Sep 30, 2009

Does Anyone Remember Laughter

When I was a kid I knew nothing about art supplies. I didn't even go into an art supply store until I was in college. In grammar school if I had a project to do, my mom would send me to the candy store with a quarter and I would buy a piece of oak tag for nineteen cents. What the hell is oak tag anyway? I asked some people at work and everyone knew what it was. It's all I ever used as a kid. I found some big sheets of paper in my office. They reminded me of this oak tag stuff. I wondered what it would be like to draw on it now. So this is my little effort at working on oak tag after a million years. I'm not sure I'd try it again but I did feel nostalgic.

1 comment:

sandybau said...

Such a cute squirrel!! I love the textures and little swirls... great job!