries with your name and the challenge label, in this case SFG: Spots

The next challenge begins Monday, July 14th, 2008.

Thanks everyone! And don't forget that advertising on SFG and Design Inspiration is being offered right now at an all time low price. E-mail me for details.


Golden kiwi on Building

The Golden Kiwi thought he would look more fierce if he did some heroic poses on top of a building, just like Batman.

And now you can download this to your mobile

No-smoking rule

Cartoon for the Dutch Nu.nl news website, about the no-smoking rule that was introduced in the Dutch catering industry on the 1st of July 2008.

More at Sevensheaven.nl

Jun 29, 2008

Monsoon Poon Tshirt

A T-shirt design we did for an South East Asian restaurant in Auckland called Monsoon Poon (rough translation 'wet pussy'). A great looking and tasting restaurant, well worth a visit if you are in Auckland. Here's their website.

They wanted a fun retro styled pin-up girl holding a wet cat, it went along with nicely with the fun and edgy style of the restaurant and also matching their previous theme of promotions. This was screen printed on a limited number of black T-shirts that was part of a promotion with one of their vodka suppliers.

It was a fun project to work on and if you need any illustration like this please let us know, we would love to help you.

Baggage Handler Maze

A little baggage handler maze we did for a kids page in one of Air New Zealand's magazines.
It shouldn't be too hard to complete unless your are a 2 year old

Tug of War

A recent editorial for Lawyer magazine.
More stuff here

Jun 28, 2008

Air Spirit

I have just finished updating my portfolio site with fresh work and a few downloads.

Air Spirit is my most recent work.

Nature Calls

I almost never do a drawing of nature. That's because living in a city, I rarely see any. While making a television commercial in Los Angeles, I had a little free time. I was sitting in the backyard of the house we used for a location in Pasedena. There was this nice little tree so I decided to give it a whirl. Kind of turned out pretty good. Maybe I'll try to seek out some more nature to draw. I've been cooped up too long.

Jun 27, 2008

Orange feeling

Cartoon for the Dutch Nu.nl news website, about the Dutch public transport company Qbuzz. A spokesman of the company had mentioned that they wanted to express the 'Orange feeling' (related to the Dutch royal family and involving patriotism).

Although the cartoon's meaning is only fully understandable for Dutch viewers I thought to post it here because I am pleased with the 3D image.

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Jun 26, 2008

Don't I?

Trying to get back into the swing of things. My goal in the next few months is to establish a coherent, beneficial relationship between my digital and organic, hand-drawn work. Recently, I have begun to feel that one style will suffer over another, and as a result I end up unable to concentrate and produce meaningful output. By regaining a sense of play and experimentation I hope to make strides into increasing my ideas for editoral illustrations and comics.

Plus draw more wicked cool robots.


A new illustration for Whatcar mag!


I love making line drawings. I was recently contacted to do an especially fun one. My assignment was to turn a ferocious university mascot, the panther, into an elegant, friendly and playful fellow for the university’s pediatric research program. I hope this guy makes the tiny visitors feel welcome!


Sunset Strip

When I went to Los angeles the first time, it was with my friend Ken Nahoum. He was a hot shot photographer at the time. It was over twenty years ago. We were constantly shooting low end celebrities. I was always ending up at dinner in places like Audrey Hepurn's sons house or getting into fights with Jack Palance. Wacky things seemed to always happen to me. Anyway the point of the story is that Ken I would usually end up here, in this old strip joint. It's the strip club Motley Crew wrote the song, Girls Girls Girls, about. Nice to know that it is still standing.

Jun 25, 2008


...just adding one more...thanks for indulging me!


Underneath a pile of work

Hey Everyone!

I'm new to SFG and excited to be among such amazing talent. My name is David Billings, but I bill myself under the handle Sparky Firepants. It sounds less accountant-like. Not that there's anything wrong with accounting.

I digress.

I create fun, bright, and punchy illustration and animation. You can read all about it at http://sparkyfirepants.com.

Here's a piece I just completed for an article on delegation. This guy definitely needs to delegate, ya think? I hope you enjoy it. Thanks again for the invite, Jeff!

See you all around!



Wilmer the worm

This is a sculpture that I did as a gift for my brother. I thought that it would be neat if a small earthworm could deliver my brother his birthday present, unfortunately this could never happen or could it?

This is the first piece that I’ve made as a stand-alone sculpture, rather than a photo-illustration. I used a variety of material (wire, foil. Sculpey, Apoxie, wood and acrylic paint). It is approximately 6″by 4.5″wide. Enjoy!

Also, I updated my site recently. Check it out!

Jun 24, 2008


Increased oil production

Cartoon for the Dutch Nu.nl news website, about the return of Shell to Iraq to establish an increased oil production.

More at Sevensheaven.nl


Interview at Designfeedr

I've been chatting to Youri who runs the design/illustration portal Designfeedr about character design, freelancing and moving to distant shores. If you'd like to take a peek you can read the interview here.

Jun 23, 2008


Cartoon for the Dutch Nu.nl news website, about high ranking staff members who left the internet company Yahoo, after the take-over by Google.

Cartoon for the Dutch Nu.nl news website, about the news that depression increases the chance to get Alzheimer's disease.

More at Sevensheaven.nl

Bartholomew Hat

The lines are drawn, the colors are chosen, the textures are applied and the coffee pot is empty. The first of twenty spreads is officially complete. And now it’s time for a nap.

Moleskine Nine

Filmed version of my 9th Moleskine sketchbook, can also be viewed in scanned form at Sketchbooks

Jun 22, 2008

Down came a spider

Some recent work for an article on the South African 'brain drain'. People are leaving the country for various reasons - crime, employment policies, rising rates and taxes - all the while feeling bound to the place by family, friends etc.

