Nov 30, 2006

Pirate and the beaver

These are two characters to a childrens book I did.

"R" is for Pirate!

Well, here's my drawing for the topic at hand; Pirates! He kind of looks like a Pirate Cowboy of sorts but oh well....


... and a bottle of rum? Add a little Eggnog and now we're talking holiday posting! I have a cover on the comic book stands right now that features a pirate. How about that for timing? The first one was a little too Captain Morgan for what they were going for so I turned in another one with more of a Pirates of the Caribbean feel to it. I also designed the logo! Check my blog if you're interested in seeing some more illustration!


a quick post from something from the archives, one of my art / properties for licensing, Little Miss TroubleMaker

Pirate flood

Pig pirates

Sprawling captains

Frogs and pirates? no fun?

Greedy pirates

More frogs on my blog (well if not there's some snails on it)

Nov 29, 2006

SFG: Pirates!

This weeks theme: Pirates!

I encourage all SFG'ers to take part in this new weekly illustration challenge. Post your interpretation of the theme here on SFG.

You have one week.

The next challenge will begin Thursday, December 7th.


who knows what I was thinking...

Mix and match!


Pirate X-mas Card

Pirate X-mas Card
Originally uploaded by Trophiogrande.

This is the red version of the Christmas card I made for the Holidays. I used the Gocco printing system and like the results for the most part....still getting the hang of registering the screens.

Yet Another Dark Knight

So...Batman is my favorite comic icon, and I just couldn't resist posting another doodle I did of him. Hope you'll forgive my self indulgence.


Batman was busy. BatGirl to the rescue.

Love Hotel

Drawing on the streets of Seoul was pretty nutty. Just like in China people would mob me. They love to watch people draw for some reason. I sat on a little street corner and set up my stuff. Soon the old ladies are coming out of the wood work. They bring little stools or milk crates to sit on. And I mean they sit right next to me, like one foot away. They best part is that they talk to me the entire time, but only in Korean. I never know what anyone is saying but that doesn't seem to stop anyone. Even a transvestite came by to hang out. The ladies also shout at other people they see on the street to come over and see. There are times it gets pretty crazy. There is also a lot of laughter going on. We all seem to enjoy ourselves. Even the owner of the motel came out to introduce himself. I really dig people.

Nov 28, 2006


Yeh, sorry, this is my third batman post. I cant help it. I've had the free time this week to actually sit down and draw...and with a topic like batman how can I resist. Click image for a closer look.

Hey! My first post!

Thanks for letting me join the fun here. The creativity here is amazing -- thanks for letting me be a part of it.

Hope you like this little number, a promo piece I just finished for an educational product.

I figure I'm too late for the Batman challenge, so I'll just wait for the next one.

Visit for samples of my stuff when you have some time.


This Batman topic has really prompted some posting compared to the Uncle Sam topic last week. I wonder why...?


This is a sketch I did just for this blog.
And here's something I used to have over my drawing table for inspiration:

Wireless Gig!

Not my usual style of illustration but for whatever reason the original artist couldn't finish this ad job. So my illustrations had to follow his/her style. For some more illustration work, check out my little ol' blog and lemme know what you think!

The Mother Of Invention

Image Hosted by
Seeing since our own theme of Batman is digging up bad childhood memories of superhero drawing contests with my friends (I was not part of the scene), I offer my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of invention.

Be sure to click here for all the back story and process, and a link to a better view of the detail (web resolution does not do cross-hatching justice!).

The Illustrative Designer Podcast

'Our iTunes Badge.'

The Illustrative Designer Podcast is now live. Our first episode is on iTunes and we have '3' more scheduled to hit ever couple of weeks. You can subscribe in iTunes by clicking here.

To support this new podcast I have developed a site so if for some reason you do not use iTunes or don't have access to that app all the time you can simply visit the site and listen to the podcast online. Visit the web site at:

It's taken me a while to work out all the technical bugs and I am still working on improving the optimization of the interviews since I record them over a phone line but if you listen to this with head phones it should be fine.

