Jul 7, 2009

SFG: Sketch

Okay, I'm only doing this because Jeff asked so nicely. :) Normally I'd be too self-conscious to share.

I'm learning to sketch. To be honest, I haven't kept a sketchbook/art journal since college, which was nearly 10 years ago. I know, I know. Bad Melissa! Bad Melissa! So I made a vow to fill my journal by the end of 2009. Daily doodles about the mundane aspects of life. Practicing is the first step, right? Eight pages down, 152 to go. Here's yesterday's entry:

Melissa Needs a Calendar!

I actually drew this on the 6th, but I obviously don't know how to read a calendar.


Jeff said...

Thanks Melissa...these are so great! Seriously, I am loving every single page...no pressure! ;)

Are you compiling these anywhere that we might see more?

Melinda said...

Awesome! I love this! --- Now, I'm really hungry for lunch cart cuisine! ;)