May 29, 2007


Danny turned me on to the work of Ronald Searle. A great old time illustrator. There is one book by him in particular that Danny covets. It's called, "Paris sketchbook." I found a used one online so I bought it. It's a first edition, 1958. I noticed the person who originally bought it had signed their name very prominately on the front page. The name was strange so I googled it. Hella Freud Bernays. Turns out she is Sigmund Freud's niece. I think she translated books for a living. The internet is cool. Check out this cool little movie of me. Click here.


m.b said...

Brilliant Tommy! And so funny - as always. I'm just fascinated by the way your mind works. I think mine's broken at the moment, I'm working on the repair. I've been at a mind-numbing day-job so long though, the damage may be irrevocable - there may be no hope!

octavio diaz said...

Nice movie! Helluva set of pecs you got going on!
I did my movie last night. Waiting for the results.

Steph said...

Fun composition Tommy. I envy how you can just whip these concepts and sketches out.