Sep 21, 2009

one of those jobs

This is one of those "I did it because my daughter wanted to give her best friend something special for her celebration" jobs.

I guess I can't call her jazzy, but she's sure beautiful.
I thought this would be an easy cake because my plan was to run the picture of her through the cutout filter in photoshop and leave it with that. (But like many times before, my cunning plan turns out to be not that brilliant after all.) I started about 11.30 pm and found myself yawning in front of my mac at 6 am. This filter is great on complex areas like the hair, but when it came to the fine details like her eyes and mouth I once again had to do it myself in illustrator. And once I start mending tings in illustrator the hours runs by like crazy.
I guess I should have learned by now and said no at occasions like this, but I never do. On the other hand I feel blessed by getting the same tingeling feeling whenever I get the chance to create something, whether it's paid or not. As long as there is food on the table it really doesn't matter, its all about the joy of creating.

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