Oct 17, 2007


DFSFG! Don't Forget Sugar Frosted Goodness! It seems like there are a number of members who have slowed down in their posts to SFG. This post is a tongue in cheek call to arms. Especially for those of you who have recently joined. Come on now! I hereby challenge every SFG'er to post two, comment two! Will you take that challenge?

I know a number of you are commenting on the site being a bit buggy. Unfortunately the site is currently hosted on Blogger and with Blogger comes all of their issues as well. The hosting of this site is something I hope to address in the near future. The biggest complaints seem to come from uploading images. My best advice, if it doesn't go through the first time, try again. I get the same problem, and it usually goes through on the 2nd or third attempt.

One last reminder, the Extreme discounted advertising rates for SFG members ends at the end of the month. So contact me now to get you set up!

Have a great day SFG'ers!


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