The first podcast features an interview with Bill Gardner the creator and founder of Logo Lounge. The end of each podcast will feature cool music sourced out by my friend and fellow designer John Nissen.

I hope you all enjoy it.


Nov 27, 2006

Sketchbook Entry: Kid with Batgirl Hat


Illustration Friday: Invention



This is my actual Batman pic...

Identity Crisis

Sad Scribble


After a moment of inspiration i started working on this piece and i did like very much the result. Hope you enjoyed as much i did working on it. best, Choper.


You don´t need many brush strokes to draw Batman.

Voodoo Bill

Daily cartoon for the Dutch news website, this time regarding an article about the anger of the Chilean Mapuche indian tribe about a translation of Microsoft Windows to their Mapuzugun language.

little Batman


The planes stays the sam

Mondays call for something out of the ordinary, for more Baroqueness press this text

Nov 26, 2006

Holy tail feather batman!!

This isnt my actual Batman post, but I remembered I had this kooky drawing in a old sketchbook. I thought it might make some people laugh. I dont know where I come up with these things.

Batman, Batman, Batman, Batman, Batman, and Batman

From The Bat-Man to The Caped Crusader to The Dark Knight to Michael're favorite interpretation of Gotham's Guardian tells a lot about you, old chum. Big Thanks and Huge Kudos to Jerry Robinson, Dick Sprang, Frank Miller and Bruce Timm.

Lonely Planet

My trip to Asia was very much like the movie "Lost in Translation." My wife and I went together but Yun was really there on business. She had meetings all day and sometimes dinner meetings at night. So I was pretty much alone all day and night to draw and have adventures. Just like Bill Murray, I would smoke Cohiba cuban cigars and drink single malt whiskey by myself in crazy high-end hotel bars. One night in Tokyo, we even went to the hotel bar that was used as the location in the movie. The hotels we were staying in throughout Asia blew that one away though. I was able to do about 22 serious drawings in my two weeks in Korea, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Beijing. Over time you will get to see them all.

Bats, man!

On the "extras" section of my website, I like to post my versions of some of my favorite superheroes and other mainstream comics characters. I did this one a while ago. It's kind of my take on Frank Miller's version of Batman as a huge, brutish thug:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Looks like he's posing for a photo op...! Here's a link to my fancy blog, if you can' t get enough of my little illustration!


Adam West is the greatest batman of all. This is a painting I did of him.

Two new batmobiles...

Here are a couple of oldies from me to get things underway. The colour one's an illo I did for Harpers Bazaar magazine and the other's from a Drawing Board Jam.

I'll definitely try to post something new before the challenge is through.

SFG: Batman

All SFG'ers are encouraged to take part in this new weekly illustration challenge. Post your interpretation of the theme here on SFG. Participants have one week. The next challenge will begin Thursday, November 30th.

This weeks theme: Batman.

Nov 25, 2006

Star Light, Star Bright

Sad Scribble

Numbers, Colors, and Games

These are just some fun kids Illustrations I did in my free-time. It goes from #1-10, and with each number increased the more characters are introduced (ex. #3= three geisha's). Plus the colors and games are different for each number. I went with playground games.

Malevolent Mandala

Taking stuff from sketchbooks and combining it all into one daemonic gumbo. Lotsa fun.

Seamour Sheep comic 20

The twentieth episode of Seamour Sheep, a comic strip series about a silly Scottish Sheep, his wiseacre sidekick Marty Mole and some guest stars.

You're invited for a visit to the official Seamour Sheep website for free Seamour goodies, the Sheep Shop and more.

Seamour also has his own Flickr group. Become a member to save Seamour from turning into a lonely and depressed sheep.

Nov 24, 2006

James Blonde

I was watching some of the James Bond marathon on TV and thought of making a drawing of the new Bond, Daniel Craig. I've been doing this halftone thing lately. I don't know if its working all that well but I just started coloring things in photoshop so hopefully I'll improve.