Feb 24, 2008

Johnny Depp Final

I finally finished this one off which I originally posted as a W.I.P. during the "HATS" theme.


Mark said...

Wonderful. You're one heckuva talented painter.

cristiandaloiArts! said...

can I ask u a question?
How u did it? what kind of program and (maybe) what kind of tablet?
How many time u worked on??
tnx for the answer.
see u!

compliments again!
if u want check my works on:

Chris Wahl said...

Brilliant work, Vin!!

Always appreciate a WIP as well.


QUITE INSPIRING...SEEING THE STAGES IS "NUTS" But really goes a long way to explaining a good approach to the work....


Vincenzo said...

Thanks for your comments guys!!

I've always enjoyed Chris' "making of" videos which are always very informative...it's great to see how someone else works. Saving stages of the work is so simple now when it's done digitally.

...and Cristian, as far as my working process I usually start out with a very rough sketch done on a scratchpad I keep by my computer(in this case it was only Johnny's head) then scan it into photoshop. There I rework the composition or add other elements. Then I just start to paint. I use a 9x12 Wacom Intuos3 tablet and try to keep my layers to a minimum of 3 at a time. I also use custom brushes that I've downloaded from other artist's who are kind enough to share them. I'm sorry I can't really tell you how much time I spent on it since I would only work for a few hours in the evening but not every day...although if I were to estimate, probably 10 hours. Hope that answered some of your questions.

Thanks again...best regards!

Chris Wahl said...

Was this Painter, Vin?

If so, there's a script for recording and playing back the whole picture brushstroke for brushstroke instead of having to manually save it at various stages yourself.

Vincenzo said...

No it was Photoshop Chris...I will attempt to tackle Painter in one of my next pieces and keep the recording option in mind...though I may not want to look at it!!!