Oct 31, 2006

Sketchbook: Unconventional Love


just for fun

A couple of ideas using the Vormator shapes that Vonster mentioned the other day. I submitted the top one for IF/Wind this week.


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the Overlook Hotel!

-- Meghan

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everybody!


Have a fun and creepy day everyone!


French Pastry Lovers Unite!

Note to self - don't sketch while hungry... A tribute to those tasty three-tiered cakes..yumm

Happy Halloween!

"If Dracula can't see his reflection in a mirror, how come his hair is always so neatly combed?"
-Steven Wright


Dachshund Demise...

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Oct 30, 2006


Made some commission work this summer from my fathers birthplace Stora Kornö on the west coast of sweden

Guy Fawkes

An illustration for Bonfire Night on November the 5th.. for those not familiar with the holiday: www.guy-fawkes.com

Black Lagoon

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Here's some more Halloween-themed artwork from me, Pat Lewis. You can always check out more of my stuff at my website or my LiveJournal.

Trick or Treat



Sketched this fellow out a week or two ago, I like him.

coffee solitude


Oct 29, 2006

Illustration Friday: Wind


Zebra in a High Wind

10x8 acrylic on panel


I am unveiling a brand new website of mine. It's only my illustrations. I will use this site strictly to get illustration assignments. There is a lot of the old stuff and some new things as well. Let me know what you all think. Check it out here.

New from the sketchbook

Moreish from sketchbook here

School Picture / Introduction

Hey everyone, my name is Matt Schuster and I'm an illustrator in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area. Glad to a part of this group of talented artists. I'll do my best to be a part of this community. Nice to meet you.

Also, an illustration of mine was recently included in the second issue of an e-zine put out by t-shirt makers Oddica.com. There are a lot of fantastic artists in both issues. Check it out.

Eustace Tilly in Season

This idea seemed very obvious. 3rd post in three days. We there yet?

Oct 28, 2006

Contest Submission: Black and Orange, A Creative Halloween Contest

Here's my submission for a Halloween Contest. It's open to anyone who wants to participate: Here's the link. The only requirement is to use orange and black as the main colors in your illustration. Good luck!

So a Klingon and a Romulan walk into a bar...

Chillin' at the bar.
Click this thing to access the larger size or go to this page.
The Manitoban article it appears in.

Sketchbook: San Francisco Bay


Monsters of the Movies


The Wolfman

Seamour Sheep - comic strip 16

The sixteenth episode of Seamour Sheep, a comic strip series about a silly Scottish Sheep, his wiseacre sidekick Marty Mole and some guest stars.

You're invited for a visit to the official Seamour Sheep website for free Seamour goodies, the Sheep Shop and more.

Seamour also has his own Flickr group. Become a member to save Seamour from turning into a lonely and depressed sheep.



-- Meghan

Oct 27, 2006

Laundry Islands National Park

From the archives (March 2005):

One of my childhood fascinations was maps. I loved atlases. Road maps. Park maps (like this one). Topographical maps. Maps from National Geographic. Those 3D relief maps at museums. Even now, give me a map and I'll read it like a book. And like any other printed medium, there are well-designed and poorly-designed maps, the good (like the classic London Underground map) and the ugly (like a lot of state highway maps). And I would spend hours of my childhood drawing them.

So last year I tried it again, but with some obvious technological advances. These islands are based on clothes scattered on the bedroom floor. The island at far left is a short-sleeved shirt. The main one is a pair of pants (still recognizable if you look close), underwear and a hoodie. There's a pair of socks off the southern coast. Place names were taken from Manitoba's highway map. I sketched the outline of the clothes and rendered the tabloid-sized map in FreeHand. Topography was then added in Photoshop from a scan of crumpled paper. You can click here for the full backstory.

Where's St. George?

This is a style I don't work in enough-anybody know somebody who has a use for dragon pictures? That's also my bit for the Hundred Posts-Break out the zip disks! Post away, crew!

Time For A Massage!

I did this for the Wall Street Journal over a year ago, but I figured it was time for all the SFG's to enjoy a nice, relaxing back rub!




80s Graffiti

This is based on real street art from my college days. This hand-painted splatterart silhouette would appear on brick walls in vacant lots in in the Gramercy neighborhood. Gave you shivers every time it fooled you. I never had any real love for tagging, but this was something different—subversive, creative...even malevolent. I would swear Alan Moore used it in as a motif in 'Watchmen' (Hiroshima shadows burned into buildings) and I think Roberta Bayley has one painted on her apartment wall as seen in the IFC 'Punk' documentary. Anyhow, I liked it. If all graffiti could b this creative...


Creature caught in the act!


Wolf man


Not my usual style, but fun none the less.
by Jake



Monsters of the Movies

The Mummy

The Mummy


Hey, I'm new here. So, Happy Halloween.

Just Say No

Just Say No.....


When I'm not drawing, working at an ad agency, or putting kids to bed, I play drums and make posters for a band specializing in cheesy lounge music. Here's the most recent poster.

CD cover

Hi everybody,
This is a cover (and back) I recently did for a friend´s band. We also made real size printed version of the clown´s mask and he wore it in a couple of gigs. It was fun :)

Raining Fish T-shirt- please score

Hello everyone,

I would very much appreciate your help by going here: http://www.threadless.com/submission/96087/Raining_Fish
and giving my t-shirt a score, if you like it. If I get enough votes it will be produced by Threadless and sold at a reasonable price.

Many thanks for your time and help,


Santa, early.

I was asked to contribute a card design to a magazine yesterday. The deadline: 2 hours!
I whipped this out, a cliche'd idea but thought I'd have some fun with it. By my calculation, there are around a 1000 different combinations. Call me out if you can prove me wrong!

PS: I borrowed the stitches on the jeans from Ms Chickengirl, fellow Sugarfroster!

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