Can you see the web is the actual map of South Africa?

This one is for the inside, where the author admits the UK service levels leave much to be desired...

My blog


An editorial illustration I did for a UK magazine. I'm still working on improving my techniques. I was fairly pleased with this considering the tight deadline I had.

How To

There is a piece on me in the new issue of How Magazine. August 2008 issue. My friend Danny Gregory is putting out a book on creative people and their sketchbooks. It's going to be called, An Illustrated Life. I'll let everyone know when it comes out. I've gotten a lot of good feedback from the article. Many people in the industry read it. It came out very nice and I didn't sound too much like a moron.

Complicated sex life

Cartoon for the Dutch Nu.nl news website, about a research project which concluded that chimpanzees have an unexpectedly complicated sex life.

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Jun 21, 2008

SFG: Tiny

My submission to "tiny"
more here

SFG: Tiny

Acrylic on watercolor paper.
Anette Heiberg - www.anetteheiberg.com

SFG: Tiny

Acrylic on watercolor paper.
Anette Heiberg - www.anetteheiberg.com

Owl chick

Working in 2D is a very relaxing escape from creating in 3D.

More at Sevensheaven.nl

SFG: tiny

The current challenge word on sugarfrostedgoodness.com is "tiny".
da plane! da plane!
Herve Villechaize was born in 1943 in Paris. A malfunctioning organ would leave Herve at a full-grown height of just under 4 feet tall. Herve studied painting and photography at the famed Beaux-Arts Museum in Paris. At the age of 18 he became the youngest artist to ever have his work displayed in the prestigious Museum of Paris.
At the age of 21 Herve sailed to New York City. After teaching himself English by watching American television and upon immersing himself in the New York City art scene, he would eventually land roles in several off-Broadway plays. In his first notable movie role, Herve played Beppo in the 1971 comedy The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight starring Robert DeNiro. He wouldn't experience his big break into show biz until 1974 however, when he landed the role of a tiny villain named Nick-Nack in the 1974 James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun.
Herve moved to California, where he eventually hooked up with Aaron Spelling. Spelling would cast him opposite Ricardo Montalban on Fantasy Island. The show's six season run made a household name out of his character, Tattoo, and injected his signature call of "de plane, de plane" into American pop culture. Herve's newfound fame would lead him to command a whopping $25,000 per episode salary. Herve and his wife moved into a 2 1/2 acre ranch in the foothills of the San Fernando Valley. Soon, Herve began to sense he was not being treated as fairly as other Fantasy Island cast members. He responded by demanding the same money as Montalban, prompting ABC to drop Herve from the show.
Leaving Fantasy Island would prove to be beginning of his career decline. Herve, having blown through his Fantasy Island money, eventually had to sell his ranch in the Valley and move into a rental house in North Hollywood. His collapsing career and deteriorating health led Herve to the bottle. He would often consume two bottles of wine in a single night. While not that unusual for average sized people, it was detrimental to Herve as he tipped the scales at just 90 pounds.
Herve's medical condition was worsening. With increasing pain from internal organs that were too large for his body, Herve was taking upwards of 20 pills a day to alleviate the symptoms. He realized that his body was beginning to shut down, and found himself fending off frequent bouts of depression.
In 1993 Herve's luck would turn a bit towards the better. He found work in several TV commercials including a Dunkin Donuts spot that, despite his wishes to distance himself from his Tattoo days, would find him asking for "de plain" "de plain" donut.
On September 3, 1993, Herve, accompanied by his common-law wife, Katherine Self, attended a movie screening in Hollywood. They later enjoyed dinner at a restaurant near their home.
In the early morning hours of September 4, Herve placed two sound-muffling pillows against his chest, and fired a pistol into them.

Land of the Pagoda

I really would like to live in one of these, humm feeling the peace and tranquility.

totem barrococo....

A final piece an some process of the detail. Hope you like it.


...was the last text I got from my sister when I told her my flight was delayed another 10 minutes. This was in the plane on the way to Portland after a glass of terrible red wine (thankfully it was free). I spilt some of the wine and used this page I was drawing on to soak some of it up. I think it turned out great!!

Jun 20, 2008

Screw D'État

Did this for an article about swingers clubs in Toronto's Eye Weekly magazine.

More work up at www.wandelmaier.com


Threadless design.

New threadless design. Please visit and cast your vote.

Jun 19, 2008

Head in the Clouds.

"Giraffe character."

Sometimes I get the itch to illustrate something for no other reason than to illustrate something. At first I was going to put the Giraffe in high heels but after sketching it out I changed my mind.

What can I say, I am pragmatic. Common sense told me I could repurpose this art in the future and I figured no one would want a sexy Giraffe.

SFG: Tiny...



Ghetto Supah Starz!

See more in The Cricket Cave! Thanks for your time!

Art show!

I've been invited to submit some of my work to a show in September, called "Drawing Show: An exhibition of contemporary South African graphic design and illustration."
Each piece submitted by the invited artists/designers will be an A1 print on some very decent paper. Here is the first in my series of two. What do you think?

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Goodbye Jan Marijnissen

Cartoon for the Dutch Nu.nl news website, about the departure of the Dutch politician Jan Marijnissen as the chairman of the SP party.

[The SP party's logo is a strongly stylized tomato]

More at Sevensheaven.nl

Jun 18, 2008

The Terrible Tinys

Here are the Terrible Tinys! A mail-order gang of terrible, tiny creatures who really aren't all that terrible. They eat weeds and rotting fruit, they use house-dust to build tiny homes, and generally re-use all the things we humans think of as rubish!