Jul 29, 2009

Unnamed comic

I love comics. All growing up, I thought the COOLEST gig ever would be to do a daily comic strip guy. Although life had different plans for me, I still love the comics. There was something so amazing to me about the newspaper strips. But that was one of the hardest gigs to ever land. Competition was crazy. Until the web that is. Web comics made comic creation something everyone could do. So here I am, many years later, taking another look at an old childhood passion. I have done a few web comic in the past, and it was always a fun exercise in creativity. So who knows, maybe I will do more.

Sorry for the watermark in there, but it helps people from stealing.. kinda.
Copyright 2009 Drew Pocza


Melinda said...

LOL! I love it!

Eric Merced said...

Awesome! But you know what I think about it already ;)