Jun 30, 2006

Wrestling boot sketches

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Larger versions of these sketches can be found here, and here.

Amazing Juggling Daughter

An illustration to go with a magazine article about the pressure parents put on their kids to achieve

Jun 29, 2006


To read about this illustration go to: Holly

More Rain

I decided to play with some rhyming verse this week for Illustration Friday to see where it took me visually.

Flatulent Gramma

Another image for "Good Golly Gramma's Got Gas!"

Sweat the technique

I've been getting into this 60's AD art stuff that has this fast, sketchy quality to it. People like Austin Briggs and Bernie Fuchs. Robert McGinnis has done his fair share of it, and our contemparies like Bill Sienkiewicz and Phil Noto have drawn inspiration from this source for years.

Here's a great Flickr set that has tons of this kind of thing. (I hope this link works)
  • Leifpeng

  • Here's what I did. not so cool.

    my parents were nuts.

    Here's one from a series called "Fairytale Wisdom: Things to Avoid".
    Watch out for those strange fruits now...



    Jun 28, 2006



    Supe Supe Hooray!

    IF: Rain


    Looks like rain

    Looks like rain

    I drew this sketch of a little girl holding out her hand to capture the first raindrop of a storm several months ago. What a coincidence that this week's theme for Illustration Friday is Rain, huh? Nice. I didn't have to think too hard on the concept, however, I did have a dickens of a time trying to find the right color scheme. I went through several iterations, from green, blue, red, etc. At first I had her in mostly blue hues with a greenish background. But I realized that I use green and ochre way too much. I wanted to use colors that I normally wouldn't use. Peach seemed peachy keen to me.

    Well, here ya go. What do you think?


    Escapists inks

    Here's a panel I just inked from issue #5 of The Escapists. It's the bedroom of Case's cluttered apartment. At least I *think* there's a bed in there somewhere.

    - steverolston

    Jun 27, 2006

    Graffiti Rain

    Here's my entry for Illustration Friday for this week.

    little pig in four steps

    this is the method as i make vector image from a sketch....

    IF: Rain

    We get a lot of drizzly rain here in England.

    Jun 26, 2006

    'Founding Fathers' Picnic

    Just wrapped up an upcoming cover of a weeklies' 4th of July issue. They left the idea open to me as long as I used the 'appropriate theme.' I thought of an idea of having important political figures from history who helped shape/found the US. Franklin is having fun flying his kite. GW is on the grill while Abe enjoys a burger. Finally, Teddy is chilling listening to music and having a drink.

    Water Off A Duck's Back

    My submission for Illustration Friday's theme of rain. A bit of messing around with the pens, the watercolours, the Photoshop. Click here for the full story or for a closer look.



    Jun 25, 2006

    Illustration Friday: Rain

    Northern California had record breaking rains this year. I tried to remember this as I painted this piece. Although, nothing could get in the way of this couple's gaze.

    On the run

    An image inspired by the fear of death which is slumbering in many of us.



    Jun 24, 2006

    Drawings for "Avon Walk for Breast Cancer"

    Two drawings I just completed for a friend's participation in the "Avon Walk for Breast Cancer". She was looking for images for t-shirts and baseball caps. "Tickled Pink" is the name of her team of walkers.

    El Presidente

    A character study for a stereotypical Latin American Dictator. He awarded all those medals to himself of course!

    Jun 22, 2006

    Lego fires 1200 employees

    A Dutch newspaper cartoon about LEGO firing 1200 employees.

    Have a nice weekend,


    Jun 21, 2006

    Pregnancy dance

    To read up on this go to: Holly


    Ward's Dance

    Illustration Friday: Dance
    Well, whuddya know... I finally did an IF entry. It's my first since January. Been a long long time. Welp, this week's theme was dance so I just had to do it. See, my wife is a dancer as well as a dance teacher/instructor and I'm an animator, so there's a common bond we share. We both basically study motion and movement, but in different ways.

    My process is the same: this is a pencil drawing that I scanned and then colored in Photoshop CS. I use a pastel brush that is labeled "chalk," found about two-thirds down the brush menu, if you're curious.

    You can read more about this entry on my blog.

    Rock On!

    Here is some poster art I did for the 'Rock & Roll Hall of Fame' for their 'Summer in the City' event. They liked the tribal tattoo art I've done so I agreed to work in that style.

    (Click Image to View Poster)

    Pig with moon


    Jun 20, 2006

    Father and Daughter

    - Alina -

    The Dance

    This is my rendition of Illustration Friday's topic this week, Dance. I drew it in Illustrator.

    This being my first post to the site I thought I would show off my latest creation.
    This is a T-shirt design that is also part of an illustration promo I am working on.

    Coming Soon! the Astropotamus

    Jun 19, 2006

    Mech portrait #12

    most recent portrait. -Edmund


    Inspired by the song No Rain by Blind Melon.
    Done in Illustrator I posted my sketches on my blog.